Knicks Morning News (2018.08.28)

  • [NYDN] Resignation signals Trump administration slow gutting of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    (Tuesday, August 28, 2018 3:00:00 AM)

    The resignation Monday of the federal student loan ombudsman — along with his scathing kissoff letter — marks another in a series of slashes and setbacks to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

    Seth Frotman, watchdog of the $1.5 trillion student loan industry, quit in protest over what he…

  • [NYDN] Debate fixing N.Y.’s economy: Cuomo and Nixon need to get beyond platitudes
    (Tuesday, August 28, 2018 2:00:00 AM)

    With only a few weeks left until the Democratic primary, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his challenger in the September Democratic primary, Cynthia Nixon, owe the public detailed answers about how they plan to fix the state’s stumbling economy.

    According to a recent poll by Quinnipiac University, the economy…

  • [NYDN] NYCHA’s senior moment: City and state combine for an affordable housing breakthrough
    (Tuesday, August 28, 2018 1:05:00 AM)

    Chapter two of today’s edition of “Golly, look what New York City and State can do when they work together”:

    Gov. Cuomo just committed $15 million in scarce affordable housing tax credits to build apartments for senior citizens within New York City Housing Authority developments on the east end…

  • [NYDN] EXCLUSIVE: Upstate state Senate candidate registered as a foreign agent in 2016
    (Tuesday, August 28, 2018 1:00:00 AM)

    ALBANY — An upstate Republican running for state Senate once registered as a foreign agent to serve as a media consultant to a political party in Bosnia.

    According to a registration statement he filed in 2016 with the U.S. Department of Justice, Thomas Basile was going to provide part-time media…

  • [NYDN] Readers sound off on John McCain, opioids and Central Park
    (Tuesday, August 28, 2018 12:00:00 AM)

    Farewell, John McCain, American hero

    Staten Island: It’s not every day you get to meet, work and be mentored by a true American hero. I was lucky, blessed and humbled to be part of Sen. John McCain’s security detail when he was in New York during both his 2000 and 2008 presidential campaigns. My…

  • [NYDN] Arizona police should not face charges in black man’s beating, investigators say
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 11:45:00 PM)

    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Suburban Phoenix police officers shown on video beating an unarmed black man as he stood against a wall three months ago should not face criminal charges, outside police investigators said Monday about one of a series of recent incidents that drew criticism about the agency’s…

  • [NYDN] Man kills wife with ax, then stabs himself to death: police
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 10:45:00 PM)

    PITTSTON, Pa. — State police say a man killed his wife with an ax in their northeastern Pennsylvania home and then stabbed himself to death over the weekend.

    Police in Luzerne County say troopers were called to the Exeter Township home Sunday and found the bodies of the two.

    Police said 58-year-old…

  • [NYDN] Texas National Guardsman accused of stealing meth seized by border patrol agents
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 10:15:00 PM)

    LAREDO, Texas — A Texas National Guard soldier part of the state’s border protection buildup has been accused of stealing from U.S. Customs and Border Protection methamphetamine that federal agents had seized.

    Pvt. Edwin Baez had been deployed to Laredo to help CBP agents with their work at the…

  • [NYDN] Man, 20, accused of shooting teen four times in Bronx housing development
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 9:25:00 PM)

    A Bronx gunman who fired a hail of bullets at a teenager fleeing him last month has been charged with attempted murder, police said.

    Donisio (Don Flo) Tullis, 20, was busted Monday on charges he shot his 18-year-old victim once in the back, once in the arm and twice in the buttocks at the Pelham…

  • [NYDN] Daily Horoscope — August 28, 2018
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 9:00:00 PM)

    Via Tarot Astrologers

    General Horoscope for August 28, 2018

    Overextension leads to overcompensation as the day unfolds. Clever Mercury’s creative square to bountiful Jupiter encourages us to turn tiny molehills into big mountains. The Moon’s shift into enterprising Aries at 12:35 pm EDT gives us…

  • [NYDN] Yankees can’t keep momentum going, look lifeless in ugly loss to White Sox at Stadium
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 8:30:00 PM)

    You could blame it on the schedule, but the Yankees don’t have a lot of time for excuses. After making up ground in the American League East over a six-game road trip, they returned to the Stadium Monday night looking “sluggish” and lifeless. The Bombers committed three errors and had just three…

  • [NYDN] One of the first Apple computers, built in 1970s, up for auction
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 8:00:00 PM)

    BOSTON — A piece of computer history that helped launch a trillion dollar company is hitting the auction block.

