Sound off here after the Knicks’ loss to the injured coachless starless geriatric Miami Heat. Courtesy of the, here is the play-by-play of the memorable first quarter.

New York KnicksMiami Heat
Start of 1st Quarter
(12:00) Jump Ball Mourning vs Curry
  11:42 Mourning Hook Shot: Missed Block: Curry (1 BLK)
  11:41 Team Rebound
[MIA 2-0]
Payton Running Hook Shot: Made (2 PTS)
Richardson Jump Shot: 3pt Made (3 PTS)
Assist: Marbury (1 AST)
[NYK 3-2]
[MIA 4-3]
Haslem Jump Shot: Made (2 PTS)
Assist: Williams (1 AST)
Richardson Jump Shot: Missed 10:40  
  10:38 Mourning Rebound (Off: Def:1)
[MIA 6-3]
Mourning Jump Shot: Made (2 PTS)
Assist: Williams (2 AST)
Frye Foul: Shooting (1 PF) 10:28  
  10:28 Mourning Free Throw 1 of 1 missed
  10:27 Mourning Rebound (Off:1 Def:1)
[MIA 8-3]
Kapono Fade Away: Made (2 PTS)
Curry Turnover: 3 Second Violation (1 TO) 10:09  
  9:57 Kapono Jump Shot: Missed
  9:55 Mourning Rebound (Off:2 Def:1)
  9:37 Williams Jump Shot: Missed
Richardson Rebound (Off: Def:1) 9:35  
Richardson Turnover: Bad Pass (1 TO) Steal: Williams (1 ST) 9:24  
  9:20 Williams Jump Shot: Missed
  9:18 Payton Rebound (Off:1 Def:)
[MIA 11-3]
Kapono Jump Shot: 3pt Made (5 PTS)
Assist: Payton (1 AST)
Team Timeout: Short 9:09  
Richardson Jump Shot: Missed 8:54  
  8:52 Payton Rebound (Off:1 Def:1)
Richardson Foul: Personal (1 PF) 8:40  
[MIA 13-3]
Kapono Jump Shot: Made (7 PTS)
Assist: Payton (2 AST)
Curry Foul: Offensive (1 PF) 8:17  
Curry Turnover: Foul (2 TO) 8:17  
Jeffries Substitution replaced by Crawford 8:17  
Curry Substitution replaced by Lee 8:17  
  7:59 Mourning Jump Shot: Missed
Frye Rebound (Off: Def:1) 7:57  
  7:57 Mourning Foul: Personal (1 PF)
Marbury Layup Shot: Missed 7:40  
  7:39 Mourning Rebound (Off:2 Def:2)
  7:33 Payton Running Hook Shot: Missed
  7:31 Haslem Rebound (Off:1 Def:)
[MIA 15-3]
Williams Driving Finger Roll: Made (2 PTS)
Lee Layup Shot: Missed Block: Mourning (1 BLK) 6:57  
Lee Rebound (Off:1 Def:) 6:55  
Lee Jump Shot: Missed Block: Mourning (2 BLK) 6:53  
  6:51 Kapono Rebound (Off: Def:1)
[MIA 18-3]
Kapono Jump Shot: 3pt Made (10 PTS)
Assist: Payton (3 AST)
Team Timeout: Regular 6:31  
Frye Substitution replaced by Rose 6:31  
Marbury Substitution replaced by Robinson 6:31  
  6:31 Mourning Substitution replaced by Doleac
Rose Turnover: Bad Pass (1 TO) Steal: Williams (2 ST) 6:13  
[MIA 21-3]
Kapono Jump Shot: 3pt Made (13 PTS)
Assist: Payton (4 AST)
  5:37 Kapono Foul: Personal (1 PF)
Robinson Jump Shot: Missed 5:28  
  5:27 Haslem Rebound (Off:1 Def:1)
Rose Foul: Loose Ball (1 PF) 5:27  
  5:12 Kapono Turnover: Traveling (1 TO)
Richardson Jump Shot: Missed 4:57  
  4:55 Kapono Rebound (Off: Def:2)
[MIA 23-3]
Haslem Layup Shot: Made (4 PTS)
Assist: Williams (3 AST)
Robinson Jump Shot: Missed 4:29  
  4:27 Doleac Rebound (Off: Def:1)
[MIA 25-3]
Haslem Layup Shot: Made (6 PTS)
Assist: Payton (5 AST)
Crawford Jump Shot: Missed 4:08  
  4:06 Haslem Rebound (Off:1 Def:2)
[MIA 27-3]
Williams Driving Layup: Made (4 PTS)
Rose Turnaround Jump: Missed 3:38  
  3:36 Doleac Rebound (Off: Def:2)
[MIA 29-3]
Haslem Jump Shot: Made (8 PTS)
Assist: Payton (6 AST)
Team Timeout: Regular 3:20  
Richardson Substitution replaced by Marbury 3:20  
Robinson Substitution replaced by Curry 3:20  
Curry Driving Layup: Made (2 PTS)
Assist: Marbury (2 AST)
[NYK 5-29]
Crawford Foul: Shooting (1 PF) 2:50  
[MIA 30-5]
Doleac Free Throw 1 of 2 (1 PTS)
[MIA 31-5]
Doleac Free Throw 2 of 2 (2 PTS)
Rose Layup Shot: Missed 2:35  
Lee Rebound (Off:2 Def:) 2:34  
  2:34 Doleac Foul: Shooting (1 PF)
Lee Free Throw 1 of 2 (1 PTS) 2:34
[NYK 6-31]
  2:34 Doleac Substitution replaced by Mourning
Lee Free Throw 2 of 2 missed 2:34  
  2:33 Payton Rebound (Off:1 Def:2)
[MIA 33-6]
Payton Driving Layup: Made (4 PTS)
Assist: Haslem (1 AST)
Curry Violation: Defensive Goaltending 2:15  
Curry Jump Shot: Made (4 PTS) 1:56
[NYK 8-33]
  1:56 Mourning Foul: Shooting (2 PF)
Crawford Substitution replaced by Richardson 1:56  
  1:56 Mourning Substitution replaced by Doleac
Curry Free Throw 1 of 1 (5 PTS) 1:56
[NYK 9-33]
[MIA 35-9]
Haslem Jump Shot: Made (10 PTS)
Assist: Kapono (1 AST)
Richardson Jump Shot: 3pt Made (6 PTS)
Assist: Rose (1 AST)
[NYK 12-35]
  1:12 Kapono Jump Shot: Missed
Curry Rebound (Off: Def:1) 1:10  
Lee Jump Shot: Missed 1:01  
Curry Rebound (Off:1 Def:1) 0:59  
  0:58 Kapono Foul: Shooting (2 PF)
Curry Free Throw 1 of 2 missed 0:58  
Team Rebound 0:58  
  0:58 Kapono Substitution replaced by Posey
Curry Free Throw 2 of 2 missed 0:58  
  0:57 Posey Rebound (Off: Def:1)
[MIA 37-12]
Haslem Jump Shot: Made (12 PTS)
Assist: Payton (7 AST)
Rose Driving Layup: Missed Block: Posey (1 BLK) 0:19  
Team Rebound 0:18  
Rose Substitution replaced by Crawford 0:18  
Lee Hook Shot: Missed 0:14  
  0:12 Posey Rebound (Off: Def:2)
[MIA 40-12]
Williams Jump Shot: 3pt Made (7 PTS)
Assist: Payton (8 AST)
End of 1st Quarter
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51 thoughts to “Ugh”

