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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Author: misterma

An upbeat Knicks fan! Just kidding.

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2015-16 Recap: Spurs 100, Knicks 99

They say there are no good losses. But losing in San Antonio by one point is the least bad loss there is in the NBA this season. Let’s start with the final play. The Knicks finally got Tony Parker to miss a jumper, and had the ball with 15 seconds left. Langston Galloway grabbed the rebound and brought it across half-court, where Carmelo Anthony scurried to receive the ball. Kawhi Leonard had locked Anthony in the Claw Dungeon all night, but Melo managed to have a decent offensive: 20 points on 15 shots, thanks to his 10 trips to the …continue reading

A merry Kristaps in New York

Us Knick fans got our Christmas gift exactly six months early, though very few of us knew it at the time. Yes, I was among those who despaired when Adam Silver said Kristaps Porzingis’ name on Draft Night. But the Latvian has been better than even optimists could have expected. Imagine how pessimists feel. Let’s look back on what the prognosticators said about young Porzingis—positive and negative—when he was still a prospect, and compare it to what he’s done so far. Uncomfortable in the post Scouts said Porzingis preferred facing up to playing in the post. This is sort of …continue reading

Lance Thomas carves out bigger role, warts and all

As Langston Galloway’s shooting has melted into a putrid sludge, Lance Thomas has emerged as the main dude off the bench. Thomas is leading the Knicks’ bench players in minutes per game over the last 10 games, edging Galloway by a few decimal points. I get it. Thomas has the second-highest TS% among the Knicks’ rotation players, second only to Jose Calderon. This season he’s more prolific and more accurate from three than he’s been in his entire career. He also has a solid .318 FTr. But the size of Thomas’ role indicates how flawed the Knicks’ roster is, and …continue reading

Is there hope for Arron Afflalo?

After nine games of meh, Arron Afflalo finally played a good game in a Knick uniform. While it came in a disastrous overtime loss, his strong play was an encouraging sign. He won’t drop 31 points a night, but there are things he can build on. The most important thing he should take away is the importance of getting to the line. He shot four free throws on Sunday, not Harden-esque by any means, but it was a drastic improvement from his first nine games, when he averaged a depressing 0.6 free throw attempts per game. Sunday’s effort boosted his …continue reading

Jose Calderon Starting To Produce

Every dies, baby that’s a fact / But maybe everything someday comes back ~Bruce Springsteen Maybe it was a holdover from Halloween, but it was undeniable that Jose Calderon looked like a corpse to start this season. In his first six games, the Spaniard shot like a stormtrooper and defended… pretty much the way he normally does. But he’s beginning to play like a real NBA point guard again, and perhaps beginning to quell talk that he would lose his starting spot to Langston Galloway or Jerian Grant. Since playing the Lakers—a panacea for many ailing players these days—Calderon has …continue reading

Recap: Knicks 95, Pelicans 87

Brian Cronin wrote Saturday in the recap for the Cavs game that he didn’t get the Kevin Seraphin signing. Neither did I. Seraphin was part of a mess of bigs Phil Jackson added this summer: Robin Lopez, Derrick Williams, Kyle O’Quinn and Kristaps Porzingis were the others. It was hard to see how Seraphin could fit in, especially after suffering through an injury to start the season. Well, Seraphin had himself a game Sunday against the Pelicans. Before the game, he shaved “Paris” into the back of head. It’s a small gesture; everything about a basketball game is going to …continue reading

Galloway’s Hot Shooting Is Great, But Knicks Need His Defense, Too!

Looking at the Knicks’ opening day lineup, it was hard to see who would become the Knicks’ secondary scorer behind Carmelo Anthony. Certainly at that time, I would not have picked Langston Galloway. I expected Gallo to serve as a defensive specialist; coming in once opposing guards had picked apart Jose Calderon’s rotting zombie corpse. The pair seemed to be complementary, as Calderon’s shooting has always been his most valuable skill, with defense being an afterthought. However three games in, and Jose’s scoring is as bad as his defense. Jose’s true shooting percentage sits at 36.9%. Speaking of sitting, Derek …continue reading