‘We’ll Always Have Linsanity’ drops digitally Wednesday

Ahoy hoy!

So, remember how we were going to have a book about last season out in time for Holiday gifting? Well, March is close enough. The print edition has been available for a while now (note: if you’ve ordered a copy via Amazon and have received emails asking if you want to cancel your order because it’s “not out yet,” or that the authors “are currently under federal criminal investigation,” please ignore it — they will be shipped), but we’re excited to finally announce that the digital version will be dropping on Wednesday, the 20th. Don’t worry about finding a link, because you will not be able to avoid it.

In the mean time, follow our official book Twitter account (@Linsanity99), and scope out some silly memes and useful secondary book applications at our website, wellalwayshavelinsanity.com.

Oh, and here’s a rejected promotional video:

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