    A fully functioning Apple-1 being auctioned by Boston-based RR Auction in September is one of only 60 or so remaining of the original 200 that were designed and built by Steve Jobs and…

  • [NYDN] Serena and Venus Williams both advance at U.S. Open, meaning one more win for each of them sets up third-round sister showdown
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 7:55:00 PM)

    When Serena Williams gets on a roll, there are few sights more exciting in sports.

    The 23-time Grand Slam champion reminded us of what we missed last year in a 6-4, 6-0 drubbing of Poland’s Magda Linette on opening night of the U.S. Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

    Displaying a blend of power, precision…

  • [NYDN] Toyota invests $500M in Uber to develop self-driving cars
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 6:45:00 PM)

    Toyota wants to help build a self-driving car.

    The car company invested $500 million in Uber Monday “with the aim of advancing and bringing to market autonomous ride-sharing as a mobility service at scale.”

    “Combining efforts with Uber, one of the predominant global ride-sharing and automated driving…

  • [NYDN] Beloved Miami zoo chimp Bocco dies suddenly at 28
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 6:40:00 PM)

    A beloved chimpanzee at Zoo Miami has died unexpectedly at the age of 28.

    Bocco, a crowd-pleaser at the Florida attraction, was found unresponsive in his enclosure on Monday before being ruled dead. The spectator area was quickly cordoned off.

    Even more heartbreaking, the other chimps, sensing…

  • [NYDN] NYPD officers use T-shirt as a tourniquet to save Bronx woman’s life after she was stabbed by ex-beau
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 6:40:00 PM)

    Bronx cops used a T-shirt as a tourniquet to save a woman’s life after her ex butchered her with a kitchen knife while her young children cowered inside her apartment Monday morning, police said.

    The ex-boyfriend, 32-year-old Wilson Rojas, later tried to hop a flight to the Dominican Republic —…

  • [NYDN] Whitney Osuigwe, 16-year-old U.S. tennis phenom, is being held back by WTA’s ‘B.S.’ age rule, her father says
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 6:25:00 PM)

    Serena Williams won her first U.S. Open title as a 17-year-old in 1999. Venus Williams played in the 1997 Open final at the same age.

    Chris Evert reached the Open semifinals when she was 16. Tracy Austin won her first pro title at 14.

    Today, the path to stardom for tennis teens is harder because…

  • [NYDN] Leonard: Odell Beckham’s record contract shows WR and the Giants have come a long way to regaining each other’s trust
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 6:20:00 PM)

    The day the Giants decided not to trade Odell Beckham Jr., they committed to signing him long-term. It was just a matter of when, and if Beckham would help them get there.

    Five months passed between the Giants’ spring Beckham trade discussions with the L.A. Rams and Monday’s signing of a blockbuster…

  • [NYDN] Luke Voit injecting some needed energy and power into a Yankees lineup that was called ‘lifeless’ a week ago
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 5:40:00 PM)

    Luke Voit might have been the jolt the Yankees needed. The first baseman’s fist pumps and home runs have injected some life into a team that was called out by former Red Sox and Hall of Fame pitcher Pedro Martinez for playing without energy just a week ago.

    “He’s a character. It’s fun to watch…

  • [NYDN] California wrestling coach allegedly disappeared with missing 16-year-old girl
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 5:20:00 PM)

    A 16-year-old California girl is still missing after police say she disappeared with a wrestling coach from the local high school.

