What’s Your Non-Melo Trade Idea?

I’m kinda shocked at New Jersey’s public statement on the Carmelo Anthony negotiations. It’s one thing to take a deal off the table, but it’s another to announce to everyone that you are doing so. They truly painted themselves in a corner with that move. Even though I think, as said by Kevin Pelton, that Melo is a poor fit for New York, I believe there are other teams that he would be have a beneficial effect. New Jersey seemed to be the most obvious for most parties. Carmelo would have guaranteed that he’d be in the New York area for half a decade. Sure a rebuilding team may not be what Anthony had in mind, but there is no guarantee that the Knicks will attempt to sign him for the maximum salary that he wants. And even if he does, there are a lot of reasons to think he won’t make the team as good as some in the mainstream would believe.

Chauncey Billups said it seemed as if Carmelo Anthony was in the movie “GroundHog Day”, due to his reliving the same questions each day. That’s how I feel about Carmelo to the Knicks. I think all the arguments for/against Carmelo and the wondering which players New York should/shouldn’t trade have been discussed ad nasuem. Additionally it’s possible that Denver trades Carmelo elsewhere. Hence Donnie Walsh would be wise to keep in mind other deals he’d like to make.

In that spirit, here’s one trade that I thought might be beneficial to all teams.

Charlotte gets:
Toney Douglas
Andre Miller

Portland gets:
Eddy Curry
Shaun Livingston

New York gets:
Matt Carroll
Joel Przybilla

Charlotte gets a couple of PGs, one a young defender the other a veteran that can run the offense. Portland gets a ton of cap savings. And the Knicks get a true center, and a shooting guard that has hit nearly 40% of his threes over the course of his career. The one thing that I’m not crazy about is Matt Carroll’s contract, which can hurt the team going forward in free agency. Perhaps a better version is this one, which has the Knicks giving up Azubuike to Portland and receiving Przybilla & Diaw instead. Granted Portland doesn’t get anything on the court, but they save a ton of cash by getting rid of Miller (also due to Curry’s lopsided payments & Azubuike’s insurance).

Charlotte gets:
Toney Douglas
Andre Miller

Portland gets:
Eddy Curry
Kelenna Azubuike

New York gets:
Joel Przybilla
Boris Diaw

Granted in this second one, the Knicks still haven’t addressed their need at PG (and in fact make it worse by tossing Toney Douglas), but a second deal could be made. Or they could use Andy Rautins or grab a PG from the D-League that can run the offense. However the center position would be set for this year, and the Knicks would have lots of depth at the 5 to perhaps attempt a hack-a-Howard/Shaq if needed. (Although it seems that D’Antoni isn’t a big fan of that strategy.)

So folks, what is your trade idea if Carmelo goes to Dallas, Houston, Chicago, or anywhere other than New York? How would you get your favorite non-Knicks in a New York uniform?

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49 thoughts to “What’s Your Non-Melo Trade Idea?”

  1. This is actually two separate trades, lumped in as one for your perusing convenience. Ch-ch-check it out:


    New York gets:
    Andre Iguodala
    Gerald Wallace

    Charlotte gets:
    Landry Fields
    Anthony Randolph
    Kelenna Azubuike
    Timofey Mozgov

    Philly get:
    Eddy Curry
    Wilson Chandler

    Why? Well, both Philly and Charlotte are mediocre-to-bad teams with second-tier stars they can’t really afford. Both Iggy and Wallace have been or are being shopped, and in each case their teams get to unload a ton of salary while getting back very good, cheap replacement players (Wilson to replace Iggy) and cheap young talent and high-upside prospects (Landry and Randolph to Charlotte… Azubuike is expiring and Mozgov’s contract is not guaranteed for next year I believe).

    Meanwhile, the Knicks upgrade their defense by a LOT and get to continue to play small and skilled while rolling out the fastest, most athletic and high-flying starting five in the NBA:


    (Bench: Toney, Shawne, Bully, Turiaf).

    Both Iguodala and Wallace are wildly underrated in my opinion, the kind of players who would beast while playing in an uptempo system without the pressure of carrying the scoring load on a night-to-night basis. AI9 is 26, Wallace is 28, making them good fits age and experience-wise with Felton and Stoudemire. Plus we keep Gallo to and our bench contributors.

  2. Longtime lurker — First time poster.

    I think “plan A” is to get Melo and one of Deron Williams or Chris Paul in the next two years. This is possible, but say goodbye to Gallinari, Chandler, Fields, Felton (along with pretty much everyone else on this roster).

