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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Knicks Morning News (2014.10.17)

[New York Newsday] Iman Shumpert insists on tuning out distractions, staying positive (Fri, 17 Oct 2014 00:45:00 EDT) Iman Shumpert no longer cares what anyone says about him, good or bad. He's not listening to trade rumors anymore, and when talk of his future comes up, he shrugs it off. [New York Times] Sports Briefing | Pro Basketball: Kevin Durant Has Surgery (Fri, 17 Oct 2014 04:48:28 GMT) The Oklahoma City Thunder said the star forward Kevin Durant had successful surgery to address a bone fracture in his right foot and would be out at least six weeks. [New York …continue reading

The Knickerblogger Podcast, Episode IX: Kevin McElroy

Four preseason games down and we continue to inch towards the regular season. Bryan Gibberman and Kevin McElroy had a lovely little convo on Ye Olde Knickerblogger Podcast, Est. 2004, Mike Kurlyo, Prop., about the team’s fits and starts, how a gaggle of new bros fit the triangle, said shapely offense’s relevance and effectiveness in this here newfangled, modern NBA, the starting lineup, a few easy recipes for family-friendly meals and other choice goodies. Take a listen here, now why dontcha. Enjoy! Also, if you stare into the pattern below long enough, you’ll see your very own personal spirit animal/guide. …continue reading

Knicks Morning News (2014.10.16)

[New York Times] Sports Briefing | Pro Basketball: Nets Outlast Kings in Beijing (Thu, 16 Oct 2014 05:35:48 GMT) Mirza Teletovic scored 22 points to lead the Nets to a 129-117 overtime victory over the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday in an exhibition game in Beijing. [New York Times] On Pro Basketball: Reminder of Knicks’ Dysfunction Is Again Hoping to Solve It (Thu, 16 Oct 2014 03:46:24 GMT) Jim Cleamons, a current assistant and former Knicks player, has ties to Phil Jackson, the team president, and an awkward history with Walt Frazier, the TV analyst. [New York Times] Williams Lifts Raptors …continue reading

Knicks Morning News (2014.10.15)

[ - New York Knicks] Carmelo Anthony says he'll take Phil Jackson's words and work to improve (Wed, 15 Oct 2014 00:20:13 EDT) SYRACUSE — The other day, Phil Jackson said he thought Carmelo Anthony has “just touched the surface of his greatness.”It was a bold statement, one that Jackson backed up by signing the 30-year-old Anthony to a five-year, $124 million contract over the summer. It was also a fancy way for the Knicks president to say he thinks Anthony can improve in certain areas. But Jackson didn’t really get into specifics when he made the comment on Sunday …continue reading

Pre-Raptors 81, Pre-Knicks 76

Hi Knickerbloggeristas, So I missed the first quarter and a half but the score was a robust 26-22 by the time I tuned in. And no, I don’t own a TiVo. Yes, I have to rub two sticks together and sacrifice a goat to my Dark Lord and Master to get a wireless signal. I do it because of my fidelity to old school, ruggedly individualistic blogging and my Ludditic fear of technology and/or exorbitant cable fees. But since they putting the biscuit in the oven at a rate that seemed to suggest there were still laces on the ball …continue reading

Knicks Morning News (2014.10.14)

[New York Times] Gobert’s Double-Double Lifts Jazz Over Clippers (Tue, 14 Oct 2014 03:41:52 GMT) Trey Burke scored 16 points and had eight assists while Rudy Gobert chipped in 11 points and 20 rebounds to lift the Utah Jazz to a 102-89 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday night. [New York Times] Butler Leads Bulls to 110-90 Win Over Nuggets (Tue, 14 Oct 2014 02:51:00 GMT) Jimmy Butler scored 21 points while rookie Doug McDermott added 16 to lead the Chicago Bulls to a 110-90 rout of the Denver Nuggets in an exhibition game on Monday night. [New …continue reading