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Sunday, June 24, 2018

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What You Can Learn At the Game

At about 4:30 Wednesday two tickets to the Knicks game fell on my lap. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances it wasn’t a good day for me to go. So I tried to unload the tickets. I sent an email to a few writers on my site, but no one was able to go. I sent a second email to a few commenters, again with no luck. I tried to call up a few friends, but to no avail. In essence I couldn’t give the tickets away. Oh how the mighty have fallen. So I had two options: let the tickets …continue reading

Wow, What a Game!

The Utah Jazz just defeated the Golden State Warriors in overtime to take a 2-0 series lead. This is one of those games that has legend written all over it. Not only did it have intense, end-to-end action (well, at least until the overtime period), but it has so many ongoing subplots. Derek Fisher’s daughter’s cancer diagnosis and surgery. His gameday flight from New York City to Salt Lake City. His Willis Reed-type entry into the game, stellar defense on Baron Davis, and HUGE overtime three pointer. Dee Brown’s injury. (Our best to both young Miss Fisher and Dee Brown–get …continue reading

2007 Playoff Predictions: Round 1

[UPDATE: and] I was asked by Henry Abbott of TrueHoop to join an NBA playoff prediction contest against other number crunching analysts. I figure I have a head up on the competition, being that I used to run the blogger’s bracket. Nonetheless I took to the task seriously, using as much information as possible. Not only do I take into account numbers from my own stat page, but I also looked back at 16 years of playoff data to come up with my predictions. And wherever needed, I asked my 7 day old daughter to assist (yes yours …continue reading