Knicks Morning News (2015.10.02)

  • [New York Post] Phil Jackson turns his preaching toward Army football team (Fri, 02 Oct 2015 02:30:13 -0400)

    Knicks team president Phil Jackson gave a 15-minute pep talk — to the Army football team. According to sources, Jackson spoke on Wednesday night for about 15 minutes inside Army…

  • [New York Daily News] Knicks rookie Kristaps Porzingis tweaks knee in practice (Fri, 02 Oct 2015 06:51:40 GMT)

    Kristaps Porzingis, the Knicks’ prized rookie, tweaked his knee and was limited in practice Thursday on the third day of training camp.

  • [New York Times] Former Head of Joint Chiefs Will Advise N.B.A. and Adam Silver (Fri, 02 Oct 2015 06:27:36 GMT)

    Gen. Martin E. Dempsey will be a special adviser to the league and to its commissioner, Adam Silver, on matters of leadership and service.

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing | Pro Basketball: Ex-Bucks Cheerleader Sues Over Pay (Fri, 02 Oct 2015 04:22:25 GMT)

    The former Milwaukee Bucks cheerleader Lauren Herington has sued the team, saying the flat-rate pay system dancers work under leaves them earning far less than minimum wage.

  • [New York Times] Kristaps Porzingis Hurts Knee but Says He’ll Be Fine (Fri, 02 Oct 2015 02:42:23 GMT)

    The Knicks revealed that Kristaps Porzingis, their No. 1 pick in the 2015 N.B.A., had injured his left knee Wednesday night in a noncontact drill.

  • [New York Times] Warriors’ Steve Kerr Takes Leave to Recover From Surgery (Fri, 02 Oct 2015 00:24:24 GMT)

    The Warriors, the defending N.B.A. champions, did not say when Coach Steve Kerr would be able to return from his rehabilitation after back surgery.

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    All of the accounts say that Seraphin and O’Quinn are very physical, while Lopez is very intense. I hope that they carry that into the season and embrace the idea of being the quote-unquote “bad guy’, a la Oakley-Mason-XMan. That enforcer who isn’t afraid to get physical, protect a teammate, be n intimidator, lay a nice, ‘clean’ hard foul, and do dirty work. That could really set a nice tone for this team. One like, “we don’t have the most talented team, but we will kick your ass. We will fight you for 48 minutes.”. Nostalgia, I suppose…but this team is gonna hafta hang its hat on defense so that mentality is necessary.

    I’m starting to get the feeling that this year’s Knicks could be like the “Grizzlies Eest”. Their strength is their front line, their front line is relatively big, they will run a lot of action involving post possessions, and their plan is to put defense first. Does this make sense?

    I think the Knicks best post-up options are Afflalo and Melo, which doesn’t sound very Grizzy to me.

    It would be nice to still have Z Bo, wouldn’t it? He and Melo wouldn’t be a great tandem defensively, but that would still be a great duo.

    I think we’re going to see RoLo become a bigger part of the offense. Eventually I see KP posting up when he’s stronger. We need to get Kareem to teach him the sky-hook! But yes, I can see this being a team with a thug attitude. And I’m all for that. I think that most NYers want the team to play hard-ball.

    While our front court looks solid, it’s the back court that’s our Achilles heel. I have doubts about whether Calderon and Afflalo can keep up with speedy guards. While Afflalo once was a decent defender, Vujacic was never known for his defense. And who really knows about Grant and Galloway. So, perimeter defense is where I’m worried. It would be lovely if we could find a 2-way 2-guard somewhere.

    I’m imagining their all defense, aggressive lineup and I’m coming up with Galloway, Grant, TA, KP. and Lopez. I think they could give teams nightmares.

    Why do I like this team so much?

    As far as adding another 2 way guard I’m hoping that Wesley Saunders can turn into that. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    I found this about Wesley Sanders The author says “he’s been a consistently outstanding on-the-ball defender both in and out of conference play” and also “But what about a guy who wins an Ivy crown in every year of his collegiate career, ranked No. 46 in ESPN’s countdown of top 100 players in college basketball and was always an ace in the biggest games of his career, a guy who was the greatest scorer, ball distributor, pocket-picker and clutch player in the league over the past couple of seasons?”

    So maybe he’s that guy? I certainly don’t know but it would be nice.

    If the Knicks lose 50 games but play tough hard-nosed defense on a consistent basis I will be perfectly OK with that. Much easier to tolerate a 90-81 loss where we have trouble scoring than a 110-100 loss where some no-name scrub has a career night against us.