    Plan B is extending Chandler and signing Gasol, and then going after one of the point-guards.

    Either way, I don’t think we’re going to trade for any contracts beyond 2012 unless it preserves the max cap-space in summer 2012, and we’re almost certainly not going to do anything with summer 2011’s cap space until Melo resigns.

    So, my question is, do I have a firm grip on the situation or am I reading it wrong? Because I have read on here and other places people making trade suggestions that don’t seem to line up with what I think the Knicks have planned. The other question is that it seems like a huge risk to be taking with the CBA expiring. Are either plan A or plan B the right way to go for a ring?

  3. Ambitious!
    the Hornets also get the Knicks’ 2014 pick.

    Knicks reel in their second superstar, and the added thrill that comes with having your two best players on knees that might combust at any second. They also get a defensive anchor and one of the best rebounders in the league. The Stoudemire-Okafor combo coughs up a lot of turnovers, but efficient scoring and boardwork more than make up for it. Paul/Fields/Chandler/Stoudemire/Okafor make the Knicks contenders for the next 2-3 years, with a young bench of Randolph, Douglas, Walker and Williams.

    The Hornets yield to the inevitable, getting back a good and durable starting PG, a rising star in Gallinari and the Knicks’ 2014 draft pick. Just as important, with a tight cap looming they manage to dump the remaining three-plus years of Okafor’s contract, giving the Hornets full financial flexibility as they go up for sale. Swap David West for a couple of 1st rounders and they’ve got a nice young platform to build on.

    You could tweak this by substituting Mozgov for Turiaf, or Chandler for Gallinari.

    Semi-ambitious – #1

    Knicks and Wiz swap two young players – Knicks get the guy with more upside; Wiz get the guy with more established skills. Not sure Washington would bite, but who knows?

    Semi-ambitious #2

    Curry for Dalembert straight up brings thunderous applause from the Owen/Berri crowd, and saves the Kings about $3 million – more, if the Knicks throw in some cash. Since the Kings may have other suitors for Sammy D, I’ve added Shawne Williams – just in time to open up some court time for Anthony Randolph. Despite his premier skills on the glass and defending the basket, Dalembert will likely be glued to the bench within minutes of his arrival. I don’t know why I bother.

  4. Filling in the Gaps

    Since D’Antoni won’t bother playing a new backup center, the Knicks’ most immediate need is a backup PG. Earl is a pearl in that department. He can’t shoot but he’s an excellent defender and distributor. It works for Utah if they think Sessions is a big enough upgrade, but they might need more convincing – perhaps the Cavs can throw in a 2nd round pick, or the Knicks could throw in cash. Cleveland saves money and clears cap space. TD gets a front-row seat in the PG classroom, and spot minutes at 2-guard.


    If I have to accept that Anthony Randolph will not be playing this season… then Murphy takes over for Shawne Williams, giving the Knicks some needed rebounding without sacrificing 3-point shooting. Jersey can probably get more, but will they?

  5. @1 I like Wallace and Iguodala a lot but if you look 2 or 3 years down the road, couldn’t you get the same out of t Chandler/Randolph? Meanwhile we’re throwing in Fields and spending an extra $10 million plus each year.

  6. I don’t really get why Charlotte would want a trade that leaves them with three halfway-decent PGs.

  7. @1 – I couldn’t imagine Philly biting on that one just because it would move them out of playoff contention and they can prob. get more than Chandler (a RFA for Iggy)

    Speaking of unimaginable…
    A. Knicks get:
    1) Varejao
    2) Sessions
    3) Steven Blake
    4) Craig Smith

    B. Lakers get:
    1) Baron Davis
    2) Ronny Turiaf
    3) Bill Walker

    C. Clippers get:
    1) Antwan Jamison
    2) Luke Walton
    3) Derek Fisher
    4) Theo Ratliff

    D. Cavs get:
    1) Wilson Chandler (Cavs are DESPERATE for scoring)
    2) Anthony Randolph (franchise savior?)
    3) Chris Kaman ($3 million/yr cheaper than Jamison)
    4) Curry (…)
    5) Derek Caracter

  8. Here is a semi ambitious three teamer that would take advantage of our willingness to take on salaries:


    Knicks get their Jason Terry/sixth man/back up PG in Mayo. They take Thabeet’s contract off MEM’s hands and get a look at a guy Walsh really liked at the draft who if even half decent could be helpful. And they save the Suns a ton of money while getting a perfect stretch 4/5 that was effective next to STAT last year in Phoenix.

