What COULD You Get For Curry?

Okay, yes, I know, I know, Isiah Thomas would never in a gazillion years trade Eddy Curry, as too much of Isiah’s identity in New York is wrapped around acquiring Eddy Curry. The Suns could call and say, “We want to become a post-up team, we’ll give you Shawn Marion for Curry,” and Isiah would likely counter, “Only if you toss in Amare.”

But if you’ve been following the pre-season, you can just tell – the Knicks just plain ol’ look much better when Curry is not on the floor, as was the case once again in tonight’s 103-90 victory over the 76ers. The spacing is better, Randolph looks more at ease, everything seems to click so much better when he is not on the court.

Owen and I (and I am sure plenty others out there) fantasize about swapping Curry for Samuel Dalembert, but we know the Sixers would never go for it (and again, this is all depending on us being in an alternate reality where everything is the same except Isiah Thomas’ willingness to deal Curry).

So, just for fun’s sake, what team out there do you think WOULD be willing to acquire Eddy Curry, and if so, what do you think they’d be willing to give up for him?

Oh, and by the by, Nichols – 9 minutes/10 points on two for two from three, plus 4 for 5 from the line.

I think it is clear that he should not be on the team, and Jerome James should be.

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71 thoughts to “What COULD You Get For Curry?”

  1. I would trade him straight up for any center who can block shots and rebound. Post offense is not that important with Randolph on board.

    I would love to Sam Dalembert, Joel Przybilla, Tyson Chandler, Dan Gadzuric or Nene in Knicks uniforms, especially the last one. I wouldn’t trade Curry straight up for Pryzbilla or Gadzuric, but I wouldn’t mind seeing package deals with the Knicks getting some help in other areas with either of them involved.

    I’d even trade him straight up for Kwame Brown and a future pick.

  2. I’m not so fast on giving up on the Curry experiment, but…

    no joel pryzbilla or Gadzuric, that is for sure!!

    I’d like to see Biedrins or Gasol, Okafor…

    But we’ll all have to wait and see, no reason to jump ship yet, but it’s obvious we need a center that can get more then 40 blocks the whole season.

  3. You guys are nuts, this is preseason don’t get to high don’t get to low. Curry is clearly not in his best shape YET. Curry will be dominate and with Zachs range I have no idea why people think they cannot coexist. Knickfans always looking for signs of the end of the world.

  4. How about Curry, Crawford, Q, Malik, and a 1st round pick for Kobe? We could substitute Lee for Q if the Lakers demanded Lee or even Balkman, Jeffries?

    I don’t think we need Curry and Randolph. We could play Jeffries or Morris in the post as defensive centers.

    Might as well go all out for Kobe? I’d even give up Zach and keep Eddy if that’s what the Lakers want. We have the mostces for the Lakers.

  5. Andris Biedrins would be great. He’s athletic, young, blocks shots, and rebounds. But no way the Warriors want to trade a quick athletic guy for plodding Eddy Curry, given their commitment to Nellie ball.

  6. Mike, if you think no way the Warriors will do that trade, WHY did you bring it up. The Topic is What could you get for Eddie Cury, not what you can’t get. You can have Biedrins if you what, but for me I will keep Eddie

  7. Remember Curry was involved in a home invasion. To me basketball would be secondary so maybe mentally he is not all there yet. He definately is out of shape and still shows no desire to rebound or block shots. Hopefully that will all change when he gets back in shape. He is too big not to be able to dominate on both ends of the floor. Isiah needs to smarten up and cut Jerome James loose. Nichols is a keeper instant offense off the bench.

  8. There is not a market for Curry. Don’t forget his heart health…I don’t think any GM or coach would want him…he is slow, can’t block shots, doesn’t hit O boards, cannot pass, and gets into foul trouble.

    The good news is that there are so few quality centers, he is still above average compared to the rest of the league.

    Best fit? Maybe Charlotte…they need a good D rebounder to fit their desire to fast break O…I’d take Morrison for him, only because they wuoldn’t give me Gerald Wallace…

  9. Knicks get Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins & Brian Scalabrine & future 2nd round pick (from Mavs)

    Mavs get Eddy Curry & Mardy Collins

    Celts get Jason Terry & Randolph Morris

    Celts get a veteran point guard to give them a real shot at a championship run.

