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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Author: Taylor Armosino

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Timberwolves 115 Knicks 99

New York Knicks 99 FinalRecap | Box Score 115 Minnesota Timberwolves Carmelo Anthony, SF 27 MIN | 7-10 FG | 2-2 FT | 4 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 20 PTS | -13Carmelo’s gotten his groove back on offense. That’s nice. There will be many things in this ‘cap that aren’t nice. Melo=Buckets tonight is one of them. He still hasn’t totally figured things out, as he shot just two free throws, but he continues to look more comfortable in the offense. Three more…er…threes too boot. His knee soreness, which apparently comes and …continue reading

Jason Smith: A Knicksplainer

Yesterday, the Knicks signed former New Orleans Pelicans big man Jason Smith to a one-year, $3.3 million contract using their taxpayer mid-level exception. Smith has long been a useful player, but has battled injuries throughout his career. A knee injury wiped out his 2008-2009 season entirely and he’s played just 122 games over the past three seasons. Having said that, given the wages some folks are netting, he’s worth taking a flyer on for a year at that price. At the very least, Smith is going to play decent defense and help to protect the rim. The Knicks fatal flaw …continue reading

The Casual Draftnik’s Guide to Some Possible Knicks Prospects

Up until 4:15 EST yesterday, we had very little motivation to jump on the internet and scout possible Knicks draft prospects. Mainly because the Knicks had no picks. We figured that if Phil somehow grabbed one, WeI’d just scout whoever they took after the fact. But then boom! The Knicks traded with Dallas and acquired not one, but TWO DRAFT PICKS. TWO PICKS. IT’S LIKE CHRISTMAS IN JUNE AND MY BIRTHDAY AND FINDING A TWENTY DOLLAR BILL IN AN OLD PAIR OF JEANS. I was/am excited, but then realized that I had no idea who might be available at nos. …continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: Knicks Trade Chandler and Felton to Dallas

DING DONG FELTON’S GONE!!! At 4:15 EST, ESPN’s Marc Stein broke on Twitter (where else do you break news these days?) that the Knicks and Mavericks were on the verge of completing a trade that would send center Tyson Chandler and point guard/flaming tub of lard Raymond Felton to Dallas. The proposed trade has Dallas sending back Jose Calderon, Sam Dalembert, Shane Larkin, Wayne Ellington and NOT ONE, BUT TWO SECOND ROUND PICKS IN THIS YEAR’S DRAFT (Nos. 34 and 52). THE KNICKS TRADING FOR DRAFT PICKS? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? It had been long anticipated that Chandler …continue reading

Steve Kerr Would Be a Smart Hire

Sunday afternoon, Peter Botte of the New York Daily News reported that Turner Sports analyst Steve Kerr met with Phil Jackson Friday night to discuss the Knicks head coaching vacancy. Of course, this is hardly a surprise. Kerr has long been thought of as the favorite for the job. Jackson has said that Kerr would’ve been his choice to coach, had he become the president of the new Seattle Supersonics. Now that he holds that title with the Knicks, Kerr is again his coach of choice. Kerr has expressed a desire to get into coaching and has a good relationship with …continue reading

Can the Triangle Offense Still Work in Today’s NBA?

During his introductory press conference Tuesday, Knicks President Phil Jackson reiterated his belief in the Triangle offense, as well as in “system basketball.” Whichever coach he pegs to lead the Knicks–the smart money is on Steve Kerr, who played under and has a good relationship with Jackson–will likely run the Triangle, or at the very least something close to it. While Jackson’s hiring has been received mostly positively among fans, there has been some skepticism around whether the Triangle is still viable in today’s modern NBA, where the vast majority of teams center their offense around pick and rolls that …continue reading