The Knicks Select Obi Toppin With the #8 Overall Pick

The Knicks selected Obi Toppin from Dayton with the #8 pick.

He had a strong college season, but he’s also 22 years old, older than Frank Ntilikina, Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson.

And he’s not a great defender.

However, he has a strong offensive game and really, whatever your thoughts are on the pick itself, how can you not fall in love with the Toppin family during that heartfelt, adorable interview? Love to see stuff like that.

Looking at Life Through Leon Rose-Colored Glasses: The 2020 NBA Draft Thread

Welcome to the 2020 NBA Draft!

I figured we should have a draft thread.

And since all of our content now is polls, I figured I’d throw some polls in here for kicks.

Do you want the Knicks to draft Obi Toppin at #8?

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Do you want the Knicks to trade up to draft Obi Toppin?

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Who do you WANT the Knicks to draft if they stay at #8?

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And now, let’s have fun talking about this draft! New York Knicks trade up to get No. 23 pick in draft from Utah Jazz

It’s not much of a news story, but I figure if the Knicks make an actual trade, it probably should get its own thread.

Even if it’s such an odd little, sort of nothing burger move like this one.

From Woj:

The New York Knicks are moving up in Wednesday’s NBA draft, acquiring the Utah Jazz’s pick at No. 23 in exchange for the No. 27 and No. 38 selections.

The Knicks now hold the No. 8 and No. 23 picks in Wednesday’s draft, the first for the team under new president of basketball operations Leon Rose.

The Jazz will also send the Knicks the draft rights to 2008 second-round pick Ante Tomic, 33, who isn’t expected to join the NBA.

Do You Think That the Knicks Will Trade For Russell Westbrook This Offseason?

Well, we know that they officially cannot trade for Chris Paul, so let’s look at what people think about the new worst case scenario.

Do you think that the Knicks will trade for Russell Westbrook this offseason?

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By the way, the Rockets just dumped Robert Covington (after trading two first rounders for him), so they’re definitely blowing that team up, so Westbrook almost certainly will be getting traded. Will it be to the Knicks?

Do You Think That the Knicks Will Trade For Chris Paul This Offseason?

Our all-poll content continues with a question about where you think that the Knicks stand with their odds of acquiring star point guard, Chris Paul, who is both amazing, 83 years old and making $630 million a year.

But will that stop the Knicks from trading for him?

Do you think that the Knicks will trade for Chris Paul this offseason?

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Which Of These Lucky 13 Players Would You Be Fine With the Knicks Drafting At #8?

Alan wanted more of that precious “All poll Knickberblogger content” that we are known so well for here (for the last week, at least) and so here ya go.

Assuming Edwards, Wiseman, Ball, Toppin and Avdija are all off of the board, which of these following thirteen prospects would you be fine with the Knicks picking at #8?

Which of these following 13 players would you be okay with the Knicks drafting at #8?

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I think that this will let us know, indirectly, which players most of us are looking forward to the Knicks ruining.

Alan wants Poku as an option, he can have Poku as an option:

How about Aleksej Pokuševski? Would you be fine with him at #8?

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Loading ... Loading ... Sources: Knicks open to trading for an undesirable contract to acquire an asset

From Ian Begley:

A note on the offseason: several teams said the Knicks are open to using their cap space to take on undesirable contracts via trade, SNY has learned.

The Knicks would presumably acquire another draft pick and young player in this kind of trade. New York has the No. 8, No. 27 and No. 38 picks in the draft.

The idea of taking a bad contract into cap space could be one of several avenues the Knicks are considering this offseason. Depending on what they decide to do with the contract options for Bobby Portis, Wayne Ellington, Taj Gibson and Reggie Bullock, New York could have more than $60 million in cap room in the offseason.

The Knicks, who told teams recently they’d be open to taking on a bad contract, have not made decisions on any players with options yet.

Oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please.