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Monday, June 25, 2018

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Vinny Del Stupido?

The third overtime will begin at the end of this commercial break. Up three after using up their final foul to give, the Bulls mysteriously fail to foul (in front of their own bench no less) Ray Allen as the clock ticked under 10 seconds. He breaks free and hits a contested three to tie the game. No excuse to not foul in that situation. I don’t think that John Salmons (who was guarding Allen) was instructed to foul because the play happened right in front of the Bulls bench. Chicago may yet win this thing in triple OT, but …continue reading

2009 Game Thread: Knicks at Kings

Via Thomas B.’s Week in Advance… The Kings are rebuilding around Kevin Martin, John Salmons, and uh…not much else. Sacramento is one of the worst defensive team in the NBA. They are 29th in defensive efficiency (112.9), tied for last in defensive eFG% with Golden State (52.8), and they don’t do well on the defensive glass giving up 29.5% of available defensive boards (29th). Only one team does it worse – you guessed it, the Warriors again. Their leading shot blocker is Hawes (1.8 per 36 minutes). What to watch for: The Knicks should take the same approach they took …continue reading

Pre-Orlando Mock Draft, v. 1.0: The Lottery

2008 NBA Mock Draft I’ll update the mock from time to time as the process unfolds but I wanted to get something up prior to Orlando and team workouts. This mock is less a prediction and more a record of what I would do as the GM of each team. Although I anticipate that trades will change the draft order, perhaps radically, my interest is in matching player and team. Therefore I keep the teams in their given draft order but highlight spots where I expect trades. 1. Chicago Derrick Rose, Memphis, PG Rose is the best overall prospect in …continue reading

Why The 2008 Knicks Can’t Win (Some Plays Count)

The other day I was on the train and overheard two Knick fans talking about the state of the team. The first man asked the other what was wrong with the team to which the second replied: “Isiah has to go. They have a good team on paper.” It seems that there’s the idea floating around Knick-nation that with a coaching change and a few tweaks the Knicks could have a good team. However, watching last Wednesday’s loss to the depleted Kings gave me a clear picture of why the Knicks just can’t win with this current roster. In reality …continue reading