    Phillip Maglaya, a 25-year-old coach at Franklin High School in Stockton, was in a “romantic relationship” with the missing girl, according to the San Joaquin County…

  • [NYDN] Ackert: Aaron Judge is still a long way off from a completely healthy return, and he hasn’t even been able to throw at ‘full intensity’
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 5:15:00 PM)

    Aaron Judge created a stir Monday afternoon. The injured Yankees slugger was seen walking near the batting cages outside the clubhouse with a bat in his hand.

    It was, however, a false alarm. Judge was just holding a wiffle ball bat.

    A month after Judge suffered the fractured right wrist, Aaron…

  • [NYDN] What Kavanaugh did to Lewinsky: The would-be Supreme Court justice should apologize to the former White House intern
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 5:00:00 PM)

    On the “Today” show in June, Bill Clinton was asked if he had ever apologized personally to Monica Lewinsky. The normally eloquent and loquacious former President went into the verbal equivalent of a mad dash to the sidelines — once again getting comeuppance for his appalling behavior while in…

  • [NYDN] Seven busted in Spain for 148 pounds of coke in pineapple scheme
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 4:55:00 PM)

    Getting a sugar-high is the least of your worries with these fruits.

    Cops in Spain busted seven suspected drug smugglers after foiling their clever ruse to import hollowed-out pineapples jam-packed with 148 pounds of cocaine, reported Agence France-Presse.

    The pineapples, which were “perfectly…

  • [NYDN] Long Island man busted for sex trafficking after fleeing hit-run crash
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 4:55:00 PM)

    Long Island cops caught a man wanted for sex trafficking and drug peddling after they cuffed him in a hit-and-run accident.

    Rakeem Holland, 27, was nabbed Sunday around 5:20 p.m. after he and Pierre Grace, also 27, tried to run away from a car crash on Station Road near Sunrise Highway in North…

  • [NYDN] Transit worker finds adorable little dog that was abandoned at Manhattan train station
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 4:40:00 PM)

    It was this lost dog’s lucky day.

    A transit worker found a lost pup at the Third Ave. L line station in Manhattan on Monday and got it into the hands of the staff at the Animal Care Centers of New York City, officials said.

    A rider told the station agent that there was a dog on the northbound platform…

  • [NYTimes] W.N.B.A. Frenemies Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi Save the Trash Talk for Bowling
    (Tuesday, August 28, 2018 12:31:53 AM)

    The on-court rivalry of Bird and Taurasi has defined a generation of guard play in women’s basketball.

  • [NYTimes] San Antonio Spurs Guard Manu Ginobili Retiring After 16 Seasons
    (Monday, August 27, 2018 10:55:40 PM)

    Ginobili, 41, was a two-time All-Star, Sixth Man of the Year Award winner and core member of four Spurs championships teams.

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    Manu is also a very good rebuttal to the argument going around that Shooting Guards somehow get shafted by advanced stats. His prime years were just an absolute joy to watch and his numbers are insane for his role.

    Kawhi Leonard 15th pick

    Tony Parker 28th pick

    Manu Ginoboli 57th pick

    Think about how many players drafted before these guys went on to have shitty or mediocre careers.

    Just amazing drafting by the Spurs, lucky or not.

    The Ginobili one was specially such a lucky break. They drafted him in 99, he spent 3 more seasons in Europe and then decided to come over when he was already a mega star in Europe. So much could have gone wrong or differently and yet it culminated into a perfect storm pretty much.

    He arrived as the perfect player fit for the perfect team in a time when they were struggling to replace their older players like Steve Smith, Terry Porter, Avery Johnson and Danny Ferry. The 01-02 Spurs that still won 58 games had a legitimate garbage roster around Duncan and 36 year old Admiral.

    The Spurs were good in the sense that they could identify good players with regularity. They were lucky that there were few franchises that had a player evaluation system remotely as good as theirs.

    Bombshell by The Atlantic…. Orlando is willing to include Vucevic in trade talks. It’s like the Decision all over again! Who will land Vuc, and how many 1st round picks will they have to surrender???

    I absolutely loved watching Manu Ginobli play. He had a little flair to his game that made it very entertaining. Watching him and Kobe go at it in those Spurs vs. Lakers playoff series was pretty epic.

