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Monday, June 25, 2018

2013 – 14

Summer League Recap: Hornets 82, Knicks 79

The SummerKnicks are undefeated no more after falling 82-79 to the SummerHornets Saturday afternoon. Like the majority of Summer League games, this game wasn’t pretty. TGe  shot a gruesome 22.7 percent from beyond the arc and 34.9 percent overall, but still managed to keep it close thanks to a fairly dominant starting-five unit. The Good: Tim Hardaway Jr. led all scores (yes, again) with 27 points on 20 field goal attempts, but he wasn’t just gunning from deep this afternoon, though, as the second-year wing made a number of pretty drives and cuts to draw a couple of 3-point plays …continue reading

Summer League Recap: Knicks 71, Blazers 69

Despite shooting paltry 34.3 percent from the field and 27.8 percent from three, but the New York SummerKnicks eked out a less-than-pretty 71-69 victory over a Portland SummerBlazers squad that featured a lot of guys that will be in their regular season rotation. The Good: Tim Hardaway Jr. is a 3-point gunner, we know that, but Summer League Hardaway Jr. is a totally different beast. The former Michigan Wolverine scored a game-high 20 points including 3-of-8 from beyond the arc. Hardaway took a lot of shots, but the leading gunner of the day was Brandon Triche, a former Syracuse guard, …continue reading

2014 NBA Draft Open Thread: The Knicks Have Picks!

The 2014 NBA Draft takes place tonight at the Barclays Center at 7:30 EST. Earlier this week it appeared like a longshot the Knicks would be involved in the Draft tonight in any capacity, but the the Knicks-Mavs trade from yesterday included two second-round picks from the Mavericks at No.34 and No.51. It’s been reported that Phil really wants to get into the first round, but we shall see if he can pull it off shortly. Enjoy!

3-on-2: Fisher, Melo and Phil’s Off the Court Triangle

So the Knicks have a new head coach, Derek Fisher, and it appears to be a pretty good hire, on paper. How do you ultimately think Fisher will unfold? Robert: No idea. The whole “hiring a coach with zero actual experience” is a relatively recent trend. It worked out just fine for Hornacek and Kidd (after a few TPS-based bumps in the road) and Mark Jackson (clash of personalities with an Ayn Rand-loving dude like Lacob notwithstanding). I think Fish could certainly make for a fine clipboard-holder, but his success is going to largely depend on what the Zen Daddy …continue reading

A First-Round NBA Mock Draft (Plus A Pick for the Knicks!)

Note: I’m not a fan of putting together mock drafts based solely on what I think is going to happen. That’s boring. Instead, I put together a mock draft that’s a combination of what I think teams will do and what I’d like to see them do.  Also, the Knicks will have a pick in this mock draft! The team may not have a pick as of right now, but Phil seems determined to purchase at least one pick in either the first or second round. Snagging a first-round pick seems highly unlikely, but purchasing one the several second-round picks …continue reading

New York Knicks Coaching Roundup, Part 3: Brian Shaw And Friends

If you looked up “Phil Jackson” in the Urban Dictionary (do not look up Phil Jackson in the Urban Dictionary) I imagine the definition would essentially read “winning.” Phil Jackson has won a lot of championships, and so he’s become synonymous with winning. Even though it’s a bit of a tautology, It’s a reputation he, himself, has earned, but one his protégés have not. Phil’s coaching tree is more like a Whomping Willow which includes: Kurt Rambis, Jim Cleamons, Bill Cartwright, Frank Hamblen and…Brian Shaw. The jury is still out on Shaw’s coaching acumen, but turning a 50-plus-win team into a …continue reading

The MD’A and the Thibs: A Parable

You have probably heard the  cliché “defense wins championships” more times in your sports-watching and -enjoying life than you can recall. Even though there have been a number of teams that have relied more on their offense than their defense, it’s a phrase that will bring conversations about the games we love to a shuddering halt. But the fact that we’re calling it a cliché speaks to the fact that both causal and utterly devoted fans are starting to realize that there’s a lot more to winning than simply blurting out those three three words like slamming a concrete block …continue reading