When do you turn the game off & do something else? I found out my limit is something close to when my team is losing 40 to 16 in the second quarter. Maybe it wasn’t the score, but more likely watching Shandon Anderson turn the ball over twice in a row that was the final straw. One was a pass in transition that he didn’t grab cleanly near the sidelines, the second was to dribble the ball off his foot near the baseline. Both times the ball went out of bounds, and back to Memphis.

I didn’t actually turn the game off, but instead I turned my attention to my fantasy baseball team. I hope those PECOTA ratings are somewhat reliable, since I based two risky trades offers on them.

If you came here for some kind of statistical analysis and feel short changed by this column, I suggest you go over to Page 23, and read an interesting column on Offensive Effeciency. One thing that I thought about while reading it, is that this kind of thinking must be relatively new, since points per shot has 4 different names.

The Knicks play the Raptors on Friday at home. I hope they play well enough to take the bad taste away from my mouth.

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Mike Kurylo

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