    Yes the Spurs got incredibly lucky they could draft him so low and he turned out to be a Hall of Famer.

    It’s amazing to me how the center position has changed in the last 5 years or so in the NBA. Kanter should have more value than he does. He is a good rebounder and can score down low very effectively. He is obviously lacking in foot speed and on defense (pnr especially), but it seems his other skills would make him more valued by teams. Evidently not in the modern NBA.

    For sure the Spurs made a great decision picking Manu, I mean, every other team pretty much passed on him, but to get arguably the best player of the draft at the 57th position is insane.

    The 1999 draft is one of my favorite underrated drafts, as it had so many players I enjoyed watching a lot, specially Shawn Marion, Kirilenko, Manu, Andre Miller and even Artest and Baron Davis, but then I remember the Knicks drafted Frederic Weis one position ahead of Artest and also over Kirilenko and I get depressed once again.

    It’s amazing to me how the center position has changed in the last 5 years or so in the NBA. Kanter should have more value than he does. He is a good rebounder and can score down low very effectively. He is obviously lacking in foot speed and on defense (pnr especially), but it seems his other skills would make him more valued by teams. Evidently not in the modern NBA.

    A minor quibble, but the traditional, back-to-the-basket, low-post-heavy C has been out of vogue on championship teams since 2010.

    The starting centers for Finals teams:

    2018 Looney and Thompson
    2017 Zaza (?) and Thompson
    2016 Bogut and Thompson
    2015 Bogut and Mosgov
    2014 Haslem (and Birdman) and Splitter
    2013 Haslem (and Birdman) and Splitter
    2012 Joel Anthony and Perkins (who was a hilariously bad starter on a great team)
    2011 Joel Anthony and Tyson Chandler

    There are more PNR centers in the league than ever. And I absolutely agree that efficient post play is more difficult than diving for a lob, despite the latter requiring a lot of talent, athleticism and spatial awareness. It just seems the attitude is that you can get a tall guy who’s athletic easier and cheaper than you can an Davis or Cousins or Duncan.

    Look at how the Mavs treated Chandler, the lynchpin in their Finals success, over a few extra million a year. Or how the Heat, Cavs and Warriors all treated their “true” centers over the past eight seasons — vet’s mins or disposable guys on bigger contracts. And when you can get a guy like Birdman for $2M and he gives you 10 PPG on .800 TS%, why bother wasting cap space on another big?

    “last 5 years or so ” = 8 years

    But I get your point. Yeah, the Mavs really did Chandler wrong. I remember thinking at the time it made no sense for them not to re-sign him. I was really surprised the Knicks got the opportunity to get him.

    “Bargnani should be good for about 10 rebounds per game” = 5 rebounds

    jk ; )

    The teams that have competed for the championship since 2010 were largely built around positionless superstars earning near-max to max salaries, so most of them manned the C position with journeyman-level players at best whose main job was to complement the superstars and stay out of the way. It’s not all that different than back in the Bulls heyday when they had guys like Bill Wennington and Luc Longley manning the 5.

    It is also the case that some higher-level guys who are listed at other positions actually saw significant minutes at the 5: Duncan, Bosh, and Draymond are three prime examples. Duncan is the closest to a traditional low-post guy but he kinda transcends position.

    That said, I think that in general, being a relatively low-cost three-level defender (PnR/PnP, perimeter/in space, and post/at the rim has become far more valuable at the C position than post scoring, especially on a contending team. Chandler was a supreme defender and his uber-efficient low-usage offense was at best a modest bonus (as confirmed by Jowles’ new fave stat, BPM/VORP; note that in 2009-10 when Chandler’s TS% was “only” .643, his OBPM was an horrific -3.2 and when he upped his TS% to .697 in 2010-11 his OBPM only jumped to 0.5).

    A very interesting C in today’s game is Al Horford. He’s kind of a swiss army knife at the 5, very good at most things and not great at any. He gets far too little credit for the Celts’ success.

    Horford was made for today’s game. How the hell is anyone in the East going deal with Kyrie, Brown, Hayward, Tatum and Horford?

