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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Author: Owen

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Game Thread: Knicks vs Bucks

The Bucks seem to have had our number of late, but I have a good feeling about this one, despite the fact that both Redd and Bogut seemed to have revived somewhat of late. Here are Thomas B’s thoughts from his Week in Advance…. n the two losses to the Bucks, the Knicks had eFG% of 44.4 and 38.3. That is well below the Knicks’ average eFG% of 50.4. The Knicks need to move the ball and get good shots against a team that is not especially strong on defense (106.3, 13th, 49.6 eFG%, 16th). What to watch for: Get …continue reading

Game Thread: Knicks vs. Nets

Always fun when the two New York area teams collide. The Nets are the surprise team so far in the NBA by most folks estimation, led by the stellar play of Devin Harris and the resurgence of Vince Carter. Should be an interesting matchup, although the Nets haven’t played since the 6th and the Knicks are going back-to-back. Here are Thomas B’s thoughts from his Week in Advance. Wednesday, December 10 @ New Jersey [First meeting of the teams this year.] The Nets are a team of contrast. New Jersey is bad on defense, and their efficiency (111.3, 27th), and …continue reading

Game Thread: Knicks vs. Hawks

Let me just crib from Thomas B. here…. After a very hot start, the Hawks have cooled a bit but they are still a dangerous match up for the Knicks because their offensive efficiency (109.1, 6th) and eFG% (50.8%, 7th) exploits the Knick defense. What to watch for 1: Pace. For a team with so many athletic players the Hawks don’t really push the pace (90.1 possessions per game, 25th). It will be interesting to see what the Hawks do if the Knicks push the pace. What to watch for 2: Inside the paint. The Hawks, like the Knicks, lack …continue reading