    I do NOT find these tweets by Frank Isola funny. Does he really expect us to buy this nonsense? Don’t you all blame JR for losing those playoffs because he decided to stay out all night partying the night before the game? JR destroyed the chemistry!

    Frank Isola ?@FisolaNYDN 13m13 minutes ago
    Just so we’re clear, Knicks issue last year wasn’t chemistry, it was lack of talent; 54-win Knicks had talent. 17-win Knicks…not so much.

    Frank Isola ?@FisolaNYDN 11m11 minutes ago
    It’s all designed to place most of the blame for last year on J.R. Smith, who was Sixth Man of the Year when the Knicks won 54 games.

    despite his habit of exaggerating the effect of personality/off-court fuckery on the actual skill/results of the team, that first weet is probably the one time I agree with Isola. The knicks roster last year was straight up horrendous, full stop. A bevy of below replacement level guys.

    like Jowles said, the 54 win knicks had 2 all star level guys, and several others playing at above replacement level (for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is they simply were solid players).

    Now the second tweet is just dumb. There is no damage control PR plan to put blame on JR for last year. laughable. Fisher just talks about positive shit like chemistry for the sake of his locker room, not to screw JR, who i’m sure Fish couldn’t care less about right now

    So I see Early changed his number to 11 and Lou is wearing 17 this year.

    Also, I think O’Quinn and Seraphin have preety good post games on par with Melo and Afflalo. Seraphin game is like a poor man’s Z-Bo but he might be bulkier than him. Wished he could rebound like Randoolph though.

    The funny thing is JR Smith, in spite of all the well-documented problems on and off the court, is a better player than anyone on the current roster not named Carmelo Anthony. Maybe one or two rookies will develop into something better than JR, but as of today, the Knicks have very little talent: 2 legit NBA starters (Melo, Lopez), a few bench players forced into a starting role (Calderon, Affalo, etc.) and a bunch of rookies/unknowns.

    It’s hard to see how this team will overcome the talent deficit with “chemistry”, when “chemistry” is predicated on good play.

    The 54-win Knicks had Tyson Chandler.

    Oh no you di-int just play the Chandler card!

    Chandler is a much better player than Robin Lopez ever was. Knicks would have been wise to rebuild around him by means of a 3-year contract. But that’s clearly water under the bridge: this is the Melo era and Porzingis is our very thin ray of hope for a return to relevancy.

    Chandler is better than Lopez but Lopez is still young enough to be on the upside and Chandler could be at an age where he will soon begin to decline.

    Defensive rim protection metrics like Lopez a lot more than Chandler, as do group rebound metrics which show that while Lopez doesn’t collect rebounds at a super high rate, he helps his four teammates much more than the average center.

    Lopez isn’t as good as Chandler, but he’s a very good center who might get better (or be used more in the offense). That ’54 win team went 11-4 w/out Chandler, fwiw.

    I like the Lopez and Melo pairing. If Calderon and Afflalo can return to top form and we get something good from Grant, Porzingis, and Galloway, this is a pretty good team.

    I don’t understand the Seraphin love.

    I hope that we can develop Saunders, Adkins, and Trice. Along with TA.

    Build from within and you will never be without.

    I hope that we can develop Saunders, Adkins, and Trice. Along with TA.

    Build from within and you will never be without.

    yepper..that’s a +1

    @15 “The funny thing is JR Smith, in spite of all the well-documented problems on and off the court, is a better player than anyone on the current roster not named Carmelo Anthony. Maybe one or two rookies will develop into something better than JR, but as of today, the Knicks have very little talent:”

    I have to disagree – JR may be more TALENTED than anyone on the Knicks aside from #7, but I don’t think he’s necessarily a better player. Especially when he’s untying shoelaces at the foul line (Twice!), jacking up multiple long step back twos, partying all night before games, getting stupid technical fouls, playing up to his capabilities for maybe 4-5 minutes per game while being a useless idiot for the rest of his minutes each time out, etc…. No, no , no – good riddance, the Knicks are a better team without JR

    I don’t understand the Seraphin love.

    I think I read somewhere that he was a guy the coaching staff wanted. They probably remember Seraphin completely torching the Knicks early last season and mistakenly think he’s not a terrible NBA player. It shouldn’t matter much, because if he’s playing heavy minutes it means something already has gone badly wrong, but he’s a waste of a roster spot unless he radically changes his playing style.

    I hope that we can develop Saunders, Adkins, and Trice. Along with TA.

    Best get those Westies tickets.

    Re: Seraphin, earlier this week, the beat writers were asking about how the roster’s overloaded on bigs and light on wings, and they were told this wasn’t the plan, but that when they realized Seraphin was still out there late in free agency and gettable with the room exception, they thought he was too talented to pass up.

