Knicks Morning News (2015.02.05)

  • [New York Post] Melo: Jackson gave me things to chew on during London dinner (Thu, 05 Feb 2015 03:32:37 -0500)

    Phil Jackson's quest to turn Carmelo Anthony into the consummate superstar continued in London. Jackson took Melo out dinner, feeding him his Zen Master wisdom, hoping it will rub off…

  • [New York Daily News] Isola: Jackson needs to fix Knicks, not worry about legacy (Thu, 05 Feb 2015 06:40:09 GMT)

    There must be days when James Dolan, the billionaire blues singer, wants to smash his guitar into pieces when he reads the newspaper.

  • [New York Times] Curry Scores 51, Warriors Rally From 22 Down to Stun Mavs (Thu, 05 Feb 2015 07:28:41 GMT)

    In the midst of his highest-scoring performance ever at home, Stephen Curry figured he’d call a play for someone else. Instead, teammate Draymond Green looked him and shouted, “Get 50.”

  • [New York Times] Westbrook Scores 45, Thunder Beat Pelicans 102-91 (Thu, 05 Feb 2015 05:22:05 GMT)

    The way Russell Westbrook saw it, Wednesday night’s game at New Orleans was a must win.

  • [New York Times] Harden Scores 27 Points and the Rockets Top Bulls, 101-90 (Thu, 05 Feb 2015 05:03:57 GMT)

    Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau watched in disappointment as Houston Rockets guard James Harden picked apart his team’s defense.

  • [New York Times] Grizzlies Extend Streak to 8 With 100-90 Win Over Jazz (Thu, 05 Feb 2015 04:54:49 GMT)

    Zach Randolph had 18 points and 11 rebounds and the Memphis Grizzlies used balanced scoring for a 100-90 win over the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night.

  • [New York Times] Hawks Bounce Back From Loss, Pull Away From Wizards 105-96 (Thu, 05 Feb 2015 04:46:05 GMT)

    The Atlanta Hawks didn’t want their long winning streak to suddenly turn into a losing streak.

  • [New York Times] Knight Leads Bucks Past Lakers 113-105 in OT for 5th in Row (Thu, 05 Feb 2015 04:28:06 GMT)

    Giannis Antetokounmpo scored a career-high 25 points and Brandon Knight had 24 as the Milwaukee Bucks outlasted the Los Angeles Lakers 113-105 in overtime Wednesday night for their fifth consecutive victory.

  • [New York Times] Duncan, Spurs Send Magic to 10th Straight Loss (Thu, 05 Feb 2015 04:06:49 GMT)

    Tim Duncan had 26 points and 10 rebounds and the San Antonio Spurs sent the Orlando Magic to their 10th straight loss, 110-103 Wednesday night.

  • [New York Times] N.B.A. Roundup: Jarrett Jack’s 24 Points Lead Nets Past Raptors (Thu, 05 Feb 2015 04:04:21 GMT)

    Jack scored 24 points, and the Nets beat Toronto, 109-93, to hand the Raptors their first loss in 10 games against division opponents this season.

  • [New York Times] Rubio’s Return Sparks Wolves Late in 102-101 Win Over Heat (Thu, 05 Feb 2015 04:03:49 GMT)

    Kevin Martin scored 30 points and the Minnesota Timberwolves overcame another monster game from Hassan Whiteside to beat the Miami Heat, 102-101 on Wednesday night.

  • [New York Times] Benched at Start, Sullinger Helps Celtics Beat Denver at End (Thu, 05 Feb 2015 03:36:58 GMT)

    Benched at the start because of lateness, Jared Sullinger made two free throws with 22.8 seconds left to break a tie and lift the Boston Celtics over the Denver Nuggets 104-100 Wednesday night.

  • [New York Times] Jarrett Jack Scores 24 as Nets Rout Raptors 109-93 (Thu, 05 Feb 2015 03:21:57 GMT)

    Jarrett Jack scored 24 points, Alan Anderson had 22 and the Brooklyn Nets beat Toronto 109-93 on Wednesday night to hand the Raptors their first loss in 10 games against Atlantic Division opponents this season.

  • [New York Times] Hill Scores 20, Pacers Beat Pistons 114-109 (Thu, 05 Feb 2015 02:58:29 GMT)

    George Hill returned to the starting lineup and contributed 20 points and six assists, leading the Indiana Pacers over the Detroit Pistons 114-109 Wednesday night.

  • [New York Times] All 5 Hawks Starters Named Players of Month for January (Thu, 05 Feb 2015 01:54:48 GMT)

    The Atlanta Hawks were rewarded for the first 17-0 month in NBA history with another first on Wednesday — all five starters were selected Eastern Conference players of the month for January.

  • 24 replies on “Knicks Morning News (2015.02.05)”

    I wonder if Isola even begins to appreciate the irony of this statement from his column —

    “There must be days when James Dolan, the billionaire blues singer, wants to smash his guitar into pieces when he reads the newspaper.”

    Melo’s decision re: whether to hang it up after the ASB is so so important. Philly is playing much better and will probably end up with around 20 wins. Minnesota has Rubio back — he has a total net rating of about +20 on a team that has a total net rating of -10 — and with the return of Pek and the development of Wiggins it feels like they probably won’t be quite so bad going forward.

