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Sunday, May 27, 2018

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Knicks’ Week in Advance 12/01/08

Welcome to the third installment of “Knicks’ Week in Advance.” As always we will look at the Knicks’ Four Factors and compare them to those of their opponents. Based on each team’s stats I’ll offer suggestions for what the fans should watch for and what the Knicks should look to do that game. Before we get into the match ups, I want to say a quick word on the importance of advanced stats. I think every fan would do well to understand how they work – especially in light of the style of play the Knicks adopted this year. For …continue reading

Wizards 93 Bizzaro Knicks 105

There’s something odd with me. I got off a plane, and traveling in that manner usually messes you up. Either you’re jet lagged from a time zone difference, you’re exhausted from sitting in a tin can for half the day, or American Airlines accidentally ships your luggage to a country that ends in “guay”. Even if your flight lands without a hitch, there’s always something else that could make sleeping in your own bed again a foreign feeling. It could be the three mile hike to exit the airport from the terminal, boxing out the family of 13 at the …continue reading