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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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How the Knicks should approach this year’s NBA Trade Deadline

There is no quick-fix solution when it comes to the New York Knicks. Some teams are fortunate enough to just have a roster problem, or a coaching problem, or even just an inept front office. Some teams have more than one of these problems. The Knicks have all three. For a lot of fans, the NBA Trade Deadline is a signal of hope. — a chance at moving an albatross contract or two, receiving draft picks, obtaining a star, etc. For Knicks’ fans, especially this year, it’s a time that requires one to check his or her medicine cabinet to …continue reading

Trade Deadline Open Thread

UPDATE: Thu 1:52pm EST ESPN is now reporting that the Knicks have acquired Tracy McGrady and Sergio Rodriguez in a three-way deal with Houston and Sacramento. UPDATE: Thu 8:47am EST ESPN reporting that the Kings and Houston Rockets have a deal to send McGrady for Kevin Martin. The deal hammered out Wednesday night would send Martin, Kenny Thomas, Hilton Armstrong and Sergio Rodriguez to the Rockets for McGrady, Sixth Man Award contender Carl Landry, Joey Dorsey and an undisclosed amount of cash. However the Knicks aren’t out of the loop just yet… Multiple sources told that the Rockets and …continue reading