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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Author: max fisher-cohen

In addition to writing for Knickerblogger, Max teaches English at Tallahassee Community College and writes short stories. He recently finished a feature screenplay, and he is working right now to raise the funds to film it. You can check it out on Kickstarter.

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Game Recap: Knicks 92, Bucks 99

For the fourth time in five games, the Knicks’ future played a more pivotal role in its present than its present played, portending that its present may belong in the past. Know what I’m saying? I made it sound complicated and confusing because I guess that’s how it ends up after it’s filtered through Derek Fisher’s earholes and formulated into thoughts in his brain. How else do you explain trotting out Sasha Vujacic, Lance Thomas, Calderon, and yeah, Carmelo Anthony when he’s having an off night and mentally checks out towards the end? You fear for your job, Derek? You …continue reading

Game Notes: Knicks 92, Bucks 99

After getting stuck late at work, I turn the game on with 9 minutes left in the 1st. Breen welcomes me with one of his classic euphemisms: “Calderon and Vujacic haven’t gotten into rhythm.” That’s his way of saying they suck. Giannis recovers to the perimeter to block a Derrick Williams three. These long wings are the future of the league; their length allows them to shrink the court — a great counter to the three point shooting that widens it. Breen has brought up the Knicks’ great team free throw shooting the last few games. He just did it again. The 2010/11 team …continue reading

What If… The Knicks Manage to Trade Up in the 2015 Draft and Select: Karl-Anthony Towns

With the order of the draft being settled, the writers of KnickerBlogger thought we’d go over the possible outcomes. But since we were whipping out the ol’ Crystal Ball, we decided to go a little past June & see what fate possibly has to offer… A stopped clock… 2015 Draft Order 1 MIN Jahlil Okafor 2 LAL Karl-Anthony Towns (traded to the Knicks) 3 PHI D’Angelo Russell 4 NYK Emmanuel Mudiay (traded to the Lakers) What happened leading up to and on Draft Day 2015 The story that inspired Bill Simmons to break his post-ESPN near-silence was that of Karl-Anthony …continue reading

Reading the Teague Leaves

With James Dolan’s proclaimation that the organization doesn’t plan on making any changes to the roster or coaching staff this season less than two months old, the Knick rumor mill is stirring up again, this time with Jeff Teague reportedly the new apple of the Knicks’ eye. Acquiring Teague is more feasible than Lowry given how much Teague has fallen off this season and how well Lowry has played. Teague’s contract runs through the 2016-17 season at $8 million per year, and his decline is mostly a result of a poor perimeter shooting. His true shooting percentage hovered just below …continue reading


Remember when the Knicks were like, “We didn’t match Lin’s offer sheet because of all that luxury tax!” and fans were all like, “Shah, you paid $124 million for a 23 win team!” Well, the Knicks may not have been lying. With each passing day it’s looking more and more like there is one factor to the Knicks’ thinking (if you can call it that) that is even more important than retaining Carmelo Anthony: the new luxury tax structure. Consider Carmelo Anthony’s choice to announce he intends to opt out this summer and the interesting choice he made by publicly …continue reading

Knicks at Pacers: Game Four Preview and Game Thread with Pick and Roll Stats

With Tyson Chandler’s recent comments about sharing the ball, the storyline that has resurfaced pretty much every time the Knicks have struggled is with us once again: Are the Knicks deferring to Anthony too often and easily? Shouldn’t they run the pick and roll more consistently, especially with Anthony as the ball handler given his great success there? According to Synergy, on the season, 22% of New York’s plays ended as a result of a pick and roll and 16% are isolations. Here are the numbers for games 1-3: Game 1 –36.9% pick and roll, 13.6% isolation Game 2 — …continue reading

When Do We Get Our Title?

In short, if you mean when do the Knicks become a top five favorite to win a title, then the answer is probably not for a while. The main culprit, as my last article went to great lengths to illustrate, is Stoudemire’s contract. The construction of this team and Stoudemire’s own health have relegated him to a player best used for 15-20 MPG, and even as the most super duper sub in the league, he is still overpaid by at least $10 million. That $10 million would go a long way towards repairing New York’s bench. New York has a lot …continue reading