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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Author: Brian Cronin

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2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks @ Pistons

Hey, at least Mitch is back into the starting lineup, so that’s something! The Knicks will be opening with Frank Ntilikina in the starting lineup, as well, along with RJ Barrett in the backcourt and Mitch, Julius Randle and Marcus Morris in the frontcourt. This Pistons team is still missing Blake Griffin, so they should be beatable, but we shall see if that actually happens. It’s funny that the Pistons are starting Morris’ twin brother, but at the more logical power forward spot. Let’s go, Knicks!

NY Daily News: Developing Mitchell Robinson should be the Knicks’ priority, not appeasing Julius Randle

No game today, so I figured we could use a new thread, so let’s check in with Stefan Bondy to see how things are doing in Knick-land: David Fizdale sent his message loud and clear last game: Julius Randle and his $63 million contract take priority, even at the expense of Mitchell Robinson. It backfired spectacularly. It’s hard to blame Fizdale for the cascade of losing that has once again besieged the Knicks. Steve Mills and Scott Perry created this roster with more headscratchers than a lice-infested nursery school. But Fizdale cannot fail with developing Robinson, who has taken a …continue reading

2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Kings

The Knicks host the disappointing Kings, who are just as dysfunctional as the Knicks! Heck, Luke Walton might be the only NBA coach who isn’t as good at Xs and Os as David Fizdale! The Knicks have the big advantage, though, in stupid lineup decisions, as Bobby Portis is starting over Mitch tonight. Yikes. One of these teams will get their second win tonight. Let’s hope that it is the Knicks! Let’s go, Knicks!

2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks @ Celtics

Kemba Walker killed the Knicks the last time that they played the Celtics, and David Fizdale effectively benched Frank Ntilikina for the game, despite Ntilikina having success guarding Walker during the FIBA World Cup (where Team USA was basically the current Celtics, and had about as much success in the World Cup as this current Celtics team will have in the NBA Playoffs, only Team USA will be able to retool for the Olympics while the Celtics are stuck with their current team for the foreseaable future). Fizdale is now starting Frank against the Celtics because of his defense against …continue reading

2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks @ Magic

The Knicks travel to Orlando to take on a fairly mediocre Magic team that did manage to make the playoffs last season (and who won just one less game against the Toronto Raptors in the playoffs as the Golden State Warriors). In fact, they actually won their division last season, which is kind of hilarious, since that means we actually came vaaaaaguely close to a scenario where a division winner would have missed the playoffs (not really all that likely since teams #9-11 in the Eastern Conference were also in the same division as the Magic). Up until 2015, division …continue reading

2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Bulls

Somehow, the Knicks haven’t started a season 0-4 since Larry Brown was the coach and they won 23 games on route to watching the Chicago Bulls draft LaMarcus Aldridge with the Knicks’ first round pick (thank goodness the Bulls then moronically traded Aldridge for Tyrus Thomas. It would have been way too hard to watch that Bulls team have both Aldridge and Joakim Noah from Knicks picks paired with Derrick Rose). I would imagine that they’re going to avoid an 0-4 start this season, as well, as the Knicks host the Bulls tonight and the Bulls are not particularly good, …continue reading

NY Post: RJ Barrett already showing he’s ‘stud’ Knicks hoped for

Marc Berman is as pumped up about RJ Barrett as us! RJ Barrett has done everything but win in his first three NBA games. After a strong preseason, Barrett has been even better in the regular season because he’s even hitting his 3-point shots — not just muscling to the hoop with great body control and inside shot-making flair. Barrett has achieved an impressive three-game milestone. The 6-foot-7 sniper and only one other player in NBA history have tallied at least 60 points and 15 rebounds and notched five 3-pointers in their first three games. That other player is Kevin …continue reading