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Friday, October 24, 2014

Author: Brian Cronin

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BREAKING NEWS: Dwayne Wade and Udonis Haslem Opt Out Of Their Deals, Bosh Rumored to Be Following Suit

From Dwyane Wade is opting out of his contract to join LeBron James in free agency. So is Chris Bosh, sources tell ESPN’s Chris Broussard. Wade told the Miami Heat on Saturday that he is opting out of the final two years on his contract, which means he is free to talk to any team on July 1. It’s the same option James exercised earlier this week. The move also comes three days after Wade, James and Bosh met at a posh Miami Beach hotel to discuss their futures. Also from Veteran power forward Udonis Haslem has opted …continue reading Carmelo Anthony intends to opt out

From Ian Begley: Despite efforts from New York Knicks president Phil Jackson to convince him to remain under contract, forward Carmelo Anthony hasn’t changed his mind and plans to opt out of his contract and test free agency this summer, according to a league source familiar with the situation. Sources told earlier this week that Jackson is continuing to urge Anthony to exercise next season’s $23.3 million player option and put off unrestricted free agency for one more year. Anthony, according to sources, has until June 23 to inform the Knicks if he plans to opt out of his …continue reading

Knickerblogger Question of the Day: If Carmelo Anthony Re-Signs With the Knicks, How Much Money Will He Re-Sign For?

Sam Amico of Fox Sports had the following two tweets yesterday: In talking w several execs today, consensus is LeBron, Wade, Bosh all re-up w #Heat. Doesn’t mean it happens. But that’s general consensus. Most execs feel Carmelo returns to #Knicks as well. Biggest name available could be Pau Gasol. “Never know tho. Lots can change,” exec says. I’d like to believe that the executive in question made it clear that he was saying specifically the word “tho.” The league executives are almost certainly correct. So that leads to our question of the day – How much money will Carmelo …continue reading

R.I.P. The New York Knicks’ Playoff Hopes

The fat lady has officially sung and the New York Knicks have been mathematically eliminated from finishing among the top eight teams in the Eastern Conference. I suppose you sort of have to give it up to the Atlanta Hawks, who defeated three playoff teams (Indiana, Brooklyn and now Miami) in their last five games to knock the Knicks out of the playoff hunt. As disappointing as this is, at least it took until the 79th game of the season before the Knicks were eliminated. 50 days ago, would any of us think that that was remotely possible? It became …continue reading

2013-14 Game Thread: Knicks @ Heat

The Heat will be playing without Dwyane Wade today (Plus, no Birdman today, either, and both he and Wade – especially Wade – have played well against the Knicks this year). I don’t think I need to tell you that that makes this about as must-win of a must-win game as you can get. If the Knicks can pull this off, it sort of kind of makes up for Friday’s terrible defeat. Let’s go Knicks!