  1. I wish to highlight the succession of jump shots during the middle of the run.

    Because, you know, it is an old basketball axiom that you stop runs by taking jump shots.


  2. This is the kind of game people tend to get traded or fired after.

    What’s even more bizarre about the first quarter was that until the last three minutes of the game it was actually pretty competitive.

  3. I don’t follow basketball stats that much, but is there any relationship between personal fouls and defensive efforts? If so, Lee haven’t gotten much into foul trouble this past week.

  4. Do we need any more proof of the improtance of Marbury to this team? One bad knee and the team fell apart without him leading the way. This looks bad. Really bad. Where is Francis? His knee has got to be better by now.

  5. villainx – Fouls show a player that is a bad defender (think Mike Sweetney) because they are undisciplined, undersized, or too slow. Personally I think players with good reputations also get less fouls called against them (not statistically proven).

  6. looking at that, the stretch where it was pushed from 6-3 Miami to 13-3 Miami on 7 points by Jeffries’ man, Kapono, is noteworthy. and as Dan said, they brought it back to 6 a few times in the 4th quarter, Williams had to hit two ridiculous 3s to put it away for the champs.

    so yeah, an obviously brutal quarter, but Miami came out like it was game 7 of the Finals, and Mourning always seems to make a big impact against us. we get another shot at them in a few days in NYC, that should be interesting. we need Marbury, though, it was his injury against Minnesota around this time last year that essentially ended the season.

    it would be interesting if they shut down Marbury for a few weeks and tried to replace him with Francis, I don’t think anyone has any idea of whether he’s actually healthy or not at this point (Francis I mean, but it could probably apply to either).

  7. the ESPN story for the game says at the bottom “The Knicks fell to 2-24 when trailing at halftime.” can that really be true? if that’s correct (very dubious), then they’re 16-1 when either ahead or tied at the half, that split seems hard to believe.

  8. Why did Isiah take Curry out at 8:17 left in the first. It was only 13-3 at that point. He came back in when it was 29-3 and scored on the very next possesion. Don’t you think we could use our best offensive player when on a shooting draught.

  9. “Why did Isiah take Curry out at 8:17 left in the first.”