    This trade would significantly upgrade the bench, add size and keep the current group together. This all assumes MEM is even half interested in Randolph.


    whoever else.

  9. “Knicks reel in their second superstar, and the added thrill that comes with having your two best players on knees that might combust at any second.”

    Caleb – assuming that CP3’s departure IS inevitable, that’s a brilliant trade…with hilarious commentary to boot! Despite the combusting knees, I’d do that trade in a second, and though I initally thought no way the Hornets go for it, because of their ownership situation and cash issues, I could actually see it. I want to see it, anyway. I want to believe your case is on the money! Of course, it’s hard to throw in the towel on a team that’s doing well.

    Mike, I can’t in a million years see Portland trading Przybilla now that Camby’s out. Just isn’t going to happen. Nor should the Sixers settle for Ill Wil – there’s got to be a better deal for Iggy out there. Makr Cuban is probably working on one as we speak.

  10. DS – no way the Clips do that trade. Sure, they were unhappy with Baron a month ago…but have you not noticed they’re like 8-2 in the last 10 games since his return? Not sure of exactly when he got back, but suffice to say, the team has been totally different in the weeks since he has. And your trade gives them a pile of crap. Old, stinky crap at that.

  11. Caleb: @1 I like Wallace and Iguodala a lot but if you look 2 or 3 years down the road, couldn’t you get the same out of t Chandler/Randolph? Meanwhile we’re throwing in Fields and spending an extra $10 million plus each year.  

    Yes, but that’s almost the point–we are paying a premium to hit fast-forward on the development of Chandler and Randolph, taking them instantly to their respective bast-case scenarios and bringing them much more in line with where STAT and Felton are in terms of their experience and development. That, to me, is worth the extra $10 mil. Chandler and Randolph won’t be on their rookie pay-scale contracts for much longer anyway.

  12. @3 I would go all-in for Chris Paul and Okafor but I think that it would raise far too many eyebrows for the Hornets to trade a legitimate superstar to New York while the league owns the franchise. Even Knicks homers would have to wonder if the fix was in… not that I’d object, mind you.

  13. @11 It’s not a bad idea but I’m not sold yet. Sticking with the current players is riskier, but we could find ourselves with the same talent AND Fields in a couple of years.

    You’d also have a hard time convincing Philly, I think…

  14. @12 It’s true, anything the Hornets do will raise eyebrows.

    And it IS kind of a lowball offer. But you have to consider the competition. And I’ll just say – there aren’t many teams with the money and cap space to take on Okafor’s contract, which is something the Hornets will be desperate to do if Paul really leaves.
    And Paul’s knees are a real concern; I don’t think the bidding will be as hot as it is for Carmelo. He’s also not as famous.

    I guess I’d probably be willing to raise the bid a little bit…

    I seriously doubt that the Hornets do anything right now – they might get saved by the CBA, if there’s a franchise player tag.

  15. It really depends what we want out of a trade.
    My first thought, based on Wilson switching agents, is that we should probably trade Wilson now for some value before we have to resign him. He’s been great, but Chandler at 10 mil does not a contender make.
    The second thing to consider is that Mike D is VERY happy with Stat as his center. So you can wish and hope for a real center all you want, but I just don’t see it happening.
    With these two things in mind, there are a few ways to go:


    This one’s more about accumulating young talent than trying to make a playoff run, but hey, maybe we can do both? Also solves our need for an athletic big and a backup scoring point guard.

    Another Chandler trade to a contender:


    Anderson is the type of pf that D’Antoni wants out there but would the Magic give him up? They could use another sf in case Turkey Glue goes missing.

    And if we’re going to gird our loins for a playoff run:


    A vet shooter and a rebounder for poor AR. Or:


    A vet shooter at the pf and a back up pg. We might have to give Cleveland a pick.

  16. rama: Old, stinky crap

    Rama – Thanks for response and your candor. I should have linked to the trade machine and you would clearly see that the Clips (the most frugal team in the NBA) would save a TON of money over the next 3 years.

    I think Baron is still an albatross contract; $13 million/yr for 10 pts. and 6 assists?? Come on. An 8-2 stretch is great but the Clips will not finish at .500 let alone make the playoffs so that is no reason to cling to him. Bledsoe and Baron would be able to shoulder the load this year anyhow.

    Jamison, Walton, and Ratliff would make some contribution (Ryan Gomes is one of their starting forwards!)

    The Clips could actually be players in the FA market again while keeping their younger, cheaper core and saving money.

    In other words, my trade is perfect.