    Mavs get a real post scorer, and free up Dampier or Diop to trade for another playmaker. Harris gets the point full time.

    Knicks improve their all around defense and get a PG with real potential.

  10. To Seattle, for Kurt Thomas (in the last year of his deal) and next year’s future 1st-rounder.

    I’d even let the Sonics protect the pick, top-3 or something.

    Knicks gain cap flexibility and a near-future lottery pick.

    Sonics get a good (?) young center, to pair with Durant.

    You could also do this deal with the Knicks getting Wilcox, and the Sonics throwing in another body.

  11. Jazz get Curry

    Lakers get Okur & Nichols

    Knicks get Bynum, Radmanovic & future 2nd rounder (from Lakers)

    Jazz get a younger center, who can score in the post. Sloan becomes an alcoholic and doesn’t notice.

    Lakers get a vet (an All-Star!) appeasing Kobe and speeding up their timetable. They dump Rad Vlad’s contract.

    Knicks get the best player in the deal, eventually.

  12. Knicks get Andray Blatche, Etan Thomas & a future 1st rounder.

    Wiz get Curry, giving them a post scorer to try and make a championship run before Arenas leaves or Jamison gets old. They dump Thomas’ contract, which they wanted gone even before his heart went out.

    Knicks get potential – Blatche is looking good, plus the future 1st. Maybe they even get an insurance payout on Thomas.

  13. Frank, I believe all these salaries work. Thomas makes 8 million, Curry makes 8.9. Wilcox 6.5.

    Another Sonics deal:
    Knicks get Earl Watson and Robert Swift. He was a lottery pick and is only 20 – can he play? Does anyone know? know?

    Watson is a terrific defender and can run the point 20-25 minutes a game, letting Steph play the 2.

  14. “Curry?s contract is uninsured, so it?s likely no team will want to touch him.”

    You are right – it is uninsured. BUT, it’s not the most gigantic contract around, less than $30 million for another three years. He’s played two years since the diagnosis, with no sign of trouble. And there was no consensus that it was a dangerous condition. So, while it hurts his value as much as his inability to rebound does… I still think teams would take a shot with him, at the right price.

  15. Some GM out there would take a chance on Curry. His offensive stats are too enticing. His D stats are hilariously bad.

    From Hollinger on ESPN: “Out of 62 NBA centers last season, Curry ranked 56th in rebound rate, 57th in blocks per minute, 57th in steals per minute, 53rd in assist ratio, and 56th in turnover ratio. If you’re keeping track, that means he was in the bottom 10 at his posi”tion in every category that didn’t involve scoring.

    Isiah’s assembled some excellent talent and is a solid motivator, but his pride is going to get in the way of the Knicks having a great season. Clearly James should be cut to make room for Nichols, but Isiah refuses to swallow that one. Curry’s role should also be reduced (similar to the 6th man role he had on the Bulls), but Isiah would never do it.

    As for a Curry trade, I like Caleb’s Wizard trade (I’d probably even do it without the pick) and actually imagine it to be a realistic possibility. Any chance the Nets would trade Curry for Richard Jefferson? Aside from Kristic, they are anemic scoring from the post. To the Clippers for Kaman and Brevin Knight (maybe we include Collins to make it work)?

  16. Caleb,

    “Knicks get Andray Blatche, Etan Thomas & a future 1st rounder.”

    ??? Etan would never pass the physical with that heart issue. Blatche is just a taller Balkman. ??? I dont get it.
    Curry, Lee, Crawford and draft picks to Lakers for Kobe. That deal is comprable to the Bulls offer of Wallace, Ben Gordon, Thomas, and picks for Kobe and Kwame.

    Curry and Jones to Suns for Marion. Suns get expiring contract and somone other than Amare to pit against Duncan. Knicks get defensive forward, who can score in transition.

  17. NO ONE. We were facing the prospect of Jerome James at Center until Curry got there. This is the same knee jerk reaction everyone had with Steph when the offense had to change and he had to adjust. The man is playing with a shoulder injury, how about some credit?. The Knicks are a tiny team without Curry and when they play against the teams they need to beat, they need someone who can score in the paint. Why give that away?. Curry is just hitting his prime and you will rue the day you trade him for some dime a dozen forward/wanna be center. Don’t believe the hype, Championships are still won in the Paint, Deep in the Paint on both sides of the ball. If you don’t believe it, watch tape of the 99 finals.

