Welcome To The New Site!

I’m proud to announce that KnickerBlogger.Net not only has received an external facelift, but an internal one as well. I’ve moved the site over from Blogger to Word Press. This means that KB.Net will no longer suffer from Blogger’s outages or post eating form. My readers will be able to post comments regardless of Haloscan’s servers as well. Unfortunately one downside of this move means that the old comments will be lost. On the other hand, Haloscan deletes all posts older than 4 months so they would have been lost anyway.

The front page now will have just an excerpt of the article, so you can chose whether or not you want to spend the energy on one whole extra mouse click to read the article. In this format you can see the last 10 articles on the front page & how many people I’ve angered how many of my loyal viewers decided to leave me praise. The comments will now appear on the bottom of the article, instead of an annoying pop-up. On the sidebar you might notice that I’ve tidied things up. You can see recent user comments there. To leave a comment you’re going to have to solve a simple word puzzle (largely to keep spammers out). I figure it’ll also be a first line of defense against less desired posters. :-)

Finally you might notice an ad section on the left. I’m not going to lie and say that running the site has put me in the red. But hosting isn’t free, and financially I could use a boost. If I have an option to troubleshoot computers for money on my spare time, or writer about the NBA, I?d rather blog. Hopefully this will allow me to continue to do so. With the advertising, now if you really want to pass a message to your fellow readers, you have yet another method to do so.

I hope you enjoy the new site.

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Mike Kurylo

Mike Kurylo is the founder and editor of KnickerBlogger.net. His book on the 2012 Knicks, "We’ll Always Have Linsanity," is on sale now. Follow him on twitter (@KnickerBlogger).

3 thoughts to “Welcome To The New Site!”

  1. Knickerblogger,

    not in love with the new design, aesthetically speaking. I’m sure your commentary will remain on the money, but the graphics reek of mid-80’s graffitti. Then again, with the artistic/design failings of the Knicks in re: their uniforms, the ‘token’ logo, you will be in line with the team we follow…

  2. Ken,

    With the Pixies making another album and INXS on tv, the 80s are prime for a comeback.

    And with a nick like that shouldn’t you be commenting on the Jerome James signing? ;-)

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