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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Author: Farfa

Just an Italian basketball fan with an insane passion for all things Knicks (and yes, linguine Alfredo is not a real Italian dish).

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Phoenix Suns 121 – New York Knicks 98 – Game Recap

I wish I possessed the (basic) Photoshop skills to make a montage of the Scooby Doo meme – you know the one – where Shaggy goes to unmask Mike Miller and finds that, behind the polite middle manager mask, it was David Fizdale all along. That’s how depressing this game was, Seriously, if I showed you the whole footage of the game, only removing date and sideline shots, you all would think Fiz was coaching this team. The team was disjointed, the play was lackluster, iso-time abounded, three point shots were conceded and some rotations didn’t make sense. It was …continue reading

New Orleans Pelicans 123 – New York Knicks 111 – Game Recap

This might be remembered as the point where Mike Miller’s shine (?) wore off for good. You know I loudly advocated for Fizdale to be fired and Miller to be promoted, and of course it was the right move to make. There’s no denying that the team is playing better, that we’ve seen a more coherent and entertaining product on the court, and that Miller is having his share of injury/absence problems (Mook’s neck, Randle dealing with a death in the family, DSJ’s strained oblique – yeah well, the last one not so much of a problem). That said, we’re …continue reading

New York Knicks 132 – Los Angeles Clippers 135 – Game Recap

Sometimes, a loss is a loss is a loss. Sometimes, a loss is a great loss. While the eternal child that resides in me always (always) hopes for a fat W when the Knicks play, there’s something to be said about my adult, cynical, bashed-by-life-where-shit-happens self not wanting the Knicks to win this one even when the game was close in the last moments. You see, winning is never inherently good. You have to factor in a lot of parameters in the equation, like: what’s there to gain with a win here? What are the chances we get to the …continue reading

Portland Trail Blazers 93 – New York Knicks 117 – Game Recap

Tell me if you’ve heard this before: Carmelo Anthony ends up as the leading scorer of a whole game, on a fairly efficient night (26 points on 17 shots) but the team he’s playing for loses the game badly; then you go and check the boxscore a bit more and notice that Melo has zero assists for the night, and you think back at the game and realize that Melo was pretty much a lone gunner that never helped set the tone on offense and got roasted more than a couple times on defense. Well, for once we know how …continue reading

New York Knicks 94 – Brooklyn Nets 82 – Game Recap

I’ve started building my new Lego 1989 Batmobile. It’s made by 3306 pieces total, and I’m probably at 1700 after 6.5 hours of work. Honestly, it’s a total blast. The finished product will be so frigging huge. I couldn’t be more happy; I’m actually a grown kid, you give me food and/or games as gits and I’m the happiest person in the world. Anyway, near the end of this day-conusming, brick-connecting romp, it dawned on us that at least two hours before we had made a mistake, putting a 4×4 plate just a bit right than where it should have …continue reading

Washington Wizards 121 – New York Knicks 115 – Perry Christmills everyone

I don’t know if I’ve already told you this: I’m color blind. My color blindness isn’t severe (I’m not seeing the world in black and white, and I can actually get right even some “advanced” nuances, such as lilac or fuchsia), but nonetheless here and there it pops up, especially related to green/brown and blue/purple mix and matches. It’s not like I ever forget being color blind, but playing a bit with an old game for iPad (Forever Lost is its name, a clunky, quirky escape room/puzzle game) I was reminded how frustrating it is for a color-impaired person to …continue reading

New York Knicks 105 – Denver Nuggets 111 – Miller’s first five games Recap

It’s cool seeing that the guys still have some fight in them, even if they don’t end up with a win. After a winning effort in Sacramento, they followed up with another great second half, especially in the third quarter, that was nullified thanks to a completely ice-cold stretch in the last 6 minutes of the game. Mike Miller is apparently doing a decent job, even while making some puzzling decisions (Mitch keeps on playing just around 25 minutes per game and RJ stays out there a bit too much for a guy who’s hitting that rookie wall very early …continue reading