    Horford is the one guy I think is irreplaceable on the C’s. Horford is 32- how much longer is he going to be able to switch everything on the perimeter? Of course, once they use a few of their assets to trade for Anthony Davis…

    I think Horford is definitely undervalued and is a pretty good, versatile player, but I think he’s a poor rebounder and rim protector and that matters quite a bit. They were outrebounded by the Cavs, who were by all measures a poor rebounding team, and specially when they play Horford at the 5 and Tatum at the 4 they can struggle a lot with that. They even got heavily outrebounded by the Sixers in their series.

    Since their best lineups are probably going to be full of shooting (something like Kyrie / Brown / Hayward / Tatum), a guy like Steven Adams or Capela would be a lot better than Horford, even though I love what Horford brings to the table. With this sort of lineup you really don’t need another shot creator or 3 pt shooter, just a guy to run at both rims, secure offensive rebounds and guard the paint, with the bonus of finishing easy baskets with Irving and Hayward on pick and rolls.

    I love Horford, but I don’t think he’s necessarily the best fit together with the Celtics best weapons right now.

    Whatever Horford loses you with rebounding and rim protection, he more than compensates for with offensive versatility, overall defensive awareness, and intelligent leadership. The Celts had the best defensive rating in the league with Horford playing 31mpg. In the playoffs, they got to the 7th game of the ECFs with Horford playing 36 mpg and having the highest PER, TS%, WS48, DBPM, BPM and VORP on a team where arguably the second best starter was Terry Rozier.

    He’s not Anthony Davis and is not be worth the $59 million he will get paid for the next two years, but even with Kyrie and Hayward coming backl, I disagree with your contention that the team would be better off with Capela or especially Adams over Horford, mainly because I think he’s among the smartest players in the league and a multidimensional player on both ends.

    I agree he was fantastic last year and I love him as a player, but now I’m the one who’s going to look at the lineup interaction to make my argument (one time only, I promise)

    With Hayward out, Baynes became the starter and Smart the de facto finisher in those lineups, with Rozier coming in when Irving was injured. In that lineup, adding two non-shooters, non-creators in the Hayward slot, then yes, Horford’s versatile skills made a massive difference. Baynes and Smart are also strong defenders who helped Horford too in that end.

    My argument is that with Irving back and Hayward as a full-time starter and finisher, the need for Horford’s diverse skill set is lessened by a lot, and Hayward’s return phases out Baynes and Smart of the lineups in exchange for a lesser defender and adds a fantastic offensive player. In this specific lineup then, the one with Irving – Brown – Hayward – Tatum all playing big minutes, a guy like Adams would fit their needs from the center position better than what Horford can, as his skill set is somewhat redundant with everything the other 4 players already provide (passing, shooting, versatile scoring), and they are not well-equipped to deal as well with the areas that are weaknesses in Horford’s game.

    I really like Horford as a player, I love his game and I have been defending him for years. It’s just that the current Celtics, no possible injuries considered, would in my opinion be better off with a different type of elite center at the 5.

    I understand, Bruno, but still disagree. With Horford, the Celts’ starting offensive lineup becomes elite, with 5 guys that can score at all 3 levels. And he hardly hurts defensively, as he proved this year. If anything, you might argue that bringing Tatum off the bench and starting either Smart (small lineup) or Baynes (big lineup with Horford at the 5) would be ideal. I also think Adams is overrated and overpaid and that he benefits playing with Westbrook in a strict cleanup role. I like Capela more, but he also has his flaws and I think he works better in Houston’s system than he would in Boston’s. And leadership is a pretty big deal for me, and in that regard, it’s not even close.

    I don’t think there’s a clear answer here, other than Capela would definitely be more economical. But as much as it pains me to say it as a hater of all things green, if the Celts stay healthy and Rozier, Brown and Tatum continue to develop, a finals between them and the Warriors could get very interesting.

    In my view, it’s definitely a rich man’s argument. Boston is perfectly fine with Horford and they’ll be a fantastic team with him. We’re kinda debating on whether they would be 5% better one way or another.

