Robert and Jim and Mike go to Wall Street

As a foreward, let me just say that neither Mike, Jim nor myself made this video to either support and encourage or condemn and mock the actual #occupywallstreet movement. We’re talking about basketball. And trying to be funny. And while we’re trying to be funny (and hopefully succeeding), we’re actually really peeved about the cancellation of NBA games (you can read our formal declaration of grievances here). Alas, being really peeved about the cancellation of NBA games puts us (and probably you, Knickerblogger’s readership) in a rather small minority — the 1%, if you will. But if one starts to ask serious questions about why these games are being cancelled, it inevitably leads to some rather thorny, economic and political quandaries/issues/contradictions. Which I guess means we are, in fact, making a kind of political (if satirical/Swiftian) commentary. Drats. I’ve just tied myself into a pre-amblic Gordian knot. Let’s try again…

We interviewed some of the protesters down on Wall Street about the NBA lockout. What did we learn? Not much (except that attractive young women dig Ronny Turiaf). Here are some of the finer moments.

A bit that didn’t make the cut because it was just too durned long (but was hi-larious) was yours truly getting interviewed on camera about the 9-11 truth movement. Some press types cornered me and asked, “What do you think of the 9-11 truth movement?” and I went into a long-winded (quelle surprise!) diatribe about the fact that we all find conspiracy theories so compelling because they support the illusion/idea/hope that some omnipotent, all-knowing force is in charge of this miasma of chaos and inscrutability we call life. Even if the unseen power that rules us all is evil (like the Bilderberg Group or the Illuminati or any comic book/filmic supervillian), that’s preferable to Einstein being wrong and accepting the idea that God does in fact, “Play dice with the universe.” Anyhoo, I was waxing philosophical/poetic when the cameraman said, “That’s enough. Thanks.” I asked what the interview was for/where I might see it and he calmly said, “Sorry. We won’t use you. We’re looking for 9-11 Truthers.”

So if any of you stumble upon a documentary/Youtube clip stating #OWS is entirely populated by fringe Leftists, feel free to wholeheartedly debunk it with the above anecdote.

One more thing: Jim Cavan and I are not the same height. I was standing on a ledge when we shot the opening, like Tom Cruise does whenever he has to kiss a co-star taller than 5’6″. Side-by-side, Jim literally towers over me. Think Jared Jeffries and Nate Robinson.

Serious kudos to Mike K. for the boffo editing job. Enjoy…