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Thursday, May 24, 2018

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Similarity Scores, Part 1

Kobe Bryant is the next Jordan. Dwight Howard is the next Alonzo Mourning. Mardy Collins is the next Jason Kidd. Comparing two players allow us to communicate lots of information with a few words. If someone says that LeBron James is like Oscar Robertson, you would imagine LeBron being strong, versatile, agile, great, etc. Or perhaps that’s how you might picture the Big O, depending on how old you are. Comparing two players is also useful when you’re evaluating players. Find a historical player similar to a youngster, and you have a good idea of how he might develop. However …continue reading

Some Plays Count: Stephon Marbury & David Lee 11/11/07 (Part I)

For better analysis nothing beats cranking up the old projector and going through game film. In the spirit of the “Every Play Counts” series made popular by, I’ve decided to analyze parts of the Knicks loss to the Heat from Sunday’s game. Instead of following one player during the game, I chose two players at two different times of the game. The person I’ve chosen to review is Stephon Marbury in the final seconds of the fourth quarter. Fast forward to 47 seconds left in the game. The Knicks, who led for most of the game, has seen their …continue reading

Miami’s Offense Dwindling

Coming into today’s game the Miami Heat were ranked 29th in offense in the NBA. Early in the season, you expect to see anomalies in the numbers, even when it concerns the defending champs. Judging from tonight’s results, this may not be an anomaly. The Miami Heat managed to score only 76 points against the New York Knicks who came into the game ranked 21st on defense. New York had an 11 point lead early in the third, when Dwayne Wade was forced out of the game after picking up his 4th foul. Employee #3 came back into the game …continue reading

I Don’t Mind Losing

The West is over. The Phoenix Suns, or their fans, are out of excuses. Apparently, the Suns didn’t have enough rest between their Friday night OT win to end round 2 against the Mavericks and game 1 the following Sunday against the Spurs. In the second game, Phoenix was still smarting from the loss of Joe Johnson when they lost by 3 against Emperor Popovich and Darth Defense. Yesterday the Spurs won by 10, and I’m sure Joe Johnson was still rusty. Or it was playing on the road. Or just a couple of shots here or there. One of …continue reading

KnickerBlogger 2005 First Round Playoff Trivia

A little statistical trivia, based on the first round. Feel free to submit your guesses in the comment section. 1. Which player had the highest PER in the first round?A. Ray AllenB. Tracy McGradyC. Yao MingD. Paul Pierce 2. Of the four, which Miami player had the highest PER?A. Keyon DoolingB. Alonzo MourningC. Shaquille O’NealD. Dwyane Wade 3. Of the four, which Miami player had the lowest PER?A. Keyon DoolingB. Alonzo MourningC. Shaquille O’NealD. Dwyane Wade 4. Which team had the best offensive efficiency?A. Dallas MavericksB. Miami HeatC. Phoenix SunsD. Seattle SuperSonics 5. Of the two, which team had the …continue reading

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Do you remember those kid books where they show a picture and ask you to find all the mistakes? Watching basketball this Sunday, I could do the same; find all the things that were wrong with the Knicks * Watching the Spurs play defenseNo wonder this is the best defensive team of all time. Duncan and Rasho man the middle, while the rest of the team swarms like an angry beehive. Few teams play defense with the intensity and energy of San Antonio. Although it was joyful to see a display of pride in stopping the opposition, my thoughts drifted …continue reading