We’re Back!

Once again, back is the incredible
The rhyme animal
The Incredible D. Public Enemy #1

— “Bring Tha Noize”
Public Enemy

I wish I could say I’ve come back from vacation where I was able to kick back and watch the Knicks a few times. However fate was against me, as the satellite company used by my vacation spot somehow decided to not show any of the Knicks’ games.

I felt bad for the poor waitress at the local bar who had to hop on a chair to try to find in vain the Knicks-Nets game without a remote control. In case you ask, yes they do have remotes for the televisions, but there are 4 TVs within 5 feet of each other, so if you don’t aim the little sucker right, you’ll change the channel on all the TVs. Not a pleasant prospect to be yelled at by the people who were watching either Kentucky beat Flordia A&M or Pacific knock off Providence.

Keeping up with the Knicks wasn’t an easy task. My internet access was limited to a couple of minutes visiting the local library, and some of that had to be devoted to checking my email. The box scores published in the local paper were the olde style jumbled mess, something to the effect of: K.Thomas 3-4 12 0 6, T.Thomas 7-19 7 2 16, N. Mohammed 7-13 10 0 14, etc. You don’t know how much you rely on things until you don’t have it. Not having advanced technology at the tips of my finger is a tough thing, since I grew up on computers.

Even though I caught a bit of the Knicks’ game on MSG Rewind, I really don’t have much to say about it. They trounced a Nets team without their two best players (Kidd & Martin). These are the games they should win if they are to be a “contending” team.

The win puts them back into the 6th spot, a half game ahead of Cleveland and Miami. They’re still behind the 5th seed Bucks by 3 games. As I noted in a previous column, home teams win about 64% of the time in the NBA. Fortunately for the Knicks, the Bucks play 15 more games, with 9 being on the road. New York only has 7 of their next 13 games away from home. Just eyeing the schedule, the Bucks have tougher opponents than the Knicks, so it’s possible for New York to climb up to that 5th spot. The two teams don’t play each other again this year, so their final matchup of the season occurred last Sunday, where the Knicks won 103-100.

That’s it for today. I will have the Dean Oliver interview up on Monday, (maybe late Sunday), so stay tuned.

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