USA Basketball Game 4: USA 119 – Spain 82

The United States finished off the first round of games in impressive style, going undefeated and destroying Spain by thirty-seven points (their largest margin of victory yet!).

Once the threes started dropping, Spain knew they were in for a long day at the office.

The US opened up making seven of their first ten threes, finishing with a more than respectable 12 out of 25 (Carmelo Anthony astonishingly hit four out of six! Wow!), and finished the game overall shooting almost 58% from the field!

Lebron was a beast again, although no blocks this time around, although he made up for it with four steals! Of course, he also had four turnovers, but we’ll forgive you, Lebron!

Chris Paul had five steals!!

Both Paul and James had eight assists (to go with 18 points for Lebron – 14 for Paul)

The US was romping so much that they even let the Mark Madson of the team, Jason Kidd, get into the action, scoring on his only field goal attempt.

The US played Gasol extremely well, and Jose Caldeon – 1 for 9?!? What the heck, Jose?

Okay, now that the United States has taken care of business, here is the road they have ahead of them to see if they can win the Gold medal.

In the first round, they’ll play the fourth seed in the other bracket (either Australia or Croatia), Australia.

If they beat Australia/Croatia, they’ll play the winner of Argentina and either China or Greece.

If they win that game, they’ll be playing for Gold, likely against either Lithuania (the only other unbeaten team – the US beat them by 34 in exhibitions earlier this month) or Spain. China and Croatia are in the other bracket, as well.

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25 thoughts to “USA Basketball Game 4: USA 119 – Spain 82”

  1. Really? I thought they had been set.

    Damn you, internet!!!

    Thanks, Jon, I edited it to reflect the unsure current set-up.

  2. Sounds like this is much closer to the what the original dream team never turned out to be….:-)

    Since we are we allowing women, or at least those with women’s names, to sully the integrity of this gender-exclusive, male chauvinist board. The last refuge is gone.

    If all turns out well it will be a Lithuania-USA final, where hopefully the Lithuanians will romp. I’ve got loads of those ’92 and ’96 grateful dead-sponsored tiedyed promo shirts just waiting for a Renaissance.

    Also, I thought we were supposed to be in the midst of Donnie’s epic trade window. Are we not?…or are we just content? I am uncomforted by the seeming certainty of the latter possibility. At least we won’t break up the Mardy-Q connection.

  3. “Cavs reportedly want one of our bigs…”

    This is the kind of in depth stuff I expect

    Is Ben Wallace really a “bloated corpse” or might he pull down some rebounds and not take 25 shots a game?

  4. Gordon seems like the quintessential Knicks sign and trade…not good enough to lead a team but just good enough to command way too much money.

  5. At this point, I just hope the Knicks pull off some kind of trade that I feel makes them better and improves the cap situation. Right now, even though I think they will be better, I think a lot of other teams have improved even more. It’s hard to feel good about the upcoming season.

    I also read that Marbury is out. I guess we all knew that the probabilities of that were fairly high. We’ll see if it actually happens.

  6. I had that thought about Lee, but I don’t see anyone on the Cavs roster that would make much sense for him. Maybe Lee, Jeffries, and Big Snacks for Wallace and a pick?

  7. “At least we won’t break up the Mardy-Q connection.”

    someday you’ll find it, the Mardy-Q connection, the lovers, the dreamers and me…

  8. Maybe Lee and Malik in a sign and trade for Gordon?

    The main drawbacks to that deal is that its result would be something nearly equal in pain to the act of being castrated by a semiblind parkinson’s-afflicted bearded lady using a pair of dulled down safety scissors on a warm summer’s day.

    That being said, it seems like the sort of deal the knicks would love to jump at. We really do need another tweener who’s incapable of playing either position particularly well…especially in exchange for the most beloved, hardest working, reliable, stable (mental and otherwise) player on the team. Really. Call it a secondary bonus.

  9. damn, flubbed the subject-verb agreement in the opening clause. Grammar police revival, anyone?

  10. who would you rather get from the Cavs for zach?

    two years of Big Ben or One year of Wally World?

  11. I say Wally World.

    But hmmm…he would conflict with the Gordon for Lee/Rose trade, so I guess Big Ben.

  12. In either case, I would advocate cutting whoever would be coming back for Zbo. So I suppose as Jimmy D’s substitute financial adviser, I would want Wally, just to be able to get him off the books faster. Maybe he could use that spare cash to help the Rangers by one of their missing Cup pieces.

  13. sure, the whole bracket is set now, next after that is the winner of Greece/Argentina.

    right now the US is demolishing Germany in a meaningless game, 49-19 late in the second quarter. looks like Celtics/Knicks out there… :(

  14. no, I’m working for NBC here (actually CNBC/USA, the midnight-2 and 2-6 AM shows), research and factchecking and making sure the on-air person (Alex Flanagan) is up to speed on whatever she needs to be.

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