  17. Hey Mike – how about a T-shirt for the trade proposal that (A) helps the Knicks most that (B) in your opinion, all the other teams would agree to?? I must dreaming today.

  18. Can we just limit all trades involving any more than 3 teams or more than 10 players? They’re not going to happen. It doesn’t matter how much you try to rationalize it. It doesn’t matter how much sense it makes on paper. It won’t happen. Way too much margin for error, that’s why a 10+ player trade has only happened 3 times in NBA history.

  19. @15
    I love the Dallas trade – wow! But would the Mavs bite the bullet? They’d have to be tempted, unless Stojakovic starts lighting it up. I know they love Beaubois but the rest of the roster averages about 50 years old so it has to be all-in right now…

    The Magic? Yuck. In that case just trade him for a pick.

    Trade Randolph for three months of Mike Dunleavy?

    And hey, if Jamison doesn’t work out we can always S&T him for Carmelo this summer ;)

  20. @21 Wow, he is having a great year. And a better rebounder than I thought. He’s definitely D’Antoni-style but in a way he’s not a great fit, since we’re already loaded with forwards. But probably worth a late lottery pick… vs. how high a pick would we get for Chandler? Tough call.

  21. Caleb: @21 Wow, he is having a great year. And a better rebounder than I thought. He’s definitely D’Antoni-style but in a way he’s not a great fit, since we’re already loaded with forwards. But probably worth a late lottery pick… vs. how high a pick would we get for Chandler? Tough call.  

    I think it will be tough to get equal value for Chandler because his new team will have to resign him at 3 to 4 times his current contract. That being said, I’d rather get Anderson/Earl Clark from the Magic but the TM said that Clark can’t be traded with anyone…
    The Dallas trade seems like a better fit anyway.

  22. re: Chandler – it’s true that teams are looking at him as the free agent he is. But the non-lottery teams won’t find a player as good with their draft pick – and he can already play. If they think Chandler he’s worth the money – a few phone calls to his agent could give them an idea – they might pull the trigger. I guess it is more likely to happen as a S&T in the summer (or fall, or winter), once we know more specs about what his next contract is likely to be.

    Dallas, though, hmmm.

    What are their other options? Could they make the dollars work in a Gerald Wallace trade?

  23. Caleb: What are their other options? Could they make the dollars work in a Gerald Wallace trade?  

    I’m not so bullish on Wallace. He can’t shoot so why not just play AR at a fraction of the cost? I think unless we’re getting Melo/CP3/DWill/Howard of someone that good, we should just patch the holes and keep cap space open for the big names…

  24. @25 I meant Wallace for the Mavs..

    Flossy and I were just agreeing that he’s basically Wilson Chandler in 5 years. But he’s pro-Wallace; I’m pro-Chandler.

  25. “Curry for Dalembert straight up brings thunderous applause from the Owen/Berri crowd”

    Caleb – All too true. If only my fantasy could become a reality.

    I just wish that New York fans could focus as intently on getting Chris Paul or Dwight Howard as they are on getting Carmelo.

  26. my goals in order of priority in a non-melo trade would be to
    A) acquire enough contracts that expire in 2012 to match CP3 or D-Will’s salaries.
    B) acquire more young assets that could be used in such a trade. I think trading Chandler is the optimal means of doing this, as not only is he probably the most ready to contribute to a contender, but moving him would also make room for Randolph to play, thus increasing his value.

    1) Wilson Chandler for Rodrigue Beaubois (as ess-dog posted): Beaubois is one of the most promising young point guard prospects in the league. He is exactly the kind of player who can either take over for Felton after next season or can be the centerpiece of a move for paul/d-will. Dallas, without Butler, gets an upgrade on butler in talent and youth, and Cuban won’t mind paying Chandler.

    2) Chandler for SAS’s 2012 and 2014 1st round picks plus junk contracts: If we’re playing for 2012, and 2011 1st rounder doesn’t do us much good, and the 2014 pick might end up being quite valuable, as Ginobili and Duncan will undoubtedly be in major decline. The spurs need a wing player to guard Pierce/LBJ/Kobe, and due to his rookie contract, the spurs can acquire him without even giving up a rotation player.

    3) Raymond Felton for Derek Caracter, Derek Fisher, Shannon Brown, and LAL’s 2013 and 2015 1st round picks. This trade will never happen as it would mean the knicks would be bad for the next season and a half, but Caracter is a decent young player, and the picks again would make for some nice trade assets. It would also free up some cap space this summer.

