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Sunday, October 23, 2016

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And So This Is Christmas

But with all respects to John Lennon, war is not over, at least for the Knicks and Bulls. This is a rivalry that heated up in the mid-90s. Heck it went nuclear. Between 1989 and 1996, these two teams ended each others season 6 of 8 times. During this time, New York was Chicago’s toughest adversary. 1989 – Bulls 4-2 – Second Round 1991 – Bulls 3-0 – First Round 1992 – Bulls 4-3 – Second Round 1993 – Bulls 4-2 – Third Round 1994 – Knicks 4-3 – Second Round 1996 – Bulls 4-1 – Second Round Granted this …continue reading

Should Knick Fans Hope For Carmelo?

The NBA season is unique among American sport leagues, in that the action doesn’t come to an end once a champion is crowned. After the Finals, fans are bombarded with the draft, summer league, and free agency. One week after the Lakers won a championship, John Wall was drafted by the Wizards. Two weeks after that, LeBron James chose to leave Cleveland for the Miami Heat. If professional leagues were movies, the NFL and MLB would end with the cowboy gunslinger riding into the sunset. Whereas the NBA would show him entering the next town and sitting down at a …continue reading