An honest assessment of the second part 2019/20 Knicks season – Or how I learned to stop worrying and ignore the void

Hi fellow Knickerbloggers, it’s your friendly neighborhood Farfa.

You might think I’ve given up entirely on this Knicks season. In fact, I pretty much think the same. The recap exercise has quickly become pointless once we hit the deadline and still play the “wrong” guys. Who cares what happens during the long stints where our lineup doesn’t feature at least three potential future pieces (and no, I’m not counting Randle among them)? Is there a goal in trying to describe the impact of Harkless on our rotation (by the way, it’s pretty close to zero).

I wouldn’t say I’m a great writer, especially in a foreign language. But I also think I’m not that bad. Here’s the thing, though: if you want to write something compelling, the subject has to elicit something in you, whatever that is: amusement, love, passion, disgust, hate, ridiculousness, really whatever. There are thousands of ways to imbue a single fact with all sorts of flavors; you just have to identify the right flavor, and bam! Narrative.

The sad truth, though, is that the 2020 Knicks don’t provide anything. You can be the best at seasoning food, but nobody will eat just the sauce if there’s no meat at all.

So here I am, wondering what to make of the many games I’ve seen in the last two weeks (because, seriously, I’m Pavlov’s dog when it comes to Knicks. As long as there is a Knicks game, you can take it for granted that I’m watching it. Even if it makes me curse at the screen. And yeah, these games don’t even make me curse. The rotations do, but the games leave me just meh). Do I go on another rant about the fact that it makes no sense not to start Mitch? Or to take him off the court as soon as he gets to two fouls because I don’t know, maybe Miller’s mistaking basketball fouls for baseball strikes? Do I go on writing furiously about the latest Randle high handle-caused turnover? Would you like it? I don’t think so. I wouldn’t. Even the truest argument gets thrown out as empty words after you’ve repeated it too much (see: Thunberg, Greta).

I can promise you this: there will be at least another recap from now to the end of the season. But there needs to be something at stake. Take last night’s game, for example: did anyone care about what happened on the court? How can someone care when Wayne Ellington gets thrown into the fray before a kinda hot in the previous two games Allonzo Trier does? Trier is as much a free agent as Wayne is entering the 2020/21 season, but his path in the League should be a little different. He should still be on the rise, or at the very least he plateaus for the next two years. Zo’s not that young, but he’s still hungry and will not demand a huge salary. Plus, I think he’s a RFA. For chrissakes, just play him 20 minutes on a night when Frank and DSJ aren’t available in the second half!

Miller’s first 20 games were kind of encouraging. Now he’s just as perplexing as Fiz was, at least in terms of rotations and playcalling. He’s more solid, but just as perplexing. The team isn’t disjointed, but he looks incapable of understanding which players will help him win games (because I think that’s his only goal right now, lame duck as he is after the Stoute special).  But you know that already.

In short, what I’m saying is that I’m here. I’m following the games. I’m just waiting for the right opportunity to write something that doesn’t look like a chewed out 2019 post (but that doesn’t mean I won’t write something else entirely, maybe detailing a few draft prospects – by the way, read this piece from Tjarks on The Ringer, it’s nothing special but it’s quite good at telling everyone what the Knicks have done wrong in the last three years – without even talking about the Knicks!).

Bless your souls.

Allan Houston lining up for promotion in Knicks front office shakeup: source

From Stefan Bondy:

As Leon Rose prepares for his imminent takeover, Garden constant Allan Houston has emerged as a candidate for a front office promotion, a league source told the Daily News.

The former All-Star, 48, is currently the GM of the G-League affiliate in Westchester and has been a Knicks executive since 2008, surviving multiple regime changes while being groomed for a larger role. He also served as the Knicks assistant GM before and during Phil Jackson’s tenure.

While Houston’s future with the organization seems safe, the rest of the front office is mostly in flux. According to a source, the Knicks hoped to hire Grizzlies executive Rich Cho but that’s now off the table. Word is Cho is happy in Memphis, where he serves as the vice president of basketball strategy for a franchise on the rise that features Ja Morant.

The 54-year-old Cho has been an NBA executive for two decades and served as GM of both the Bobcats and Trailblazers.

Good to know that the good candidates are already turning the Knicks down!

But hey, Allan Houston has been a big part of the Knicks success over the past 12 years, so it makes sense to promote from within with him. Hey, remember when he hit that big shot in 1999?

2020 All Star Game Thread

Let’s see if the Elam Ending adds any interest to the end of the game. Here is more on an idea that has always been catnip for basketball stats types.