NY Daily News: The Knicks’ new strategy, whatever it is, requires some explaining

Stefan Bondy actually talks about the Knicks a bit:

It’s hard to blame the Knicks for going radio silent since free agency. Sometimes it’s easier to avoid the uncomfortable questions.

But frankly, the team’s new strategy, whatever it is, requires some explaining. It certainly puts coach David Fizdale in a difficult situation.

The Knicks had a curious offseason, leaving success, or failure, hard to measure.

Are they gunning for a playoff spot?

Are they prioritizing the rebuild and a higher draft pick over winning again?

Are they tiptoeing around both and hoping for the best?

New York spent last season trying to develop its young players and it came at the expense of winning, alienating the veterans while trudging to the worst record in franchise history. Some called it tanking. The Knicks called it developing. There was no identity or consistent playing style, but Fizdale sold the plan as the first stage of a rebuild. Many of the players who the Knicks patted themselves on the back for developing — Emmanuel Mudiay, Noah Vonleh, Trey Burke and Luke Kornet — signed with other teams, leaving us to ask about New York’s 2018-19 campaign: Aside from Mitchell Robinson’s impressive emergence, what was the point of all that?

The front office also billed itself as a culture changer and appealing to great players, a description that felt dubious when they didn’t even get a meeting with a superstar.

Team president Steve Mills then signed several short-term pieces in free agency, including players accustomed to significant playing time and shot attempts. Statistics show that some will have reduced opportunities, and navigating that disappointment will require delicate ego managing from Fizdale. History suggests Fizdale’s on the clock because, when it comes to the Knicks, only Mills and James Dolan are timeless. Mike D’Antoni, who was five coaches ago, is the previous Knicks coach to last beyond his second full season. Fizdale is entering season No. 2 with a record of 17-65.

Not a whole lot of questions we haven’t already asked, but hey, it’s a new Knicks article, which has been a rarity this past week (believe me, I’ve looked!).