Will the Cavs Get More Than A Game?

The prevailing predictions for the NBA Finals (which begin tomorrow night) are that the Spurs will win in five games, meaning that the Cavaliers will only get a single game.

My question is – how accurate do you find that prediction? Do you think that the Cavs will win more? Anyone out there think that the Cavs have a shot at winning this series?

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13 thoughts to “Will the Cavs Get More Than A Game?”

  1. I think 5 is correct. Remember that the Cavs have only faced 1 team above .500 in the postseason. I’m not discrediting what they have done, but we shouldn’t pretend that they are great just for having gotten here.

    The Cavs remind me a bit of the 2001 76ers. Very good team defense and sort of a one-man show on offense. Those 76ers lost in 5 to a “dynasty” as well.

  2. LeBron is a far tougher matchup than Iverson ever was. I don’t think Bowen can guard him, and if he can get Duncan into foul trouble, the Cavs have a real chance.

  3. I think the Cavs will win 2, both in Cleveland and will lose all three in SA. I think the games themselves will be close, for the most part.

  4. It depends on how the series is officiated. If the officiating is fair and even-handed, then the Spurs should win in 5 or 6.

    If the series is officiated in their typical fashion (biggest star and his team get the calls), then the Cavs will probably win.

    I think the league feels they NEED to have a savior to keep their casual fans happy, and keeping them happy means their idols winning titles.

    The Spurs should win in no more than 6, I just have a bad feeling that history will repeat itself and the “Star” will come out on top.

  5. I think the big issue for Cleveland is that their offense is just awful. Lebron’s game 5 48-point outburst was spectacular because it happened in the context of truly shameful offensive execution by his teammates.

    For as good as Cleveland is on the defensive glass for some God-unbeknownst reason they don’t run. So even if they manage to make this series a halfcourt slop-fest SA is better prepared to score in that kind of game than Detroit. SA has a much deeper assortment of shooters to space the floor. (Pop may even blow the dust off Beno Udrih in this series, taking some of Jacques Vaughn’s minutes to keep Duncan surrounded by shooters.)

  6. If the cavs can slow the pace I think they can take 2 games realistically and maybe a third. If Brown plays Snow extended minutes, it will be a sweep.

  7. Hate to say it – I was right too. Ferry blew one signing when he came on board – giving Larry Hughes big bucks when he lost out on Ray Allen and Michael Redd. Hughes can’t hit an outside shot and gets hurt all the time – things which everyone knew at the time. To give him that deal for Hughes to be Lebron’s 2nd banana – not a good idea. Too bad that his 2 other signings worked so poorly too – for some reason, both Damon Jones and Donyell Marshall LOST their outside shot. Don’t know why, don’t know how, but they haven’t been able to hit anything all season. Oh well.

  8. I was way off, I just figured the lure of LeBron winning a championship would be too much for the league to not do their customary brand of tampering (see 2006 Finals, 2002 W.C. Finals etc etc etc). If anything, they went out of their way to NOT help the Cavs. Maybe they realized that nobody was watching anyway.

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