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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ Thunder

This is a huge game for the tank.

The Knicks head to OKC to take on the Thunder in the final game before the All-Star break.

They really need to lose this one. If they pull this out, there’s no way that they sell before the trade deadline.

And the problem is is that as good as Russell Westbrook is, the Kanter-less Thunder are still pretty mediocre themselves. This is a winnable game for the Knicks.

Let’s go? Knicks!

149 comments on “2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ Thunder

  1. kevin5318

    A lot of teams in our range have tough matchups tonight. Orl/SAS, Phi/Bos, Dal/Detroit, Mia/HOU, Min/Denver and Sac/GSW

    Absolute must lose tonight.

  2. Bruno Almeida

    Robert Covington of all people is having a god-like game against Boston… good news for the tank, but bad news overall cause if Drummond is on the block, he should instantly be Boston’s first choice.

  3. geo

    for years it seemed the knicks medical staff was absolutely atrocious…any indications whether that situation has actually improved this season…and, no – i don’t hold noah against them…

  4. ClashFan

    Vitale and Walton together is kind of like rubbing both salt and vinegar in a cut.

    Omigod what a horrible announce team. All three of them!

  5. Philmelo

    Omigod what a horrible announce team. All three of them!

    Both their egos are so large they spend the entire broadcast trying to outdo the other instead of actually providing insight about the game.

  6. Totes McGoats

    Ugh! Dickie V I flat out love. But I am sooooo glad that Walton isn’t commentating the Knicks game. He’s an awfully cantankerous on air personality who sounds as if he’s getting older and more irritable. He was a really good player, but he sits there and acts like he was the Michael Jordan of his era. I appreciate that he’s a straight shooter, but it just feels like he has a smug “when I played..” attitude- and you can’t play that card if injuries shut you down too early.

  7. ClashFan

    Somebody please shut Chauncey up. The Knicks got “lucky” with Porzingis??

    Do they realize that Phil Jackson has nothing to do with MSG security? That’s all Dolan.

    Dickie V and Walton were doing the Cavs game.

  8. Philmelo

    Melo playing in the All Star game.

    Doesn’t seem like a guy who prefers sticking around the house instead of hanging with Lebron.

  9. ClashFan

    I thought he said that he had things to do during the break? Hey, maybe he and Lebron will agree to try to get the Love for Melo swap heated up…

  10. Totes McGoats

    Oh no. Melo selected as Love’s ASG replacement over D Howard, Drummond, or Whiteside? I wonder if Melo still plans to rest

  11. rama

    How can you not enjoy this? KP with the epic stuff! Quick passes find an open Melo behind the line for 3!

    If it were early January, I’d be cheering out loud. Instead…sigh.

  12. Silky Johnson, Fleet Admiral of the Tank Armada

    Great to see KP back to his defensively dominant self once again

  13. Philmelo

    Melo will be hanging with Lebron and CP3. Oh, how I would love to be a fly on the wall during their conversations.

  14. Philmelo

    Jesus Christ, what the Hell is wrong with this team? Why can’t they fucking fail like a normal sub-.500 club?

  15. thenoblefacehumper

    Melo going for 62 again would do wonders for his trade value but if we win we won’t trade him :(

  16. Philmelo

    This team is too good with Willy and KP together. No bueno. Hornacek has to break them up again. Noah can’t get healthy soon enough.

  17. ptmilo

    that play Baker made causing the turnover by back helping in the paint on the Westbrook drive was awesome. possibly the first time a Knick guard has done that all year.

  18. ptmilo

    Willy is actually the only Knick not playing well. four consecutive defensive positioning mistakes earlier.

  19. Philmelo

    Thunder will have to weather this Melo storm. He will get cold and miss lots of shots while stopping the ball.

  20. er

    I just woke up from a nap, saw melo hit his 4th three and came here to laugh at the predictable comments. Am I a bad person?

  21. geo

    I’m pretty confident that at this point of time, carmelo anthony will still be on our bench well into the next century…

    really wish though horny would sit him at around the 10 minute mark of the 1st…

  22. geo

    win, lose or draw – we actually got a whole quarter of nba basketball…

    crazy enough it actually looked like they waited a few times to get the defensive rebound before bolting up court to go shoot again…

  23. rama

    Too many players on the court. Clyde: “I haven’t seen that since the Y.”

    One lucky thing about being a Knick fan – Clyde.

  24. TheOakmanCometh

    Mavs, Sixers, and Magic all lost. If we win tonight I might start giving up on the idea of catching Orlando.

  25. geo

    what’s gonna be funny is next year when rose is playing wherever but here – he’ll probably start playing defense (he still miss a bunch of games though)…

    melo’s not going anywhere – ever…our only hope is to put at least 4 other guys on the floor with him that actually will play defense…

    what’s up with kp not fouling everyone on and off the court…

  26. rama

    This offense is why this team sucks. Moving the ball, guys cutting, give and go, open shots…it works too well. Glad we’re back to Melo iso-ball as a reminder of why he’s got to go.