    4) Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari for Derek Favors and two 1st round picks: This would also never happen, but it’s nice to dream. The nets get to be a playoff team in advance of moving to brooklyn, and in exchange we get the assets to make moves to become a championship team.

  27. @3 I like your ambitious trade. That is the one I really wanted. Forget Carmelo get Paul and a center that can board.

    Ridnour, Brewer, 2012 pick (via Grizzlies)

    Randolph, Walker, Azibuike

    NY gets the depth at point for a reasonable price and a expiring contract that can at least get on the floor. Brewer is a solid defender so he has an advantage over Walker there. The pick could be as high as 15 and probably no lower than 18. So that is a good pick up in exchange for Ridnour’s salary.

    Minnesota gets a young rebounder to pair with Love. Randolph doesnt need (read shouldnt touch) the ball on offense. Plus he covers the hole in Love’s game of blocking shots. Walker will give them solid outside shooting, something Webster hasnt been healthy enough to do much of. I think Walker would fit in nicely around Love.
    By shedding Ridnour for Azubuike Minny saves 4 million on the already low salary. If the new CBA reigns in player salaries, the Wolves will be well under cap and in a better position than many teams to offer decent salaries.

  28. I am not sure if number work right, but a trade for this deadline…

    NYK sends to the Clippers:

    Wilson Chandler
    Eddy Curry

    Clippers Trade to Portland:

    Chris Kaman

    Portland Trades to NYK

    Rudy Fernandez
    Joel Przybilla
    NOH 1st Rounder

    Why NY does this? We turn Chandler into assets. We might need to overpay to keep Chandler, so it is a wise move to set up for 2011 FA / Trade Deadline and 2012 FA. We get a C for this season that will help to limit Turiaf and Stoudemire’s minutes.

    Why the Clips do this? They have said they would trade Kaman for a SF. Chandler is a really good young SF for the future.

    Why Portland do this? They have suffered a dearth of injuries that have left them with almost no big man. Kaman was an all-star last season; sadly he has had injuries of his own this season, but he would be a legit help at the C position.

  29. I think the Knicks could do better for Chandler than a pick in the 20s. Maybe a sign and trade if that’s where it’s going.

    fwiw Przybilla has said he’ll play in Portland or Milwaukee next year and beyond, or retire.

    The Blazers might not think that Kaman is a big enough upgrade to give up Fernandez, a pick AND the extra salary burden next year.

    But there might be a way to tweak this one. Find a better pick for the Knicks, with a 4th team… and drop Fernandez….

  30. @31 You may be right, i guess Portland could offer something more… or maybe the Clippers could put a protected 1st rounder too.

  31. I like Joel Przybilla but wouldn’t he offer something very similar to Randolph? High rebounding, offensive ineptitude, etc. Joel is prob. the better defender, right?

  32. DS – not trying to offend you, sorry. I agree that the Clips are cheap and often do what they can not to pay players. That said, Sterling seems to have been persuaded to change his ways SLIGHTLY in recent years, offering a big contract to Brand, to Baron, maybe another one or two, in order not to look like the miser he is. Beyond that, the point isn’t whether the CLips do anything this year; it’s that since Baron came back, their record has been night and day with what came earlier. I don’t think they would take that lightly, given they now have the most promising, explosive young player in the league. Baron’s contract sucks, but if the team is coming together, I don’t think there’s desperation to trade it.

    And sorry, aside from salary, the players you put forward pretty much reek of desperation. You talk about potential contributions from Jamison, Walton, and Ratliff, as if Walton and Ratliff had contributed anything in recent memory, and as if Jamison wasn’t terrible right now in Cleveland. And Fisher? I’m not sure he’s even a backup PG anywhere but LA, protected by the triangle and phenomenal teammates.

    On the flip side, the Chandler/Beaubois trade is beautiful and makes total sense – except that they’re signing Peja and now won’t need WC quite as much.

  33. ok, here goes…
    + draft picks:

    Toronto gets: Wilson Chandler, Kelanna Azubuike and Portland’s 1st-rounder (#20, as of now)

    Portland gets: Chris Kaman, Jarron Collins, Willie Warren and Andy Rautins

    LA Clippers get: Joel Przybilla, Timofey Mozgov and Luke Babbitt

    New York gets: Leandro Barbosa, Armon Johnson and Toronto’s 1st-rounder (#7, right now)

    I think I just wasted a lot of time on that one, since it can’t happen unless Toronto and Chandler have an understanding about his next contract, and I don’t think the league would allow that…

  34. Turiaf starting, Chandler back to the bench tonight.

    D’Antoni is weird.

