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Sunday, September 15, 2019

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Abbreviated Recap from the Live Chat

Here’s a recap of the chat from draft night. I wanted to capture this moment in time from the point of view of the KnickerBlogger Readers. This was heavily edited from a few thousand lines of chat. All typos are forgiven. Pre-Draft Owen: I think there will be a huge group in here to celebrate the arrival of the Italian Stallion, the real one dave crockett: Not sure I’m happy about JVG and MJax in the booth. They really don’t do the college game. KnickerBlogger: We have to come up with a better Danilo nickname KnickerBlogger: Van Gundy loves rookies! …continue reading

How Does Marion Staying Put Affect the Draft?

As you may or may not have heard, while Shawn Marion and the Heat have not agreed to a new contract as of yet, Marion has announced that he will not opt out of the final year of his contract (I wouldn’t walk away from $17.8 million at his age, either). With Marion definitely staying put, this apparently may affect Pat Riley’s decisions regarding the draft, specifically what he does with Michael Beasley.

Mocking the Knicks’ Draft Pick

With a week until the NBA draft, I thought I’d go through the mock drafts on the web and see which players the Knicks are thought to take. Additionally I took each of these players & found were other mock drafts thought they would be selected.

Most people think OJ Mayo will be gone before the Knicks draft, but …