Knicks Morning News (2015.06.07)

  • [New York Times] For the Golden State Warriors, Practice Makes Perfect Silliness (Sun, 07 Jun 2015 03:15:13 GMT)

    The Warriors typically turn the first five to 10 minutes of every practice into something that looks more like middle-school recess.

  • [New York Times] Oakland Is Home to Championship Teams, All of Them Looking to Leave (Sun, 07 Jun 2015 02:28:34 GMT)

    Oakland was once the most successful sports city in the nation. Now the Raiders, the Athletics and the Warriors are all looking to get out.

  • [New York Times] On Pro Basketball: Kyrie Irving Is the Latest Casualty in a High-Stakes Game (Sun, 07 Jun 2015 00:55:33 GMT)

    A tide of 19-year-olds, their bodies already taxed by years of A.A.U. showcases, has been thrust into an 82-game professional schedule before they are fully developed.

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    Knicks looking at Cameron Payne. Sounds like a possible hidden gem. I’d be cool with any number of picks to be honest. Just wait and see how it all plays out. Would not want Porzingis though.

    I didn’t like Porzingis, but I’ve warmed up to him, some. Definitely a gamble at #4, but he seems to have a sweet stroke in game footage, not just in workouts. Maybe he can be Dirk 2.0 on offense. Still, I think the Knicks need to take someone with 2 way potential, and that probably means Mudiay or Winslow if none of the top 3 fall.

    I watched some videos of WCS and Winslow. Can anyone explain why is Winslow even in the same conversation? Winslow is clearly a tweener, while WCS is a great defender, good rim protector and very good on the o-boards. He’d be an excellent pick at #4.

    It’s hard to believe a team is so heavily relying on JR Smith in the NBA Finals. There are going to be a lot of disappointed people in Cleveland. I think. I don’t actually know if there even are a lot of people in Cleveland.

    Winslow was a monster post injury. Rebounded great, shot great, got to the rim, moved the ball, and locked people down. If that’s his true talent he looks like an all-star

    Yeah, exactly. He shot 41% from three, got to the line (his shitty free throw shooting isn’t even that awful) and played dominant defense. He looked like he was on a whole other level than most other players, which is exactly what you want to see from a 19-year-old prospective NBA player.

    But yes, he looks like he is probably a bit too slow to be a 2 and a bit too short to be a typical 3, so he’s going to have to work his ass off to be a great player in the NBA – everyone, though, seems to believe he will be able to work his ass off to be a great player. I won’t lie, though, his body type scares me just a bit. Just a bit. Enough to be wary of him at #4.

    I think Winslow projects as true NBA 3. I’m not at all worried about his height. By all accounts he’s got an NBA-ready body and plays with great physicality, so I wouldn’t be so concerned about him giving up an inch or two. WCS scares me though. We need to add 2-way players and I’m just not sure he’ll ever develop an NBA level offensive game.

    Cleveland looks so hopeless it is actually sad to watch them even for me, a noted LeBron (sports-wise) hater.

    Winslow’s size does give me pause- he’s basically the same size as Harden (1/2″ taller, same wing span)- he played a lot of four in college whereas in the pros he’s going to be an undersized three. He’s going to look a lot less quick going up against NBA wings so I’m not sure he’ll be able to get to the rim like he did in college. And on the other end he’s going to be giving up 2-3″ in height many nights (and sometimes a lot more than that) so while I think he’ll still be a plus defender I don’t know if he’ll be a real lock-down guy. Unless you think he can shoot the lights out or develop his ball skills enough to play a lot of two I’d still pick WCS over him.

    winslow is the 2nd best two way player in the draft and there’s a pretty sizable gap between him and everyone below him…

    if we draft winslow he’ll def be a 2 since we have melo but he’s fine for that position.. one thing ppl underestimate is that he is smart and he probably has the best off ball skills in the draft… his ball skills get criticized but it’s to the point where it’s probably underrated about him…

    he’s the best fit and probably the 3rd best player… it just makes sense on lots of levels for him to be the pick if russell doesn’t slide…

    Honestly, fuck those pricks that have court-side seats to an NBA Finals game, and spend most of it pecking away on their phone.

    Yea, but aren’t the people who have those seats exactly the ones who couldn’t care less about the game by default?

    Fuck them tho.

    Live NBA games do a good job at soothing your soul after a pretty rough breakup, anyway, do you know that folks?

    Golden State’s offense is terrible right now. it’s literally iso for Klay Thompson every possession or run Curry and Klay off screen after screen for a contested end of shot clock shot.

    Let’s be honest, no matter who you’re rooting for, this a pretty shitty basketball game.

    you know this is going to come down to that ridiculous Speights missed dunk.

    Man, how could we not get multiple 1st round picks for Shump and JR? Complete incompetence by Phil Jackson.

    I’m rooting for GS but if they pull this out, it was really gifted to them by the refs. Yes, Mozgov took about 6 steps on that non-travel call, but GS has pretty much gotten the benefit of every call (and non-call) after that. Sucks.

    Thompson and Curry were a combined 6/27 from three. About due for a Phil Jackson tweet.

    That missed Speights dunk still huuuuge! LBJ has a legit case in all those non-calls. JR is so lucky his dumb self gets bailed out by this win.

    To think, there was a time when it was debated who was better – LeBron or Melo – put Melo on this Cavs squad and they won’t win shit. LeBron is just on a whole nother level and really admire the team win.

    After all of this we get a Melo isn’t as good as Lebron comment… great analysis…smh.

    great couple of games… it seems like the warriors just don’t have that crisp execution like they have in the past and i don’t think it’s anything that cleveland is doing …. it just seems like they are just hoisting up quick and bad shots for the sake of it… it was especially bad in this game…

    @37 Jared Dudley is that you comparing lebron to Melo again? Grow up with that lazy shit

    Efficiency has gone out of the window in these finals… Lebron was 11 for 34 from the field, Curry 5-23, OUCH.

    Man, if the Cavs somehow pull this off, it will be hiiiiiiiiigh-larious.

    I haven’t watched a lot of GS this season since they’re on the west coast, but is this what their offense looks like? It literally looks like Curry and Thompson running around the perimeter hunting 3 point shots. I saw nothing going to the rim last night.

    Honestly – you wonder whether GS is better off going with David Lee as their center in the small lineup. Tristan Thompson is absolutely killing them on the offensive glass, and if there’s anything Lee can do it’s grab defensive rebounds. They can still go with Lee, Green, Iggy, Klay, and Curry and you still have 4 3 point shooters on the court.

    The headline should be “Despite heroic efforts of JR Smith, Cavs even series at 1-1”

    That montage of his dumb fouls was hilarious, and Van Gundy even pointed out one that they missed.

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