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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

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New York Knicks 103 – Memphis Grizzlies 98 – Game Recap

Picture this: you’ve been ousted by your former employer because of friction in the workplace, which were probably caused not only by you, by you alone paid the price. You go to work for an upstart, if disjointed, new young company. Fate intervenes and pits you up against your former employer in a nation wide competition for best businesses; you probably know you shouldn’t stand a chance to win and you would benefit more for your company developmente by just letting your youngest team members learn on the way, while getting the most experienced ones to just provide support and …continue reading

Knicks 2010 Season Preview Part 4

[Part 1 is here.] [Part 2 is here.] [Part 3 is here.] Eddy Curry – Center/Big Contract What the Stats Say There are two Eddy Curry stats that Knick fans seem to care about right now: 1. $11,276,863 – Curry’s toxic 2010-2011 cap number, an amount which is to the summer of 2010 what a sudden, violent intestinal problem is to a date: impossible to cure, impossible to ignore, and sure to leave you alone at the end of the evening, dreaming of what might have been. 2. 318 pounds – Curry’s reported weight, 40 pounds less than it was …continue reading

I Want To Draft Like It’s 1999

An NBA draft where the #1 overall consensus is a power forward, and a ton of guards are to be had including an intriguing foreign guard? No I’m not talking about this Thursday’s NBA draft where Blake Griffin is likely to go #1, there is a lot of depth at guard, and everyone is wondering where Rickey Rubio will land. I’m talking about the 1999 draft where Elton Brand went first, guards were taken in 7 of the next 10 picks, and Manu Ginobili quietly landed to the Spurs in the second round. Of the top 10 picks, 9 of …continue reading

Mock Three

Since last we talked mock draft the Lakers dispatched with the Orlando Magic and the off-season has kicked into full gear. I was out of town on business and have thus pretty much missed basketball from the past week or so. I suppose that’s fortunate in some ways. I hope the third version of this mock is less impacted by the rumors, smokescreens, subterfuges, and misinformation that normally clouds my mocks this time of year. My gut tells me that this draft will be the 2006 draft (Bargnani, Aldridge, Morrison were the top 3) of 2009. There will be tons …continue reading

2009 Game Preview/Thread: Knicks v. Grizzlies

New York (17-24) hosts Memphis (11-30).  New York won over Memphis in their previous meeting 132-103.  In that game, New York hit 19 of 34 three point attempts (55.9%) and had an eFG% of 69.8.  The only blemish in this game was New York allowing Memphis to post an eFG% 51.8.  Absent New York’s hot shooting and huge advantage in three point makes (+14), New York could have lost this game. TEAM POSS EFF eFG TO OREB% FT/FG New York Knicks-Offense 97 105.8 49.4 15.6 23.9 20.6 Rank 2 20 14 17 28 28 Memphis Grizzlies-Defense 89.9 109.2 52.3 16.7 25 24.6 Rank 22 …continue reading