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Monday, January 20, 2020

Author: latke

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Carmaré: Brotherly Love or Sibling Rivalry?

Let’s say you have a player — we’ll call him Max — that, whenever the offense is run through him, the team’s offensive efficiency increases by 30%. Unfortunately, Max is not the greatest of defenders. In fact, he prefers to take short naps while his team is on defense, curling up at center court and allowing his teammates to play four against five. As a result of his poor defense, the opposing team’s offensive efficiency improves by 20% whenever he is on the floor. Still, as long as Max is the center of the offense, his team is looking pretty …continue reading

What is Mike D’Antoni’s Offense? (Part I)

The element of surprise is as old as life itself. With species competing for life & death, every advantage is critical. Anyone that’s witnessed a sucker punch knows humans have been no exception, as catching an opponent unprepared can lead to a easy victory. The general philosophy of Mike D’Antoni’s offense, aka Seven Seconds Or Less, follows on the same principle. The goal is to get the ball up the floor before a defense is prepared for an attack. It’s the NBA’s version of the Trojan Horse. D’Antoni features a lineup that is quicker than the other team. Ideally, this …continue reading