Wanted: Your Fantasy Sleepers

Folks, I’ve just agreed to join a private fantasy league on short notice that was short a guy. The draft is Friday night and I don’t have much time to assemble a sleeper list. So I’m looking for your help. I’m looking for
* Players that are going to see a big jump in minutes this year due to trades, injuries, etc.
* Youngsters (23 or less) that might just turn the corner.
* Players undervalued by the default Yahoo pre-draft rankings.

I’ve got a couple, but I won’t publish them until after the draft (in case some of my league-mates are KB readers.) Thanks in advance!

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19 thoughts to “Wanted: Your Fantasy Sleepers”

  1. Trevor Ariza- time to see the potential reach maturity.

    LaMarcus Aldridge – I don’t know if its much of a sleeper because of the great end to last year he had. But without Oden he’s gonna be the man out there.

    Jason Maxiell – Pistons are another year older, and they’re gonna need help. Dude averaged almost a block in under 15 minutes last year.

    Luis Scola – I see him being great. EuroBasket showed why.

    Reggie Evans – Rebounding machine as long as Dalembert is down.

    Pick a Hawk youngster, they’re all great.

    Now, tell us yours!

  2. Corey Brewer (and Ricky Davis and Mark Blount are gone so he’s really the man now)
    Tyrus Thomas (some say he’ll be the starter)
    Marco Belinelli (ditto)
    Al Thornton (kicking preseason ass, Brand is out for season)

  3. Travis Outlaw

    Walter Herrmann (not such a sleeper, but Morrison’s injury just helped him out)

    Craig Smith (Blount trade bumped him up)

    Boobie Gibson (especially if Pavlovic doesn’t come back)

    Best of luck.

  4. Bill Simmons did a fantasy basketball cheat sheet.

    1. Al Thornton
    2. Kyle Lowry
    3. Kenyon Martin
    4. Sean Williams
    5. Reggie Evans
    6. Ronnie Brewer
    7. Nate Robinson
    8. Delonte West
    9. Juan Carlos Navarro

    1. Andray Blatche
    2. Eddie House
    3. Travis Diener
    4. Damien Wilkins
    5. Big Baby Davis
    6. Rodney Stuckey

  5. This is all assuming you’re playing the roto game:

    Ronnie Brewer? He’s tearing it up in pre-season, and there’s no more Derek Fisher keeping him down.

    Aldridge is an easy call, if he’s healthy he should be a beast.

    Kaman should bounce back somewhat, although he still turns it over like nobody’s business.

    Bynum should probably play more, although who can say? He’s solid when he’s out there, though he might end up overpriced in a lot of leagues.

    I’m not sure how I feel about Travis Outlaw – if Webster looks as good as he has in preseason, he could poach some minutes (and some value). Ditto Tyrus, the Noah/Nocioni/J. Smith/Deng combo should limit his minutes, and if you’re playing roto he does more harm (TOs & FT) than good (BLKs & STLs).

    If you’re in a deeper league, some older guys who I suspect might bounce back: Rafer (Adelman likes him, go figure – he’s going undrafted, and he was a sneaky good fantasy point last year. I feel similarly about Jarrett Jack, if you can afford the risk), Bonzi Wells, Shareef, Bobby Simmons, Hedo Turkoglu, Jameer Nelson.

    Some guys who will be great if the right injuries come up, or if they get the PT: Jose Calderon, Kyle Lowry, Paul Millsap, Matt Carroll, and – obviously – David Lee.

  6. ronnie brewer and andray blatche, for sure. Juan Carlos Navarro. I’m expecting big things from Bargnani as well, as I think he’ll be starting and getting 10 more minutes than last year. Though he may not count as a “sleeper,” since everybody knows he’s pretty good. In my league, I just traded Curry for him.

  7. Looking over previous lists, I’d have to agree with a lot of names:
    Maxiell, Scola, Reddick, Nate (just to name a few).
    Navarro has definite potential, but so far it’s been mostly scoring from behind the arc (with only marginal contributions in the rest of his catline).
    Some returning not so sleeper-sleepers:
    Aldridge, Al Jefferson (probably the least sleeper of them all), Rudy Gay
    As for the young guns:
    Lowry (playing time?), Corey Brewer (even more so now that Davis is gone and Walker is… well, Antoine Walker…), Al Thornton, and as said before, any young Hawks.
    Speaking of Hawks, how could no one specifically mention Al Horford??
    He’s having an incredible preseason and seems like he’s finding his niche in Atlanta nicely. I’d put Horford at the top of the Sleeper list.

  8. “Marco Belinelli is in a position to put up some huge numbers.”

    he’s coming off the bench, his D is supposedly awful. Kelenna Azubuike is starting at SF and has reportedly looked great, he might be worth looking into.

  9. blatche will not get minutes. His defense and focus are horrendous. Lowry is better as a late pickup because you know conley is going to get his minutes and stoudemire probably too.

    I’d say al horford is going to be huge. He fits the hawks and they have been needing a big man.

    Also with the hawks, Acie Law could be big. If they go up tempo he will get assists without even trying.

    Ronnie brewer

    I’ll take gerald green over corrie brewer, although now with davis gone, they may both start.

    Sean williams is a decent bet, but Josh boone is probably first in line for minutes up front.

    Bynum won’t play more (unless kobe goes).

    Gay, aldridge, jefferson definitely

    Maxiell won’t play. Flip limited him even in the games he exploded. And he’s not taht good. Poor man’s danny granger.

    I’m big on kaman – he’ll own the low block and will have primary rebounding responsibilities.


    I like travis outlaw – he played like 20mpg last season and still got 1 block and 1 steal. No randolph, no oden = 10 more mpg.

    Craig smith might be worth trying.

  10. Barbosa, Diawara, Al Jefferson, Bynum, Nenad Krstic.

    If I knew you could be talked into joining a league I would have contacted you months ago!

  11. I wish I had Knickerblogger in my Fantasy League too! Instead of my sleepers, how about some busts? By bust I mean no improvement from last year, or not producing for their draft position.

    Kevin Durant (most likely 5th-7th round pick)
    Marvin Williams
    Charlie Villaneuva
    Eddy Curry (no matter when you draft him)
    Smush Parker
    Jamaal Tinsley
    Monta Ellis (being drafted pretty high in the leagues I’ve seen, 5th or 6th round)

    Deep Sleeper approved (for leagues with more than 12 teams):
    Andray Blatche
    Kyle Lowry
    Jason Smith (76’ers)

  12. Here you go. A 13 team league – standard 9 categories. I had the 2nd overall pick. I was going to take Marion with the first pick, but the trade demand scared me a little. I waited too long to go after PGs. I panicked when taking Kaman – I had someone else I thought I was going to take, but the guy was already gone. I should have grabbed Thornton or Conley.

    Round Pick Player Position
    1. (2) Kevin Garnett SF,PF
    2. (25) Ray Allen SG
    3. (28) Emeka Okafor PF,C
    4. (51) Luol Deng SG,SF
    5. (54) Jason Terry PG,SG
    6. (77) T.J. Ford PG
    7. (80) Andris Biedrins C
    8. (103) Chris Kaman C
    9. (106) Tyrus Thomas SF,PF
    10. (129) Al Horford PF,C
    11. (132) Devin Harris PG
    12. (155) Matt Barnes SF
    13. (158) Kyle Lowry PG,SG
    14. (181) Trevor Ariza SF

  13. And I was talked into a league the day before by someone I’ve known for a decade and a half. I really didn’t want to do it. I’m in 3 fantasy football leagues, which is about 2 too many for me. Although I’m kicking butt in one of them (the priciest).

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