  18. I’m of the opinion that it’s too early to completely scrap the Zach/Eddy experiment but the question was, “what team WOULD be willing to take Eddy?”

    That’s a hard call but here are some possibilities:

    Besides the 76ers for Dalembert like some have already proposed.

    CAVS – If they struggle to score they may be willing to swap Ilgauskas. Eddy is about 1m/yr cheaper.

    DET – They don’t want Mohammed and if Amir Johnson & Jason Maxiell beast this year they may sacrifice McDyess. They could move Sheed back to the 4 spot and play grind it out DEEETROIT basketball with Eddy in the middle. But do we want two former Kincks back that did not have good showings the first time around?? Our benefit would be more defense and a better cap situation.

    HAWKS – A sign & trade for Josh Smith & Zaza Pachulia this summer. They have until next week to extend Josh but because of their ownership situation their probably not gonna make a move. The Hawks should do this, so they can move Horford to the 4 and have Shelden Williams backup both Horford and Eddy. Horford is the athletic bigman we need to offset Eddy’s weaknesses. We would have a bigger glut at the SF spot but now we would be in a greater position to make a big trade (ie Kobe, Arenas, heck any disgruntled superstar) and still have a competitive team.

    Clippers – Straight up trade for Kayman. Their salaries are almost identical but Eddy’s has 2 option years while Kayman’s has no options and runs a year longer. His contract would be more salary cap hell.

    These are the only possible options that I can see without people laughing in our face. Personally I would love the Hawks deal. After this season I think Balkman, Robinson, and Lee will have much greater trade value. But I would only trade those guys for superstars. Hustle & Energy guys that impact a game and don’t complain about minutes are hard to find in this league.

  19. Mr. Black, have you thought about why the OTHER teams would make the trade?

    re: the Wiz, Thomas will probably never play again, but you need his salary to make the deal work.

    Blatche just turned 21, in August. And yet his rebounding last year was 40 percent better than Curry. 40 percent! (11.2/40 min vs. 8.0)

    By reputation, Blatche is going to be a good defender and last year he did have nearly as many blocks as Curry, in barely 1/4 the minutes.

    Blatche was a very poor offensive player (TS 47.1). BUT, he should have been a college soph or junior, so expect a lot of improvement.

    He also turned it over a lot – (16.0 TO ratio), but then, Curry’s TO # was 17.7. Blatche, on the other hand, more than tripled Curry’s assist rate. (12.7/40 min vs. 4.1) You read that right.

    Still, I don’t think I’d do the deal unless the Wiz threw in the draft pick.

  20. Breeze mentioned Josh Smith… the Hawks did just make a very bad and strange decision not to give him an extension before next summer. But it would take a lot more than Curry to bring him back.

    Owen would crucify me but I’d seriously consider a straight-up trade for David Lee. JS is an excellent defender (and shot-blocker) who can play the 3 (or even the 2) as well as the 4 – which makes him a better fit, as long as Randolph is on the team. He’s also two years younger than DL.

    Not a slam-dunk, though.

  21. Off topic, but good news:

    “Renaldo Balkman, who has been sidelined all month because of a stress injury in his right ankle, began jogging again yesterday and has been cleared for noncontact drills. Balkman said he expected to be cleared for contact next week. He predicted he would be ready for the season opener Nov. 2 at Cleveland.”

  22. Let’s hope Balkman isn’t being treated by the same medical geniuses who cleared David Lee last April.

  23. “Championships are still won in the Paint, Deep in the Paint on both sides of the ball. If you don?t believe it, watch tape of the 99 finals.”

    If you believe championships are won in the paint on both sides of the ball, then why do you advocate keeping Curry, one of the worst defending and rebounding big men in the game?

  24. This probably sounds crazy to most, but the Wiz like Blatche too much to trade for Curry. Besides, why would any running team like the Wizards want him? We need a defensive center about twice as much as you guys do.

  25. FYI Ian Thomsen from Sports Illustrated is picking the Knicks to be the 6 seed out of the east! He could be right. I still think we will win 45 games this year which should put us right about the 5-6 seed.

