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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Author: Tyler Murray

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Celtics Hub Interview

For our playoff edition of the True Hoop blogger interview, I asked Hayes Davenport, Brian Robb, Ryan DeGama, and Mike Salvucci of Celtics Hub about the Boston/New York matchup. Many thanks to Jafa, SangaD, and Trenton Tuckah for suggesting questions, three of which you’ll find answered below. If you guys can think of any questions you’d like to ask Celtics Hub about the first few games, let me know here or in the game thread and I’ll pick a few to pass along. Here’s to a great series. KnickerBlogger: Are you concerned by how the Celtics finished the season? How …continue reading

Hoopinion Interview

If the Knicks want to stay over .500 heading into the All-Star break, they’ll have to earn it. With Amare banged-up and the Melodrama nearing its peak, New York will have its hands full with Atlanta paying its second visit to MSG.  To prepare for Wednesday’s matchup, Hoopinion’s Bret Lagree gives us an insider’s look at one of the teams the Knicks are looking up at in the Eastern Conference. Knickerblogger: The Hawks have handled the Knicks with two 9-point victories this season, which is interesting considering they were 1-3 against New York last year. Why do you think the …continue reading

Nets Are Scorching Interview

If there’s one team that’s dealt with as much Melodrama as the Knicks or Nuggets, it’s the New Jersey Nets. The team was reportedly close to a deal for Anthony on more than one occasion, but at this point it looks like they’ll come away empty-handed. With this in mind, I started off our pre-game interview with Mark Ginocchio of Nets Are Scorching with a few questions about Carmelo. But if you’re tired of all the rumors, fear not; Mark also had plenty to say about the Nets and what to look for in Saturday’s game. Knickerblogger: How did Nets’ …continue reading

Clipperblog Interview

When the Knicks played the Clippers back in November, they managed to survive Blake Griffin’s 44-point coming out party and eked out a 124-115 win at Staples Center. Danilo Gallinari and Amare Stoudemire combined to score 70 points, and the Knicks completed a three-game California sweep. A lot has changed since then, so in advance of Wednesday’s rematch I interviewed Breene Murphy of to get the scoop on what to expect from L.A. Knickerblogger: When the Clippers lost to the Knicks on November 20th, their record dropped to a season-low 1-13. Since then, the Clippers have gone 18-18 (as …continue reading