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Thursday, April 26, 2018

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2010 Summer Interview: Roger Mason

I sat down with Roger Mason for 10 minutes and 08 seconds, and he was kind enough to answer some questions. Mike Kurylo: So what have you been doing this offseason? Roger Mason: I’ve been working. I’ve been working. I had a tough season last year, and I’ve been doing everything in my power to make sure this season is more of a success. Mike Kurylo: About last year: you got injured, and your shooting percentage which seems to be your bread & butter took a dip. What do you attribute that to? Roger Mason: (Points to the scar on …continue reading

2010 Summer Interview: Danilo Gallinari

Another Reporter: You have to be excited about this year, with all the new changes. Do you think you’re a playoff contender? Danilo Gallinari: I think we have a playoff team. There’s a positive atmosphere. We’ve been working out together and getting to know each other. We’ve got a nice group of guys. Everybody is optimistic, and everybody’s so excited for the new season. Another Reporter: Are you excited about having Amar’e here? Danilo Gallinari: Amar’e is an unbelievable player. He’s an All Star and he’s been improving his game over the last couple of years. He’s going to be …continue reading

2010 Summer Interview: Andy Rautins

I sat down with Andy Rautins for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, and he was kind enough to answer some questions. Mike Kurylo: How are you doing? I’m Mike Kurylo from KnickerBlogger.Net. Andy Rautins: Nice to meet you. [Looks at my ancient iPod with a voice recorder.] Oh this is nice. I haven’t seen one of these before. Mike Kurylo: It’s top of the line 2001 technology right there. Andy Rautins: (laughs) There you go. Mike Kurylo: What have you been doing this offseason? Andy Rautins: I was working out in Dallas before the draft started. It was pretty intense, …continue reading

2010 Summer Interview: Toney Douglas

I sat down with Toney Douglas for 3 minutes and 28 seconds, and he was kind enough to answer some questions. Mike Kurylo: Last year we talked about defense, and you said “In college there is a lot of help defense, but in the NBA [things are] more spaced out. One mistake and [you’ve given up a] bucket. I feel like in college you can just go fast [all the time], but in the NBA you have to pick & choose when to go fast.”. How do you feel about defense now that you’re going into your second season? Toney …continue reading

2010 Summer Interview: Bill Walker

I sat down with Bill Walker for 3 minutes and 52 seconds, and he was kind enough to answer some questions. Mike Kurylo: What have you been doing this offseason? Bill Walker: Getting a lot of shots up. Running. Try to get in shape and get ready for the season. Mike Kurylo: It was reported that you lost a lot of weight this summer and you looked thinner at summer league. Is that true? Bill Walker: Yeah. I think I got down too much (and was too fast). I lost a good amount of weight. Mike Kurylo: How did you …continue reading

The Skinny

Lawdy, I almost feel like a real-live, honest-to-goodness journalist. The clip below is your humble correspondent with Matthew Modine, acclaimed star of stage and screen. Y’all may not know this, but when I’m not pounding nails into the floor w/my forehead watching the Nix I’m a hired shill for the theah-tuh. If you’d like to see more of Bob the mouthpiece (and who wouldn’t?), you can go to: Anyhoo, so I’m “interviewing” Modine and I thought I’d lighten up the convo by discussing our favorite cagers and the prospects of acquiring a certain cat from Akron. Here’s his response… …continue reading