    So they could see him as an asset they could flip at the deadline (for a 2nd rounder, or someone else’s draft-and-stash player), or else view one of the other bigs that way.

    Or they could, as suggested, be overvaluing him based on the good games he had against us.

    Why has no one pointed out the fact that Seraphin and Early look like before and after??

    but that when they realized Seraphin was still out there late in free agency and gettable with the room exception, they thought he was too talented to pass up.

    Yeah, that is what I was referring to.

    But what scared me was that the reason he left Washington was because he wasn’t getting consistent minutes and the Knicks seemed to have promised him a fairly significant role. He’s still young and can get better. I’m not even terribly upset by what we paid him. But one of my complaints last year was that I thought Fisher did not even know who his most productive players were. I was hoping that was not going to be an issue this year. But if they think Seraphin has actually been a good player so far and plan on using him regularly, I think that’s a very bad idea unless he improves.

    I have no problem with Seraphin whatsoever. Not that I think he’s really good or anything. But he does have some pros that I like for this roster. One, he’s young, big, and physical. Two, he brings a desirable skillset- low post scoring. Yeah he rarely passes, but when Melo or any perimeter guy can’t get a good shot- we can throw the ball to him down low and get a productive play. a role- I don’t have an problem with him on the team. If Fish is giving him more a lot of minutes and a bigger role than his game suggests, then the team is probably in trouble. The Center rotation seems to be in line with what Phil had in his Chicago days. 3 guys getting regular minutes in the middle, and each with a different skillset. KP will play some C also, so that’s different- but it makes for a pretty versatile big rotation. Hopefully, it’ll be good enough to mask a weakness or 2 on the perimeter.

    I can’t even begin to get concerned about whether signing Seraphin was a good move or not. Same with O’Quinn, Williams, or anyone else $5 Million per year or under. At the end of the day, the roster is set for now. Let’s see how they play before passing judgment, especially on the disposable guys.

    In other words, the only guys we should be really concerned about are: Melo, Afflalo, Lopez, Porzingis and Grant, since they are highly consequential decisions. Calderon is pretty much spilled milk. Anyone else that pans out is found money, imo.

    I don’t think we really should be concerned about anyone but Melo and the two first round draft picks. Melo, because if he is not fully recovered, the team is fucked for this season, and Grant and Zinger, because if they’re not good, then the team is fucked for the future.

    Lopez is going to be good. He’s just a plain ol’ good player. I am not concerned with him. He’ll be fine. I am very thankful they at least added one free agent where I have no doubt about how good he’ll be.

    I have somewhat high hopes for O’Quinn, but the rest of the guys I hope are just good enough to not screw things up. The keys will be Melo, Grant and Zinger. If they’re all good this year? Then this is a good team. If they’re not all good but Grant and Zinger at least show signs for the future? Then it could be a good team in the future, which is nice, as well.

    For what they are paying Seraphin, he’s definitely a reasonable signing except that apparently the alternative was re-signing Shved. They could only use the room exception on one of them. In theory, big guys are harder to come by than guards, but the Knicks could really use another quality guard. If Saunders or Vujacic look good, then the Setaphin signing will look good. If not, we could be regretting it.

    I can’t worry at all about not signing Shved. He’s one of those guys that looked better than he really is due to playing for a god-awful tanking team. He’s a career 37% shooter (30% from 3) with a career assist-to-turnover ratio of less than 2:1. Vujacic is a WAY better option than Shved, and for less money. I wouldn’t be surprised if Saunders turns out to be better than Shved in short order.

    In my opinion, Seraphin is a much better use of that salary slot. He’s a below average big with some value on both ends, a perfect end-of-rotation pick-up even without the upside considerations, and has more upside than Shved. He will compete for playing time and push the other bigs. He could actually have some trade value if other teams get desperate for a big (see: Dallas).

    Brian, I agree somewhat, but feel that Afflalo is an important guy because of the opportunity cost. Not that there were other options out there, but I tend to lump Lopez and Afflalo together as the “win now” part of the offseason, or alternatively, the “we didn’t get Monroe or Aldridge” consolation prize. While it doesn’t have a terrible impact on the future if Afflalo doesn’t pan out, it would be VERY disappointing to me. As to Lopez, he’s definitely a very good player, but how good is still a mystery to me. Is he a difference maker that makes everybody better beyond his stats, or is he an overpaid journeyman? Is he closer to Tyson Chandler or Cole Aldrich? I’m very hopeful that he’s actually more enjoyable to watch than Chandler, whose constant bellyaching to the refs annoyed the shit of me.

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