  27. Philmelo

    Good, the true nature of our offense exposes itself. And since Horny was dumb enough to pull KP, the Thunder have begun scoring easier.

  28. geo

    I got an idea…let’s just throw it in to melo on the post a few times…you think after you try an entry pass – i don’t, a half dozen or so times, maybe the defense is ready…

  29. GoldClub

    Turned off the game because the score after the first quarter was just too depressing. Really turned it around by the half.

  30. yellowboy90

    LOL we’re shooting 55% and are losing the game.

    I believe they shot 57% and was still losing at the half against the Spurs

  31. Silky Johnson, Fleet Admiral of the Tank Armada

    Being up by 17 will make this loss extra demoralizing for the team just in time for the trade deadline

  32. Philmelo

    For one plus quarter this Knicks team was fooled into believing its own hype after a Spurs victory.

    Thankfully, that ends tonight.

  33. ptmilo

    does seem like Jennings might be traded. hard to do a cavs deal bc their trade exception is too small to fit him by like 70k

  34. Philmelo

    This team tries to go back into its motion offense and gets cold after leaving it for a quarter. They deserve their loses.

  35. Philmelo

    Rose can’t be gone soon enough.

    I would say that I won’t miss his defense, but you can’t miss something that never was there to begin with.

  36. Philmelo

    Anyone think Derrick Rose realizes he’s basically a glorified backup at this point in his career? I think he’s going to have a rude awakening come free agency.

  37. rama

    Yeah, Rose was fouled on that drive, but who’s gonna give him the call when he puts up that 1 on 1 garbage J?

  38. Philmelo

    I love that Baker put up a shot from half court when he knew he was being fouled.

    If you were to put his basketball IQ in Rose’s brain we wouldn’t need to look for a PG this offseason.

  39. Philmelo

    kp is trying to be like kd when he should be more like td…

    This. He needs to realize he’s 7’3 not 6’3.

  40. cgreene

    I believe that KP has a conditioning issue. I do not think he is capable of playing more than 25 mins or per game at this point.

    If he can’t score on Grant…

  41. yellowboy90

    Yeah, Rose was fouled on that drive, but who’s gonna give him the call when he puts up that 1 on 1 garbage J?

    To be fair one should have nothing to do with the other. Westbrook does a lot of the same stuff when it comes to shooting and he gets calls

  42. Philmelo

    LOL did anyone see Rose barely put his hand up in Westbrook’s face as he didn’t even try to work around his screener? Jesus.

  43. er

    If Carmelo played like this every night, this blog wouldn’t exist.

    except that he kinda has for the last 15 or so games

  44. er

    And y’all were worried about the Tank

    Thats why i had to come here and laugh in the 1st. This team is booty. lol

  45. Bruno Almeida

    when Westbrook takes over it’s beautiful to watch, to be honest.

    good day, Melo playing super well, Knicks losing, that’s the idea.

  46. rama

    As much as we should trade Lee, I really don’t want to. He’s a smart player, even if only average in most ways.

  47. yellowboy90

    I believe that KP has a conditioning issue


    I believe he does have a real issue that he has to keep in check. I remembering reading something about a health issue

  48. Philmelo


    He’s anemic. My sister is too and it can really drain a person. But that shouldn’t be a problem as long as he gets his iron supplements.

  49. jotapay

    How rich would it be to see Westbrook single handedly overcome the Warriors/Durant get to the finals and win it all?

  50. djphan

    kp had anemia… i don’t think it’s an issue anymore…

    in general kp doesn’t like contact… or he shies away from it… last year he was tremendous since i guess he wanted to prove he wasn’t soft…. this year he’s improved his shooting a tad but just about every other part of his game has suffered… and yes he’s been soft…

  51. Bruno Almeida


    well, it would be pretty much the best storyline in the history of the NBA, I guess… the internet would explode lol.

  52. Philmelo

    Eh, KP still had the best +/- among our starters because of his defense. He will just have to get used to playing major minutes.

  53. thenoblefacehumper

    Tied the Pelicans tonight so back to 8th it is. Ntilikina territory, but we have greater ambitions.

  54. geo

    and the bandwagon rolls on, down the hill, out of sight…

    not a bad game, not so turrible…

    it was cool to see lance try to immediately come to help as soon as he saw rose enter a pnr situation…

    wonder what would happen with lee taking lots more shots…

  55. Silky Johnson, Fleet Admiral of the Tank Armada

    If Javale McGee can be a .200 WS/48 player anything is possible–remember that as the trade deadline approaches.

  56. ClashFan

    Listening to Hornacek’s post game. He comes off as so intelligent and classy. I hope he survives all this and proves to be a good coach for the Knicks.

  57. Silky Johnson, Fleet Admiral of the Tank Armada

    Berman reporting that KP had stomach issues throughout the game that he was battling through.

    Vomited in the 3rd quarter.

  58. Brian Cronin Post author

    Listening to Hornacek’s post game. He comes off as so intelligent and classy. I hope he survives all this and proves to be a good coach for the Knicks.

    It’s awesome to have such a classy coach. D’Anton is probably a better coach, but he was such a dick.

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