    I just hope the damn Pelicans don’t gift wrap them Davis. I have a bad feeling that the West is so rough that the Pelicans are going to be out of the playoff picture early and Davis will want to leave. I don’t think I have forgiven the Wolves to this day for giving them Garnett, if the Pelicans give them or the Lakers AD I’ll be supremely pissed.

    It’s not all that different than back in the Bulls heyday when they had guys like Bill Wennington and Luc Longley manning the 5.

    True— even in the 90s (aka the era of supposedly dominant post up centers) the centers that played the majority of minutes in the finals were not only Longley and Wennington but: Kevin Duckworth, Bill Laimbeer, Oliver Miller, Bill Cartwright, Stacey King, Ervin “Not Magic” Johnson, Will Purdue, Sam Perkins, and Greg Ostertag.

    While he is near the top of my all-time NBA shitlist, Bill Laimbeer was a very good player, far above anyone else on either your or Jowles’ list (we could quibble about Chandler, but whatever.)

    Laimbeer was a very good player. The point, though, is that he was a low usage center, not a focal point to a finals offense (lower usage than Longley, for example, for his career and during his championship years).

    Yes, and not a traditional back-to-the-basket big either. But like Horford, I believe that his impact was far greater than reflected in his stats, both on the court and in the locker room. That differentiates him even more from most of the guys referred to in the discussion, which I think is mainly about how recent championship-level teams are using disposable C’s to fill out their lineups. Most people would include Laimbeer as indispensible to his team’s success.

    Honestly, in the end every position is “disposable”, I don’t think it’s a Center exclusive thing. The LeBron Heat, the Kobe and Shaq Lakers and the MJ Bulls won with PG being one of the less important positions, the Spurs never had a star wing player before Leonard. It’s just roster construction.

    I would say Center is more often disposable simply because of the extreme value superstar, mega efficient ball handlers / shot creators bring to the table. You can get that sort of production from any of the 4 positions but not from the 5, generally.

    Mostly agree. Once you have your stars you can fill in around them. That hasn’t changed.

    Stratomatic "Porzingis, Ntilikina, Knox & Robinson are going to lead us to the promised landsays:

    It’s just roster construction.


    Teams know they need a certain amount of outside shooting, inside scoring, shot creation, rebounding, ball handling, play making, rim defense, perimeter defense etc… to maximize the team output. If you overweight some areas you’ll tend to have weaknesses in other areas teams can exploit and you’ll get diminishing returns from the areas you are overweighted.

    If you have a forward that can handle the ball and make plays at a very high level, it’s kind of pointless to also have a play making PG since there’s only one ball and you want your best play maker to have it a lot of the time. So the idea would be to find a PG whose skill set will benefit from playing with your forward.

    You can extend that to any position and create any non traditional lineup you want and be effective. At the same time, it’s not an accident the game evolved the way it did. Big guys tend to rebound better and small guys tend to be quicker and more nimble.

    Stratomatic "Porzingis, Ntilikina, Knox & Robinson are going to lead us to the promised landsays:

    “Point Forward” is an interesting position.

    A player like that will pile up assists in addition to his expected scoring and rebounding from the forward position. So stats wise, the models will love him to death since he’s doing more than typical forward. On the flip side, when a guy like that is out or hurt, it probably gets trickier to put a team on the court that’s balanced the right way. It’s unlikely you’ll have another forward like that. So if you put out a traditional forward to replace him, you’ll have to have a traditional PG to put out there with him. But if you regular starting PG is more of an elite shooter playing off your Point Forward, he won’t be enough of a play maker. If your backup PG is more traditional and you up his minutes to make up the gap in play making, then you basically have 2 backups out there and are really hurting.

    I guess what I am saying is that if one guy does a LOT, he plays in a non traditional way, and you build around him to maximize the team, you better hope he stays healthy. Otherwise you can be really screwed. As great as James is, his Cavs teams have tended to totally fall apart when he’s out or hurt. IMO, that’s not just because he’s so great, but also because his teams have tended to be built to play off him and not without him.

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