What A Weekend!

This was a great weekend in the NBA. Friday night the Nets & Pistons put on a long but exciting triple OT game. While Minnesota took a 3-2 lead over the Kings. Saturday, Jeff Foster had the game of his career against the Heat, only to be topped by a nightcap of the Lakers eliminating the Spurs.

If that wasn’t enough Sunday brought it’s own brand of excitement. In the early game, obviously with the thoughts of the Roy Jones Jr. fight still in their heads, Peeler & Garnett traded elbows. Meanwhile the Pistons, on the road in a “must win game”, beat the Nets in a tight game. It was so tight, the Nets were down by only 2 with less than a minute left.

So Monday morning everyone (at least those at my work that follow basketball) will be talking about at least one of these great games. So with basketball fresh on everyone’s mind, what does the NBA have scheduled for Monday night? Nothing.

That’s right folks, with three series still going on, and basketball on everyone’s mind, the NBA has decided to show nothing. By 8pm on Monday, the Pacers & Heat will have gone at least 48 hours since their last game. There is no Monday Night Football to compete with, Frasier’s series finale was last week, and the Friends finale will be on Thursday.

It’s possible that the Spurs/Lakers game 7 would have been shown (if nec.), but couldn’t the NBA switch things up a little bit in lieu of that series ending early? Oh well, Monday I will have to find something entertaining to do. Maybe something with money, humor, mystery, international intrigue & sex?

(OK there is no sex in that link, but I’m trying my best to get you to read it. It’s well worth it, especially if you use Ebay, or fall for scams. If you’re the impatient type, just scroll down 1/3 of the way until you see the pictures & you’ll understand what’s going on.)

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Mike Kurylo

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