Phil Jackson Uses Twitter To Criticize Team, So We Suggest More Ways To Improve The Knicks Via Technology

According to the Mothership, Phil Jackson admonished his team via Twitter after their embarrassing expected loss to Cleveland.

So here at KnickerBlogger, we have some suggestions for the Knicks:

  • Get on LinkedIn!
    Phil should start connecting to potential coaches on LinkedIn. Obviously Derek Fisher isn’t working out, so now’s a good time to see who’s out there. There’s got to be some more former guards out there Jackson can tap for the Knicks next coach. What’s B.J. Armstrong doing? How about Jo Jo English? LinkedIn is a great way to make those connections!

  • Coach via Skype!
    The grind of the NBA coaching season might be too much for Phil, but why not coach the team from the comfort of his bed. Jackson could leverage Skype to get back on the sidelines. Fisher would just hold up an iPad, which is about what he seems to be qualified enough to do. Much like today’s working youth, Phil could join the millions of telecommuters and work in his pajamas. I’d be surprised if this isn’t New York’s next move.

  • Extra Practice on NBA Live.
    Obviously Derek Fisher isn’t working out? Oh wait I said that already? Well whatever he’s doing isn’t working. Instead of running actual practices, why not punish the players by forcing them to do some extra practice? But this time on NBA Live! Maybe what Jason Smith needs is to get the hang of virtual rebounding before trying the real thing? Players won’t get tired by actually running around on a basketball court, and be fresh for the games. Fish could join in & try some of the players he rarely uses. Maybe he can discover a gem on the bench (*cough* Cole *cough*) that could actually help the team?

  • Scout via Omegle!
    Given the rising number of undrafted players in the NBA, it’s about time teams look outside of traditional methods of acquiring players. Phil should tap into Omegle to get ahead of the curve and reach out to even less known people. I’ve heard there are a lot of ballers on there, so I imagine New York could find someone that could give the team a hand.

What are your suggestions?

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