Vinny Del Stupido?

The third overtime will begin at the end of this commercial break. Up three after using up their final foul to give, the Bulls mysteriously fail to foul (in front of their own bench no less) Ray Allen as the clock ticked under 10 seconds. He breaks free and hits a contested three to tie the game.

No excuse to not foul in that situation. I don’t think that John Salmons (who was guarding Allen) was instructed to foul because the play happened right in front of the Bulls bench.

Chicago may yet win this thing in triple OT, but Del Negro may have just killed his team.

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5 thoughts to “Vinny Del Stupido?”

  1. Del Negro said after the game that Lindsey Hunter was covering Ray Allen and tried/did foul him but it wasnt called.

    Del Negro looks as bad as Mike Brown of the Cavs used to look in his first couple of years in the playoffs. Granted it doesnt help that for the most part Del Negro is coaching young players and veterans who have never won anything like Miller and Salmons.

    At least his bone-head coaching has lead to great finishes!!!! Granted I dont think Doc Rivers is looking like Pat Riley either….

  2. The coaching in this hyper dramatic series is definitely…inconsistent, if not outright head scratching at points. Both coaches are guilty of some curious decisions, though VDN seems much more lost out there. But that just adds to the drama.

  3. Oh, is that how you pronounce his name? Great series. Reminds me of the old days. I must say though im ready for the second round already.

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