Knicks Morning News (2016.07.13)

  • [New York Post] Adam Silver praises Melo for speaking out on violence (Wed, 13 Jul 2016 00:02:52 -0400)

    LAS VEGAS — Carmelo Anthony took to social media on Friday to denounce the violence that has divided the country and prod his fellow athletes to speak up and try to help in any way they can. In addressing the media Tuesday night, NBA commissioner Adam Silver praised the Knicks' star for his efforts. "I…

  • [New York Times] Rule Changed to Curb ‘Hack-a-Shaq’ Incidents (Wed, 13 Jul 2016 04:39:27 GMT)

    The NBA approved rule changes on fouls away from the ball on Tuesday, which could held reduce intentional fouling.

  • [New York Times] Silver: No Decision on Moving All-Star Game From Charlotte (Wed, 13 Jul 2016 03:48:31 GMT)

    NBA owners made no decision Tuesday after a lengthy debate about moving next year’s All-Star Game from Charlotte because of North Carolina’s law limiting protection for LGBT people.

  • [ – New York Knicks] Wednesday's Knicks Links: Silver praises Melo for speaking out on violence (Wed, 13 Jul 2016 05:33:35 EST)

    Wednesday's Knicks Links: Silver praises Melo for speaking out on violence

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    From the previous thread re: Noah — from noted pessimist MFC:

    But unlike Rose, his injury history isn’t so devastating that a recovery is out of the question.

    not to keep beating a dead horse, but do you even know what Noah’s knee injury was? I’ve looked and looked but couldn’t find out what the actual injury or surgery was — only that it was more serious than originally thought, and that even after the successful surgery, it affected him throughout the 2014-15 season.

    Rose had an ACL tear — which used to be a death knell for athletic careers (see Bernard King, etc.) but now is pretty commonplace, with many players coming back (eventually) to their previous production. Ricky Rubio. Danilo Gallinari (who missed the last part of the season with an ankle injury on a freak play, not related to his knee). Guys who tore their ACLs in college so you didn’t hear about them = Kyle Lowry, Baron Davis amongst others. Guys who initially struggled post-ACL but then eventually were pretty much their old selves: Jamal Crawford >10 years ago, Corey Brewer

    The meniscus injuries that Rose had after the ACL are some of the most common injuries for basketball players, and they generally have a good prognosis. Chris Paul, for instance, also had part of his meniscus removed in 2011, and wow, has he been terrible since.

    The funny thing about the “injury history” is that at least one of the posters who is most anti-Rose at least partially because of the injury thing are also the ones who suggested that we should trade KP for some package of Embiid (big man with multiple foot surgeries + chronic back problem, hasn’t played a game in 2+ years, and an apparent goofball to boot), Nerlens Noel (ACL tear), Okafor (persona non grata in KB circles), and Dario Saric (termed a capable 3rd-4th starter by Fran Fraschilla).

    Can you imagine if Derrick Rose actually returns to form? As in, he stops going left and right and takes it straight to the cup like Westbrook does?

    I watch a lot of basketball film in my free time. Derrick Rose is still the 2nd most athletic point guard in the world behind Russell Westbrook. He lost about 20% of his vertical explosiveness (as in you don’t see the guy dunking with authority or catching alley oops anymore), but his injuries aren’t the direct reason his efficiency is so bad. Rose’s problem is he likes to avoid contact mid air and he tends to go away from the basket when he’s looking to lay the ball up. No guard, and I mean no guard, can keep Derrick Rose out of the paint. His ball handling and his speed are too much for everybody not named Kawhi Leonard or LeBron James. He has moves and counter moves in his arsenal.

    The big thing with Derrick Rose is trusting his body. If he stops fading left and right and takes it straight to the rack, he’ll triple his foul rate because he’s too fast for guys to do anything but foul him. Isaiah Thomas gets to the basket/foul line with no problem, and he’s 6 inches shorter and less explosive than Derrick Rose. He doesn’t give you the threat of dunking on you like Westbrook. Isaiah Thomas’s big advantage over Derrick Rose is his .562 TS% and .488 eFG%. That’s sponsored by 7.4 FTA/36 compared to Rose’s 3.1, which probably takes 2 FGA away from his shot chart. Fouls and a 3point shot are the keys to Derrick Rose’s resurgence. I trust his knee to be healthy, but I don’t trust Rose to double his foul rate and raise his 3PT% to 32+%.


    My point is not so much that the Knicks are going ot be totally broke in the near future. It was that the moves knickterp called “marginal” can actually have substantial benefits and don’t at all deserve the cynicism with which he seems to regard them

    Agree 100%. Phil has, for the most part, been bad with the “little things”. I’m fine with the Noah deal overall, but I highly doubt that he wouldn’t have taken a slightly lesser deal either in terms of AAV or at least some sort of partial guarantee in the 4th year. The dude wanted to play for the Knicks and with Derrick Rose, and so we were in large part negotiating against ourselves — which is, of course, a big part of what we do here.

    Overall, I wouldn’t be so against Phil continuing to be President of Basketball Operations, but to have a GM under him who, I don’t know, used to be a professional poker player. Put Johnny Chan in a room with agents and see who blinks first.

    That said, the moves that you outlined were certainly not marginal moves – not trading Tony Parker was a HUGE decision. George Hill for Kawhi Leonard was not a marginal decision. Trading Vlade for the rights to Kobe was absolutely not an under-the-radar move.

    One thing about this season is that if it is indeed set to blow up, this year’s draft class is ridiculous. Between Markelle Fultz, Josh Jackson, Harry Giles, Jason Tatum, De’Aaron Fox, Frank Jackson, Ivan Rabb, and the French point guard, there is as much top flight talent as I’ve seen in a draft ever. If it all goes to shit like the pessimists think, I’ll just enjoy Warriors basketball for a season, hope the Knicks trade Melo to a team that owns a high first rounder and restart the Knicks’ effort under KP, Hornacek, Markelle Fultz and Harry Giles.

    To piggyback on Frank’s point – even Bernard King without his explosiveness continued to put up All-Star numbers for the Bullets following his injury and departure from the Knicks. Rose can still do Rose things which is better than the last 22 years of dicey point play (save a Billups or early Marbury).

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