  26. Maybe the Bulls could trade Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah for Curry.

    Never! Thanks, Isaiah!

  27. Curry for Dalembert might be the type of deal that benefits both teams. The Sixers could use a low post scorer while the Knicks could use SD’s shot-blocking, energy or more defensive mind-set on the backline next to Zach.

  28. We were facing the prospect of Jerome James at Center until Curry got there.

    Yeah, and they would now be facing the prospect of Zach Randolph at Center.

  29. Caleb,

    I just think you can do better than Blatche and a guy that may never play again (etan) for Curry. I honestly dont think Curry has that high a value with other teams for a few reasons:

    1) The Knicks are not winning much with him
    2) He doesnt rebound very much
    3) He has heart issues of his own

    But Curry did average 19 and 7 with a high FG%.

    Kobe and Marion are a stretch but Etan and Blatche? C’mon we can do better.

  30. “Etan and Blatche? C?mon we can do better.”

    I would insist on a draft pick, too.

    You recognize that Curry isn’t helping the Knicks all that much… While I’m not anywhere close to the biggest Curry basher here, I do think he would have more value to a different team – a team with a strong defense that needes a one-dimensional, low-post scorer. The Knicks are the exact opposite – too many guys who need the ball.

  31. i cant believe this trade proposals that are being poster here for a 25 year old center who just had his best season last yeah. in case you guys forgot there aren’t too many centers who do more than take up space in the nba and you want to trade eddy fur kendrick perkins and rajon rondo? wow

  32. “a 25 year old center who just had his best season.”

    His best season still wasn’t very good. As someone else pointed out, he ranked in the bottom 10 of ALL centers (not just starters), in every statistical category except scoring and FG%. Rebounds, assists, turnovers, defense, you name it. Even if scoring is the most important thing – it’s hard to see Curry ever being much above average. Rondo, on the other hand…

  33. Evan – do you think Dallas would take Curry for Jason Terry?

    And do you think Boston would be willing to trade Rondo and Perkins, for Terry?

  34. A 25 year old center whose best season wasn’t all that good and who takes away playing time from a 26 year old and a 24 year old who are both significantly better than him (factor in the time the 23 year old Balkman, who is ALSO better than him, loses due to the 24 year old forced to play small forward, and it is even worse).

  35. Curry’s PPG are likely to be down this year, with Randolph getting shots…if he doesn’t improve in other areas, he will be a 26 year old coming off less than his best year who is still near the bottom in many important areas…

    We’re stuck with him… No GM in his right mind takes him off Zeke’s hands…

    SI cover curse means Celts are screwed…they will never win it now…I’ll be in Miami December 8 for Celts game…hope they are all still healthy or it will be a waste of a night…

  36. re: this statemtn:

    From Hollinger on ESPN: ?Out of 62 NBA centers last season, Curry ranked 56th in rebound rate, 57th in blocks per minute, 57th in steals per minute, 53rd in assist ratio, and 56th in turnover ratio. If you?re keeping track, that means he was in the bottom 10 at his posi?tion in every category that didn?t involve scoring.

    in Eddy’s defense, his overall PER was actually 15th out of all the starting actual centers (ie. excluding players like Boozer, Brand, etc. who really don’t play center) in the league. So despite him being so bad in some categories, he was so exceptional in other categories that he ended up being essentially average. And better than some players that get mucho love on this board such as Tyson Chandler, Biedrins, Bynum, Dalembert, Ben Wallace. One could think of him as the bizarro Ben Wallace, no? Is that so terrible?

  37. Remember, Frank, PER doesn’t take defense into account.

    Chandler, Dalembert and Wallace are all known primarily for their defensive prowess, so it makes sense that their PER would be less than Curry.

    So all in all, I am sure Hollinger would rank Curry in the lower half of NBA centers.

  38. Also, some might say that PER greatly overvalues the only skill Curry has, efficient scoring.

    Wallace and Curry have the same career PER of 16.3. To me this is like saying apples and horse apples are the same thing.

  39. I dunno, Owen, them having the same PER makes it pretty clear that Wallace is the superior player, right?

    Because of his defensive skills.

  40. Should we really need to fall back on off box score defensive abilities to make a determination about their value as players?

    I don’t think that is how it works, and if it is, it hhould work some other way.

