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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Author: DCrockett17

Part-time blogger on the Knicks at and Seahawks at In my free time I hang out at the University of South Carolina and occasionally fill thirsty young minds with knowledge about various and sundry things related to consumer behavior and marketing.

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More Summer League Thoughts: What About the Defense?

Most us expected to see D-Fish trot out some version of Tex Winter’s triangle in Summer League. But coming into Vegas his defensive philosophy was less clear. The team’s summer league performance has brought a couple things into focus. 1) More straight-up man with less switching. Keep in mind that you’re likely to see pretty vanilla defensive scheming in Summer League for any number of reasons. So, a switching fetish is not out of the realm of possibility once the season starts and Calderon starts yelling “Git that!” at the sight of the first high ball screen. But still, based …continue reading

Woj: Carmelo to Sign 5-Year Deal with New York

Wojnarowski twatteth: Just a matter of hours until Carmelo Anthony informs the Knicks of his return on a five-year deal, as @FisolaNYDN reported this week. — Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) July 12, 2014 [Editor’s note: Here’s Robert Silverman with a bit more info] Here’s this afternoon’s #WojBomb™: Carmelo Anthony will sign a five-year, $120 million-plus contract to return to the New York Knicks, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Anthony considered the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets before deciding to re-sign. He notified the other teams on Saturday that he’s returning to New York. Anthony might still take less …continue reading

A Few Thoughts on Knicks Vegas Summer League Game 1

As I probably won’t get to see any more Summer League games because of travel, I’ll take this opportunity to read way too much into New York’s first game. My proviso about pre-season in any sport is that it’s data, and all data tells you something. The trick is to figure what it tells you and what it doesn’t. Summer league can tell you if a player has NBA athleticism (or compensatory skills). It can tell you about a player’s current skill set, which can also indicate where that player needs improvement. That said, here’s what I think I learned …continue reading

A Few Thoughts on The Donald

I want to offer a few thoughts on the L’Affair de Donald. I only just this morning got a chance to listen to the recorded conversation that apparently took place between L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his girlfriend V. Stiviano, as reported by TMZ. In the absence of any denials from Sterling’s representatives the veracity question seems to be resolved. The only remaining open question is whether Sterling could reasonably expect privacy over an argument with his girlfriend, which hinges on his complicity in the conversation’s recording. (TMZ is reporting that Sterling was fully complicit.) I cannot imagine that …continue reading

An Early To-Do List for Phil Jackson

Since no one has said anything since the presser, I’ll take the first crack at the Jackson hire. I’m sitting at Panera allegedly working on a manuscript revision, but I need something to get my writing mojo going. I suppose I should re-introduce myself. I go way back at but haven’t posted in quite some time. Life thangs and such. I live in Columbia, South Carolina and work at (the first) USC. I grew up in East Orange rooting for the Mets of Mookie, Doc, and Straw, and the Nets of Otis (Birdsong) and Buck (Williams). When the Hoya …continue reading

ESPN: Knicks Add Cole Aldrich

Former Kansas Jayhawks, and perennial bench-warming big man, Cole Aldrich, will compete for a roster spot with the Knicks. Aldrich has been a quality rebounder and shot-blocker in limited minutes.

2013 Report Card: Tyson Chandler

Season Age Tm G MP PER TS% ORB% DRB% BLK% 2010-11 28 DAL 74 2059 18.4 0.697 12.2 26.6 3 2011-12 29 NYK 62 2061 18.7 0.708 11.8 22.7 3.4 2012-13 30 NYK 66 2164 18.9 0.671 14.1 24.3 3 Career 790 22508 16.1 0.615 12.8 24.1 3.7 (Table from Jonathan already said much of what needed to be said about Chandler’s importance to the Knicks earlier this week. Chandler’s 2013 was what we have come to think of as pretty darn Chandler-y. His past three regular seasons, one in Dallas and two in New York, all of which have seen …continue reading