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Monday, January 20, 2020

Author: Erik Judd

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Knicks by a Rose from the Grave

So here we are. The Knicks have just made a trade that has been brutally lambasted by nearly every knowledgeable Knicks fan I’ve spoken with, based on a lot of relevant statistical information I see no reason to repeat here. I want to talk about this in terms of practicality and overall scope as an effort in team-building, or perhaps even better, team-trashing. At the end of last season, basically all of us could agree on several things about this team. First, we hated that we didn’t have a first round draft pick because of yet another awful trade for …continue reading

2015-16 Recap: Knicks 87, Pacers 92

Sorry I’m pulling a “better late than never” recap on you guys today. I won’t bore you with the details of why I couldn’t do this yesterday, but rest assured that family obligations can indeed set fire to an entire day’s worth of time. I barely even got to watch the game as it was played, and just finally got the chance to watch the replay. The Knicks played sans Melo, so my optimism for kicking the Pacers out of the playoffs was already compromised at tip-off. But I’ve gotta say, I’m proud of how the team competed, particularly in …continue reading

2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks vs Pacers

The Knicks have as many games left as most people not named Jason Pierre-Paul have fingers on one hand. That’s both a bit sad and somewhat reassuring at the same time, seeing as the tailspin that started in January has been difficult to watch for a fanbase used to losing in recent years that was given a glimmer of hope by the Knicks’ .500 record at the midpoint of the season. All that’s left to be accomplished with this season now is to play potential spoiler to the Pacers, a team that we have every reason to despise. It was …continue reading

2015-16 Recap: Knicks 89, Mavericks 91

Well, I think it’s safe to say that we are all shocked and left to ponder how the Knicks uncharacteristically spent the 4th quarter collectively forgetting how to execute an NBA offense. The Knicks, a model of 4th-quarter consistency in this league, finally succumbed to the laws of mathematics and played poorly to finish the ga—okay, that’s enough blatant sarcasm, even for me. The Knicks tripped and fell down the metaphorical flight of stairs that is the 4th quarter for what seems like the 76th time this season. I swear, they might as well switch the broadcast to Benny Hill …continue reading

2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks @ Mavericks

Hello again, Knickerblogger family! It’s so damn good to see you! I’ve returned from my annual two weeks of NCAA Tournament fanaticism, and it feels good to be paying attention to NBA basketball again. If you watch about 40 games of college basketball over the course of 10 days, it becomes rather clear how superior NBA players are. In fact, by the end of the Elite 8 games on Sunday, I was honestly relieved that my (why is it so important to me every year when I basically ignore college basketball until the tournament starts?) bracket was eliminated from my …continue reading

2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks @ (gulp) Warriors

Hello and welcome to tonight’s game, Knicks fans. I know the thought of watching a Knicks game is about as appealing as getting a series of papercuts on your tongue and then eating a bag of pretzels washed down with lemon juice, but tonight’s game is more about the opponent, folks. This is a team chasing history. I always thought the phrase “chasing history” was pretty weird, Ted. I mean, isn’t history behind us? How can we chase something we’re ahead of? My apologies to our viewing audience, I believe based on his quasi-philosophical mindstate that my colleague might have …continue reading

2015-16 Recap: Knicks 90, Lakers 87

JO-SE, JOSE JOSE JOSE… JOOO-SEEEE…. JOOO-SEEEE!!! After a pretty boring string of events to get us there, the end of the game was pretty damn exciting, wasn’t it? After everyone had sweated out their hangovers (poor Kristaps “stomach flu” Porzingis couldn’t hang, I guess. Part of growing up, kid) the 4th quarter was downright captivating for a game that meant nothing for either team. Kobe made a couple of signature shots, and had a couple of signature dumbass-hero-ball moments that cost his team. Melo made a couple of long jumpers to put the Knicks back up 1 with a minute …continue reading