    IMHO its very clear looking at the stats who is the better player.

  41. I’d do curry straight up for artest or ak play randolph at center and call it a day. I mean 6’9 265 isn’t really going small. although you could just wait a year for artest.

  42. “Okay, yes, I know, I know, Isiah Thomas would never in a gazillion years trade Eddy Curry…So, just for fun?s sake, what team out there do you think WOULD be willing to acquire Eddy Curry”

    I don’t think this is a moot discussion. Yes, Isiah is tied to Curry, but when Isiah goes, so does Curry’s tractor beam. If December comes and Isiah’s appeal is denied in court and the Knicks are sub .500 we could have a new GM and s/he’d listen to Curry offers.

    Now, to answer the question, I think the Lakers would trade for Curry to pair him with Kobe. Bynum would be in the deal. I think the Lakers would do that. (Bynum & Kwame for Curry; Bynum, Kwame, Vlad Rad for Curry and Crawford or Jeffries, or Q). That is the kind of move the Lakers are going to have to make to save their franchise. They are desperate in LA for a major move. I think they’d take Eddy’s uninsured contract.

  43. Brian, saying that PER doesn’t take defense into account isn’t strictly true.

    Anyway, here’s the deal I would do:
    Eddy Curry, Antonio Davis, and Wilson Chandler
    Tim Thomas, Michael Sweetney, Jermaine Jackson, LaMarcus Aldridge, Joakim Noah, Kyrylo Fesenko, and the Bulls’ 2009 second round pick

    Sounds fair, right?

  44. Good point Z, the Lakers do seem like a likely destination. If Curry is going to be moved it’s going to have to be to a team so desperate for a devistating inside scorer that they’re willing to overlook his flaws. Depending on how their season starts, LAL may end up fitting the bill. An x-factor is that Phil Jackson has apparently been given power over player personnel. He’s on record saying that Bynum is more valuable as a trade piece, but does he want Curry?

  45. Curry has close to the worse contract I have seen he doesnt play d he gets as many tos as nash and well lets face it he rebounds like a guy 6 inches shorter i really dont know who would want him. Oh and no way in the world are the hawks gonna give up smith for lee

  46. The Lakers (at least the smart ones) have got to be kicking themselves for turning down the Kidd trade, so I won’t be shocked if they end up accepting less. But it would take more than Curry — we’d have to include another player, like Crawford or Q if he’s healthy, and take back bad contracts, too, to have a shot.

    The funny thing is… when the Nets realize what a disappointment they are, say in January, they’ll probably offer Kidd again.

  47. Trade Curry crawford, and Starbust for Kobe and Kwame Brwon

    Hornets for Chandler back to Bulls for Wallace Send him to ATL for JSmith and Sheldon Williams the philly idea is good…

    I could think of 29 teams to send his fat ass to. Or we can create a new team for him Antoine Walker and Jerome James .. call them the Alaska Whales (im u could find some more players to fill out the roster)

  48. T-MART Said:
    October 25th, 2007 at 10:06 am

    How about Curry, Jerome James, Crawford, and Nichols for Shaq and Blount?

    Now thats a waste…I’d take my chances with Curry and Randolph b4 i do that

  49. October 25th, 2007 at 10:06 am

    Knicks get Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins & Brian Scalabrine & future 2nd round pick (from Mavs)

    Mavs get Eddy Curry & Mardy Collins

    Celts get Jason Terry & Randolph Morris


  50. i’d pay his insurance just to get rid of him… what good os a center that doenst rebound or block shots??

  51. I would like to see us take a swing at Eddie Curry for Kobe Bryant and for arguements sake throw in Jerome James, since the Lakers are so much concerned with the middle and their big men.

  52. fiyaman,

    the trade I suggested is (from the Knicks perspective): Curry for Rondo (with Perkins thrown in for salary reasons, but giving us another big young body)

    Curry for Rondo = sweet deal for us.

    The biggest hitch would be the Mavs. They could definitely use a post scorer, but they might think they can do better for Terry… and of course they would end up with 3 starting-quality centers, and would want to know what they could get for Diop (probably) to finish off their moves.

    No one liked my Sonics idea, huh?

