What’s the deal with Knicks in 60?

While we wait to see if the Knicks can beat the Bucks (and also, where the heck is Allen Iverson going to end up?), let me do my best Seinfeld impersonation and ask, “What’s the deal with Knicks in 60?”

Does anybody else watch this program? It is amazingly awful. I understand that condensing a full game into an hour (more likely about 44 minutes, with commercials taken into consideration) is quite a difficult task, but Knicks in 60 doesn’t even seem to ATTEMPT to do a good job.

What it really appears like (and I doubt this is actually the case, but it sure looks like this is the case) is that they mark the game for certain time periods, and just run those clips no matter what.

For instance, the other day, the show fast-forwarded in time to the end of the second quarter, to see Mardy Collins hoist a beyond half-court shot as the shot clock expires – that hit nothing. Huh?!?!

The show will fast-forward to people shooting FREE THROWS and then fast-forward again…BEFORE the free throws even finish! Could they possibly think what Breen and Kenny Smith are talking about during the free throws warrant a special note?

They show part of the HALF-TIME show! You only have an hour to show the WHOLE game, and you’re showing us the HALF-TIME show?!?

The worst, though, was the classic ending against the Nuggets. They showed us a few of the fourth quarter plays, but then SKIPPED Marbury’s game-tying three!!! What the heck?!!?

Or how about the recent game against the Grizzlies, where they SKIPPED Q’s awkward, game-clinching shot?!!? That was clearly the most interesting shot of the game (mentioned in all the reports of the game), and they skipped it…to go to the last seconds of a 8 point game!!!

How hard can it possibly be to edit the game so as to give us the stuff fans actually WANT to see? It is a real shambles of a program.

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9 thoughts to “What’s the deal with Knicks in 60?”

  1. Totally agree. It’s a great idea gone horribly wrong. As someone who often misses weekend games (including tonights, foreseeably), this could be a very useful tool, but really isn’t. It would take about 5 minutes to put together a solid hour-long summary of the game, but the people at MSG are too damn lazy. I’m glad someone else notices this.

  2. MSG is a disjointed network always has been….YES network is much better. The Nets game against Phoenix had zero commercials from the 2 minute mark thru the overtme period, ZERO! Marv’s substitute didnt berate the audience with stats or his views on the state of professional sports everytime someone made a ill-advised play(ahem, Mike Breen)…Side note, anyone hear Walt say “Spledor on the Glass!” last night after a Curry rebound?
    First time I heard that one, funny.

  3. ‘splendor on the glass’ is a play on
    ‘splendor in the grass’…get it?
    literature reference for Walt!

  4. Hehe…I like that you came back two hours after the reference to make sure people got it. :)

  5. hmmmm. MSG putting together footage of a game that ends sometimes minutes before knicks in 60 begins… What would you expect? I’m pretty certain there are times that they’re editing the END of Knicks in 60 while the beginning is being broadcast. If they had hours to edit it, I’m sure it would be a lot better.

    What would make the program absolutely EXCELLENT would be to simply edit in all the clock running footage(48 minutes). Exclude free throws and subtitle that info during game action something like…”Curry makes 1 of 2″. I don’t need to see the refs explanation of a call. That would leave 12 minutes for commercials. But, there just isn’t enough time for the editing. Sad.

    Walt uses splendor on the glass semi-regularly.

  6. We have to be the only fan base of a basketball team whose team’s network’s color commentator makes William Wordsworth puns during the course of a game. I love Clyde. He’s like my best friend / English class loving buddy.

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