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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Author: Caleb

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The Melozoic Era, Statistically Speaking

When it comes to the Melo trade, there’s probably one thing everyone can agree on: the on-court results are a mixed bag. A thrilling win over Miami, blowout wins over New Orleans and Utah and a tough road loss to the Magic, but also a pair of embarrassing defeats to Cleveland and the latest stinkers against Dallas and Indiana. At 6-6, the Knicks of the Melozoic Era (kudos to Jim Cavan for coining the phrase) have a worse record than the previous version. Subjectively, they’re disjointed and inconsistent. They’re not sharing the ball. They clamp down on D… except when …continue reading

Pre-Draft Knicks Cap Update

The Knicks are already in a tight spot re: free agents, which is why I prefer a strategy of looking for trades and extra assets, rather than banking on an all-or-nothing LeBron strategy.

David Falk Warns of Two-Year Lockout

Not to overload the forum with new topics, but I thought today’s New York Times piece is juicy reading. Semi-retired superagent David Falk predicts an imminent clash between players and owners in which the players union will be trampled, with a good chance of an extended lockout. Key points, plucked from Falk’s new book. “The Bald Truth”: – The salary cap, already reported to be inching down this summer, will be down significantly for 2010-2011 (he predicts)  – When the current collective bargaining agreement expires in 2011, David Stern will push for a hard cap, shorter contracts, a higher age …continue reading

Trade Deadline Math

Barely a week before the February 19th trade deadline, the Knicks are keeping a low profile.  Even though the team sits just 2 1/2 games out of a playoff spot, Donnie Walsh almost certainly won’t be bringing in reinforcements for the stretch run.  In fact, the biggest speculation is over whether he’ll trade his best player for a draft pick.  By all accounts, Walsh’s primary goal is to clear cap space in 2010.  This is an update on where that stands. A few things have combined to squeeze the Knicks’ options. One is the strong play of David Lee and Nate Robinson, which has likely made their …continue reading

Marbury to Greece?

ESPN’s Chris Sheridan reports that the Greek club Olympiakos has reached out to the Knicks to discuss a possible buyout for Stephon Marbury. No way to guess how serious the talks might be, but Olympiakos is a serious player — this is the club that signed Josh Childress to a $10 million deal last summer. According to Sheridan, Marbury is aware of the interest but has not spoken to anyone from the Greek team. If Sheridan’s article is accurate, one can guess that the two clubs and the player are discussing a deal that would guarantee Marbury a certain salary, to make up …continue reading

Show Me the $$$$$

Today’s big moves – if the Randolph report is a real deal — are all about money, specifically cap room in 2010.  Again assuming that Randolph is moving to LA in the reported trade, the Knicks can now re-sign David Lee and Nate Robinson and still have about $17 million in cap room that summer. The trades have the side benefit of making us worse in the short-term, improving our 2009 draft prospects. The roster below includes extensions for Lee and Robinson. The salaries are just educated guesses.  To find more cap room, we could renounce those two players, trade Curry or Jeffries for …continue reading