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Thursday, May 24, 2018

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Phil Jackson destroyed the stability he created with Knicks

The attraction of Phil Jackson running the New York Knicks was he would bring a sensibility to the organization that often didn’t exist. Whether you agreed or disagreed with the moves Jackson made through the pre-firing Derek Fisher portion of his tenure, his presence became easier to accept because of a level of stability. The team owned by James Dolan was going along in a rational manner. They didn’t return much value for Tyson Chandler, Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith, but you could see a level of logic behind both trades. Despite it taking longer than it should have – …continue reading

Pelicans 77, Knicks 72: Knicks fall in Summer League opener

In what was a really close game throughout the day, the New Orleans Pelicans defeated the New York Knicks in their Las Vegas Summer League opener yesterday afternoon, thanks in part to a huge afternoon from Austin Rivers. Rivers, who had a rookie year he’d like to forget, elevated the Pelicans with twenty-four points to go along with seven rebounds and six assists. Iman Shumpert, playing for the Knicks Summer League squad, got a pretty good amount of burn, which is hardly surprising: with the Knicks point guard depth lacking a bit going into the 2013-14 season, the plan seems …continue reading

NBA Tells Shumpert to Take Adidas Logo out of His Flat Top

Apparently in the NBA, haircuts are taken more seriously than on-court activity. As you may have heard, Iman Shumpert was informed by the NBA that he had to remove the Adidas logo that he had shaved in the back of his flat top. According to Ben Goliver of Sports Illustrated: Sporting a corporate logo during games is indeed against NBA rules. Item 5 of Section H of the NBA rule book’s extended comments section, which governs “player/team conduct and dress”, reads: “The only article bearing a commercial ‘logo’ which can be worn by players is their shoes.” The language appears alongside other uniform …continue reading

2012 Report Card: Iman Shumpert

Stats: Player Age G MP MPG PER TS% eFG% TRB% AST% TOV% USG% Iman Shumpert 21 59 1705 28.9 10.8 0.484 0.446 6.3 15.6 16 18.2 Per 36 Minutes: FGA 3PA 3P% FTA FT% ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF PTS 11.3 3.3 0.306 2.3 0.798 0.9 3 3.9 3.5 2.1 0.2 2.3 3.7 11.9 First, this: Iman Shumpert is a gifted defensive player.  He has the full tool kit of a great on-ball defender: good form and footwork, quick hands, long arms, a strong core, the ability to stop on a dime and pivot, and a good …continue reading