Hey guys I’m on vacation. This is the first internet access I’ve had in days. Dave should be guest blogging with something this week, so keep your eyes peeled.

I’ve been out of the loop basketball-wise but while watching the Patriots game this weekend, the announcers (Curt Menefee & someone else) showed the all time leaders in QB win%. Of course #1 is Tom Brady. #2 is Jim McMahon. Surprisingly Curt said what an important stat that is. To me that’s just a cute little trivia question. But as for rating QBs, it’s generally useless.

In baseball it makes more sense to rate a pitcher with wins & loses since he’s generally the single most responsible person for the outcome of the game. However even this has it’s own limitations, as a pitcher is better ranked by his ERA (or ERA+), because W/L is also largely based on a team’s offense (see Randy Johnson 2004). However football is the sport least based on an individual’s performance (see Barry Sanders). So Tom Brady has a good QB%. Is that more based on his ability or his team’s defense? Is Jim McMahon’s win-loss record based on his ability or the 46 defense & Sweetness?

If you have a stat, or a formula, or a rating system, and Jim McMahon is your #2 all time (or Hedo Turkoglu is #1 in 2004) then it’s pretty much worthless, isn’t it?

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