    I think it’s actually a good move, but why in the world do you make a big deal about how Amar’e is now your center and then change your lineup the very next game?

  35. Caleb: I think I just wasted a lot of time on that one, since it can’t happen unless Toronto and Chandler have an understanding about his next contract, and I don’t think the league would allow that…  

    Chandler’s an RFA. It’s more or less out of Toronto’s control what he ends up getting paid, but they’d be able to match no matter what. Unless Chandler agreed to just sign outright, which I really doubt. Chandler I think has more value to a team that is capped out and/or wouldn’t mind renting him.

    What about Millsap and Okur and a 1st round pick for Chandler, Fields, Curry and Azubuike? Paul Millsap IMO is really underrated, especially considering the size of his contract. He has the range to play in SSOL and the bulk to defend most bigs. IMO he’s one of very few bigs who could solve the size vs. speed dilemma of SSOL. Utah gets a decent replacement (a bit of a downgrade) in Chandler, but also a long term solution at the 2 guard (Fields). They also save a fuckton of luxury tax dollars by not having to pay Okur next year, which works out fine for us since we want expirings for 2012.

  36. Rama –
    I was just surprised that you singled out the Clippers’ desire to hang onto Baron as the most likely hangup. In your last post, you said “…since Baron came back, their record has been night and day with what came earlier.” What have they been? 11-5? That a pretty tiny sample size to try to justify paying a 31 year-old $40 million over the next 3 years when you’re a young, up and coming team. I think you’re overestimating the importance that they keep this current rhythm. Also, I stand behind my assertion that Jamison is more productive than Gomes, their current starter at SF.

    No offense taken, man. Honestly, I started w/ just the Knicks and Cavs and had to bring in two more teams and 16 players just to pry Varejao and Sessions loose in some way that made sense. I doubt you could ever get Dolan, Sterling, Buss, and Dan Gilbert to agree on a trade.

  37. @39 Well, maybe I didn’t waste my time after all… it boils down to Chandler and a #20 pick for the #7. I included Barbosa because I think Toronto wants to dump his salary, and the Knicks could use him for the one year he has left, but you could design a similar deal without him. The point is to get us a high draft pick while clearing cap space for 2012.

    I don’t think the Jazz would trade Millsap alone, let alone throwing in a 1st. But until you ask the answer is always no!

  38. BigBlueAL: Turiaf starting, Chandler back to the bench tonight.

    I’ve noticed several blog posts that cite Raymond Felton, Landry Fields, Danilo Gallinari, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Ronny Turiaf as the Knicks’ worst combination: http://www.postingandtoasting.com/2011/1/21/1947783/the-worst-unit-on-a-good-team-has-been-the-knicks-raymond-felton#comments

    Hopefully it’s some kind of statistical oddity and hopefully Chandler can stick it to the Spurs again coming off the bench.

  39. Z: http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=45mvnp2  

    I can hear the pitch to Dallas: “You want wings? I got wings!”

    Me, I’m not giving up Chandler, Randolph and Walker for a year and a half of Steve Nash… at his age I wouldn’t bet on his being better than Felton next year. And with Frye on board, this is it – that’s our team for the next few years.

    I know some people (like Ted N!) are big on Ian Mahinmi, who pulled off a PER of 35 last year and is right now averageing 25 points and 12 boards per 40. But it’s only 300 minutes and he’s 24 years old, so I wonder if there isn’t some good reason no one’s heard of him.

  40. @36 I don’t know why would the clips do that. Babbit isnt enough to trade Kaman. And i think they’re set up with DeAndre Jordan as their center… at least for now.

  41. Slightly off topic, but one of the Melo issues that I have been thinking about relates indirectly to Caleb’s comments regarding Mahinmi, “I wonder if there isn’t some good reason no one’s heard of him.” Maybe there are “some good reasons” why Melo is a coveted star notwithstanding some negative statistical tendencies, including, but not limited to shooting inefficiency. For me, it’s like intellectually I see Melo’s flaws, but my gut feeling is that I want him on this Team.

  42. Can we keep proposed trades in the realm of the at least slightly possible? For example, the lakers would NEVER trade Derek Fisher. Kobe would explode. It just won’t happen. Same goes for Pryzbilla leaving the TB’s unless they get a HEALTHY center back, which we can’t give.

    The obvious answer to our problems is to play AR and live with it, but D’antoni..

  43. @45 For the Clips, it’s a salary dump. Supposedly they’ve been trying to give Kaman away, but no takers.

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