    Gotta watch out for the Lakers and Orlando, although Orlando has way too much talent to be this terrible.

    I think the Knicks are playing better too. Even without Melo, they will win a few more games, so there could be real “competition” for the bottom.

    trading chandler/jr smith/iman et al might’ve made us worse but that in effect has given us an opportunity to pick in the top 3 this year which… even if by accident… is a very very good thing…

    I’m optimistic. Not so much in the sense that I think we’re gonna win a championship, but I think Phil can build a good playoff team/outside contender with Melo. And I feel if Phil can do that with Melo and we put together some respectable seasons (50 plus wins, second round, maybe conference finals a few years in a row) that will make transitioning post Melo easier. I think there has been a stigma playing here for the last 15 years and getting rid of that stigma and putting a good team out on the floor, even if they don’t win it all, will go a long way to righting the ship and eventually getting us a title (even if its 10 years from now).

    I see a decent bench mob group being developed right now. I see almost 30 million in cap space that will net us 2 very solid players next year (maybe 3 if Phil really works it). I see us with Melo and Calderon, who at least can score. I see 10 million in trade exceptions that will come in very handy. And I see a top 5, maybe top 3 pick this year. Plus a mid level exception, mini mid level and a mid level the following year. Once a decent team is put together it will be much easier to attract veteran players looking to play for a contender (we got Jason Kidd for pretty cheap and he helped us a lot).

    So I’m fine with where things are. I think Phil is doing pretty well so far and there hasn’t been a panic move made yet. Those of you who don’t think Melo is a superstar and not worth the money are obviously always going to disagree. But pretty much every team has at least once overpaid player.

    Phil, a great manager of high level talent, has not made a single good move since he was hired. The trades and the Melo contract are abysmal. True, going forward, there’s potential to right the ship, but this season was a fiasco. Think about it, they’re fighting for last place for the hope of a good pick.
    Melo, a superstar worth the money he’s paid? Not even close.

    The ESPN Lottery machine has the Knicks taking Mudiay as their second choice if they can’t get Okafor. Chad Ford is just guessing, right?

    (we got Jason Kidd for pretty cheap and he helped us a lot).

    We got Jason Kidd for pretty cheap because he was on his last legs– he couldn’t even make it through the first year of his three-year deal without utterly falling off the cliff. When you are thanking your lucky stars that a guy retired rather than play out the last 2/3 of his contract that’s a good sign that it was not a very good signing.

    I think the recent comments by Phil have been refreshing. He has openly come out and said he f#*%ed up, but I don’t think the damage is too bad. I like the change of attitude towards developing young guys, with a view to topping up with FA next off season. It’s nice to see the franchise have the develop youth mindset, which I guess most of us have been pining for. Despite the train wreck start to the season, I think we are somewhat back on track in the sense of a new clear direction and change of attitude within the franchise. I mean, thing can’t get much worse amirite? Ha ha

    To be honest, despite a few losses here and there it is starting to become enjoyable again watching this team play. As much as this bunch of retards are a long way off being a god team, there are a lot of really rootable (that feels like such a weird adjective here in Australia for describing a athletes likeability) guys on this team e.g. Galloway, Amundson, Thomas, even Melo seems to be playing with a bit more pep and pride.

    I think we would likely trade the pick before picking Mudinay. Possibly for Cousins or Favors.

    Pretty amazing what adding 3 mediocre players to the rotation has done to improve Cleveland.

    Tend to agree @13. The only reason I brought it up is because when the Knicks pick 2nd on the draft lottery gimmick ESPN runs per Chad Ford it has the Knicks picking Mudiay. Okafor is always the 1st pick no matter the team but other teams when the random order has them picking second they take Towns or Russell while the Knicks take Mudiay? Chad Ford is pretty plugged in so it just suprised me that he thinks the Knicks are so high on Mudiay because I have not heard/read anything of the sort. Its most likely just guesstimates from Ford but still thought it was worth mentioning.

    Sacramento is not trading Cousins, no way no how. Favors, on the other hand, is very available. Does anyone actually want him for a top five pick, though?

    Favors is a decent player, but really?

    A top five pick and 12 million per year for next 3 seasons ?

    I would be beyond disappointed if we traded our only top-5 pick in forever in a deep draft for Favors. No matter what, if we have a top-5 pick, we have to use it unless the offer is too good to pass up. I’d easily take Stanley Johnson or Mudiay over Favors.

    What if the Knicks have the number 4 pick and the Jazz have 6 and they offer Favors and 6 for number 4? (Why would the Jazz do this? It’s not likely, but maybe they view him as expendable because they have Kanter and Gobert and want to trim payroll.) Chad Ford has Johnson sliding all the way to #11 so, if Ford is right, the Knicks could end up with Favors and Johnson. Favors is only 23 and his numbers have improved every year, especially the last 2.

    That’s not an awful deal, but I wonder if we want to tie up payroll in Favors. It’s a guard’s league right now and we need guards.

    I also wonder whether Phil thinks that Bynum is part of the picture.

    What’s with the Bynum references that crop up every thread or three? My impression was he was either injured beyond repair and/or mentally not up to it anymore. I know he talked to Odom and one can connect the dots but is there more than that or is it just what we do on the internet.

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