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Friday, December 6, 2019

Season Preview

Knicks by a Rose from the Grave

So here we are. The Knicks have just made a trade that has been brutally lambasted by nearly every knowledgeable Knicks fan I’ve spoken with, based on a lot of relevant statistical information I see no reason to repeat here. I want to talk about this in terms of practicality and overall scope as an effort in team-building, or perhaps even better, team-trashing. At the end of last season, basically all of us could agree on several things about this team. First, we hated that we didn’t have a first round draft pick because of yet another awful trade for …continue reading

Knick Injury Over/Unders for the 2012-13 NBA Season

As the season rapidly approaches, one of the main concerns facing this New York Knicks team is worries over injuries to the key players on the Knicks. In this piece, I’ll be setting over/under on games played for the Knicks’ top eight players and you all can make your picks as to whether said player will play less games than the amount I list or more (Mike already did one for Iman Shumpert, so I’ll be skipping him this time around). Carmelo Anthony Did you know that Carmelo Anthony has only had two seasons where he has failed to miss …continue reading

Knicks 2013 Preview: The Carmelo & Amar’e Conundrum

Amar’e Stoudemire has been paired with Carmelo Anthony for 20 months, and over that time period, when the pair have played in the same game the Knicks’ record is an underwhelming 31-40 (1-7 in playoffs) . When Stoudemire, Anthony, and Tyson Chandler were on the floor together, New York scored only 98.5 points per 100 possessions. To put that in perspective, that level of offensive *ahem* efficiency would put the Knicks in the bottom third of the league. The individual stats available through confirm that the pairing of Anthony and Stoudemire are the problem. Anthony posts average to below …continue reading

Knicks 2013 Preview: The Ex-Knicks

For those that don’t care for former Knicks, we have a diversion. Check out this video on what the prequel to Star Wars should have been. It’s about 10 minutes long and doesn’t mention Jeremy Lin. Oh damn I brought up his name in the intro. 1. Jeremy Lin 65 games played and 15 PER 78% Over To be over, Lin will have to both be healthy and remain an above league average point guard. I find it hard to think that Jeremy will be under a 15 PER, but not impossible. If you entirely discount 2012 as a fluke, …continue reading

Knicks 2013 Preview: The Team

1. Defensive Rank 5.5th (under = better) 78% Over I’m kinda shocked by this one, because I took the under. Sure staying a top 5 defense season after season is difficult. Add in the injury to Shumpert and the over seems entirely probably. On the other hand the offseason was mostly about adding defensive depth. When Tyson sits out a handful of games, the Knicks won’t be resorting to Jorts to start. It’ll be Camby or ‘Sheed or Kurt. There won’t be a Billy Walker to start in 8 games. Instead it’ll be White or Brewer. Defensively, they’re better in …continue reading

Knicks 2013 Preview: Forwards/Centers Survey

The 2013 Knicks preview continues. We asked smart people questions. They answered. We untied them. 1. Steve Novak 43.6% 3P% Over 56% That’s his career average, but Novak ended the season on a sour note when Miami completely shut him down. Knick fans were drunk on his intoxicating stroke knocking down three after three. But after the Heat showed how to shut him down, they must be wondering if other teams will follow suit, which would make 2013 an awful hangover for Novak. The young forward has worked on expanding his repertoire, with one or two dribble pull-up shots and …continue reading