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Monday, August 19, 2019

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Klosterman & The “New” vs. “Old” Media

If this is the only blog you read and you find little reason to head over to these days (like Aaron Gleeman), you might not have heard about the little discussion Bill Simmons & Chuck Klosterman had the other day. The two wrote a “column” on a sports centered site that happens to discuss everything but sports. In between talking about (I kid you not) the movie Face Off and which was Pearl Jam’s greatest album, they take time out to bash blogs and the young generation. Klosterman: …What will be interesting about the coming generation of people (at …continue reading

Carnival: A to Z

If you don’t know what a Carnival is, click here. Otherwise welcome to KnickerBlogger’s NBA Carnival. I dedicate this to the Pixies who in the late 80s did their concerts A to Z. Meaning they took all the songs they wanted to play that night, and arranged their setlist in alphabetical order. We’ll start with All That Jazz who features a bunch of Gleeman-length blogs, the latest being “Jazz Ride Rollercoaster to Victory“. Moving midwest, Bulls Blog climbs out of his sick bed long enough to check out what swingmen might be available this offseason. Stopping his division winning shimmy …continue reading

Gleeman’s iPod Shuffle

The first blog I ever came across was Aaron Gleeman’s Baseball Blog. I’ve been a regular for at least 2 years, but to this day I’m not sure how I ran across his page. Most likely I found it either through Rob Neyer’s message board (when he was still free & the board more or less fanboy free) or baseballprimer (when you didn’t have to register). Aaron’s blog is not only one of the longest running sports blogs, but very likely the best. He’s working on many different side projects from to to his own coalition of bloggers …continue reading

Stats & The Straight Dope

If there is anything I enjoy most, it’s setting people straight when they’ve been misinformed. So let’s remove any doubt from the following facts: * Man Walked on the Moon* Dinosaurs Walked the Earth (the first two are for Carl Everett)* Sylvia Browne has no special powers (unless you think convincing people you have special powers is a special power)* Billy Beane did not write Moneyball* Eventually there will be a Nuns Gone Wild (link rated PG) But what about per minute stats in the NBA? What can they tell us about a player? Doing a quick search on the …continue reading

Dirk, The Daring Defender? Odds & Ends

[If you haven’t read yesterday’s column, you’re not visiting often enough. Click here, read it, then hit back on your browser. Then remember to come here more often. :-) ] Yesterday, I busted out a table with defensive PF stats. It was to see if Dirk Nowitzki statistically was a serious choice for an All Defensive Team spot. One thing I didn’t consider was that there are four spots between all the forwards. So Dirk would be competing against small forwards as well as power forwards. Adding a few entries to my list: Name……….. DRank eFG PER +/- oeFG oPERTim …continue reading

Game 3: The Sixers

After the Knicks first loss, a hard fought battle on the road against one of the NBA’s best team, came their second loss, an effortless embarrassment on their home court. New York needs to do one simple thing tonight: outscore their opponent. No it isn’t a “must-win” game, but it’s a “they-should-really-win-this” game. The Sixers have been on a steady decline since their 2001 Finals appearance, winning only 33 games last season. Philly represents the Knicks’ easiest challenge to date. What am I going to watch for in tonight’s game? First is if Nazr Mohammed & Tim Thomas decide to …continue reading

Ranting Spree

[If you are looking for the John Hollinger interview, it is just below this article or just click here.] A quick note to Latrell Sprewell: When a championship caliber team that is already paying you twice what you deserve ($14.6M) this year, offers you a 3 year deal at $9M a year that will run until the age of 37, when no one else in the league will pay you anywhere near that much money…TAKE THE MONEY & RUN, instead of complaining about it. Of course if Latrell wanted to make mega-dough, he should find out what stats Winston & …continue reading