  53. I wouldnt mind taking Kurt Thomsa back or even Robert Swift/Collison

    I ‘m not a Curry fan but at the same time i dont think we should give him away if its not really gonna help our team especially if it helps the other teams more.

    With that said I dont think getting Rondo and Perkins helps us and the Celts probably 1 move away from a ring. Y would I want to help them, if they are winning then we’re not that doesnt make sense to me.

    I think we need a good PG ( im not a Starbust groupie) and I thik Rondo is pretty good but I also think we can get better for Curry. Besides there are real PGs out there Isiah has got his head so far up his own ass that all he sees is SHIT.

    It funny how us fans can see stuff that he cant (granted we are all talking from fans perspective but still??))

  54. I would really love da Knicks to get Tyson Chandler or Marcus Camby ( still upset they let him go in the 1st place)

    Then a Josh Smtih type.. (I think we can get him from ATL.. they didnt extend him ..hmmmm could be big mistake)

  55. I would rather trade Randolph than Curry. I think Randolph has more value and I think a Lee/Curry Frontcourt is better than a Lee/Randolph one.

    Neither Curry or Randoph play any defense, but I would say Curry is better by a nose, also Curry is a much much more effiecient scorer than Randolph even after taking into account his higher turnover rate.

    So really the only huge advantage that Randolph has is rebounding and I actually think that is not nearly as big as the stats indicate.

    Most of reason Curry’s rebound numbers are so low was because he defers to teammates not because he surrenders rebounds to the other team.

    In fact the Curry/Lee pairing in the frontcourt were the best rebounding frontcourt pairing on the Knicks. Better than Lee/James, Lee/Rose or Lee/Frye.

  56. “They already turned down a Kidd-Bynum deal right? How are they going to trade him for Curry?”

    There is universal agreement among Angelinos that that was a mistake that may cost the city their lone remaining superstar (outside of David Beckham of course). The Lakers are as dysfunctional as the Knicks– the Buss’ are quickly becoming as reviled as the Dolans. Last spring the Lakers needed a player to compliment Kobe. Now they need a player and a MAJOR public relations victory as well. The stakes have changed.

    The idea of pairing Kobe with a guy who, superficially, looks a lot like Shaq would be a coup for Kupchack. It would bring back memories of the glory that once was. It would infuse the city with hope. It would keep Kobe from forcing his way out.

    It’s actually a really good trade– benefits two teams in similar markets with similar dysfunction and similar paralysis for improvement. It lets the Lakers at least try to win now with Kobe and the Knicks to win a few years down the road with Bynum, Randolph, Lee, and Balkman.

    I’m not even so sure we would have to throw Crawford or Q in, but of course we could. But of course, until Isiah goes, the Lakers will shop Bynum to other teams because they will be wasting their time with the Knicks.

    “The funny thing is? when the Nets realize what a disappointment they are, say in January, they?ll probably offer Kidd again.”

    Yeah– but if Kidd’s injuries act up he may not be able to command a stud prospect. Last year the Lakers could have made noise in the playoffs with Kidd and Kobe. Maybe not so much this year. It’s a good point though. We’ll wait and see.

  57. hard to get very much for curry at this point. most labrium injuries in younger (under 30 to 35) end up needing surgury am concerned that the thing on c’s shoulder is not a strengthener but a protective brace, and if he wasn’t a bballer, would be having surgury now.

  58. How about this?

    Eddy Curry

    Zaza Pachulia
    Shelden Williams

    It’d allow Atlanta to start Horford at PF and get mins for Marvin Williams backing them both up. Curry’d still draw double teams for Atlanta.

    NY Starts Lee and Randolph and gets Shelden’s shotblocking and rebounding/Zaza’s post play off the bench.

  59. What a about sign and trade for varejao. Everyone will be happy, and the Cavs will be in the finals again.

  60. And a comment on the game, which was ugly. Lee had an awful first half. Don’t know what his numbers were exactly, but he played 14 minutes and had a winscore of – 1. He finished the game with a winscore of 15.

    Anyway, my point. I really got the sense he wasn’t comfortable in the first half. Watching the game (yes, sometimes I do watch games) I got the sense he didn’t pair well with Randolph. It was wierd, Randolph took two or three rebounds from him, almost like it kept him from getting into the game. He hand only one rebound in the first half also I think, then finished with 12.

    Ok, no more late night posts…

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