    10:27 Mourning Rebound (Off:1 Def:1)
    10:09 Curry Turnover: 3 Second Violation (1 TO)
    9:55 Mourning Rebound (Off:2 Def:1)
    9:18 Payton Rebound (Off:1 Def:)
    8:17 Curry Turnover: Foul (2 TO)

  10. Somebody plz whisper to Isiah : “Offense wins preseason, Defense wins playoff games!”

  11. Here’s what drives me batty about this team: the propensity to go all “dear in the headlights” at the slightest sign of trouble. It is perhaps the lasting legacy of Larry Brown’s tearing down without building up, and the living legacy of Isiah Thomas doing whatever it is he does. To Thomas’s credit these Knicks do fight back; it’s an unmistakable sign of respect for the coach. So even after turning the television off in disgust I turned it back on to see them cut it to 8 in the 4th quarter.

    I kinda disagree with my colleague KB in the previous thread about where the Knicks could improve. Defense is the most obvious area but it seems the least likely. Even when the Knicks work hard on defense, as they have been lately, it’s still not a good defensive team. No one on this roster is even remotely worthy of being considered for any of the all-NBA defensive teams. There’s not even a Larry Hughes-type who gives up layups but gets a lot of steals. Without looking, I’d guess Renaldo Balkman has our best shot-blocking rate. These guys could play harder on defense but I’m not sure how much better.

    What they could do is cut the turnovers down to a reasonable number. Given how good a rebounding team the Knicks are they should dominate possessions. But they don’t. They’re below the median. Why? Because they give so many possessions right back with silly turnovers. NY averages 18.5 TOs/100 possessions. They had 4 in the first quarter vs Miami–add in forced shots (I’m looking right at you Jamal, and you too Q-Rich) and you have a run that should have left you down 8-10 points now putting you back 20+ and out of the game. Channing Frye pointed this out early last season and it still rings true. When the Knicks get down, instead of slowing down and working to get a good shot they team speed up, get careless with the ball, and take the first semi-open look. As I watched that run last night I’m saying, “where are you going in such a %^$%##@ hurry?!”

    Sigh. This team as constructed is never going to be decent defensively. When they don’t make the opponent defend them there isn’t much hope. About the only substantive difference I can see–leaving aside individual player development–is that this version of the Knicks fights back. This of course, pisses me off, because I can’t just turn off the TV and be done with it. “Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in.”

  12. We get a 2nd shot on Friday to do what exactly?

    The only thing the Knicks proved is that they can embarass themselves on any given night!

    It’d be one thing if Isiah played a sophs and rookies unit, then we may have something to watch but he wans to ‘win-now’ and on nights like these the ugly bar gets raised a few notches and is painful to watch, Isiah has got to go!

  13. “We get a 2nd shot on Friday to do what exactly?”

    to show up for the start of the game? we beat Miami soundly the first time we played them this year (100-76), and outplayed them for most of the last three quarters last night, it’s not like beating them at home is out of the question. on the other hand, beating Phoenix tomorrow night is probably out of the question, no matter how well we play.

    but really, people, one awful quarter, can we not overreact too much? everyone has dud nights in the NBA, the key is to keep them as few and far between as possible.

  14. Everytime I think this team is about to start pulling it together, something like this happens.

    It was good to see the Knicks at least make a comeback, its pretty easy to just throw in the towel when you’re down 28 after the first quarter. The optimistic part of me wants to remember the last 3 qtrs and forget the 1st.

    Is anyone else tired of seeing Alonzo Mourning? Retire.

  15. last time a team had a 27-0 run against them, it was the golden state warriors.

    it was the game before Latrell choked PJ.

    that all makes A LOT MORE SENSE NOW!!!!!

    not that I condone the action.

    so. when are we trading for Ray Allen?

  16. ouch.

    so that 1st quarter was kind of a bummer, huh? still, accentuate the positive: knicks were pretty resilient for the final 3, especially without marbury.

    and true, everyone has their dud nights: just the knicks tend to have them more often and more spectacularly than most (i.e. the bobcats, just a week and a half ago?). but i agree there’s no need to freak out about this one, unless you just like freaking out about the knicks, in which case wait another week and i’m sure you’ll have more grist for grumbling….

  17. Alonzo is still an impact player. His line from last night:
    20 mins
    10 pts
    4 blks
    7 rebs (5 offensive rebs!!!)

    As much as I don’t like him as a player, the Heat wouldn’t have a trophy without him.

  18. I was watching the Miami broadcast of the game, they were talking all star centers- listing Shaq(voted in of course), then Howard, Mourning, Okafor, Curry. While I don’t think Curry should be on the team just yet, I would still rank him above Mourning and Okafor.

    Mourning 10 PPG 5.7 REB
    Okafor 14 PPG 11 REB
    Curry 19 PPG 7 REB

    Okafor is not someone that put his team on his back like Curry has this season in a few games. Mourning great career, not an all star season

  19. clearly Mourning doesn’t belong anywhere near an All-Star Game in 2007, but it’s also clear that he and Okafor are infinitely better defenders than Curry.

  20. “Okafor is not someone that put his team on his back like Curry has this season in a few games.”

    Okafor could/should be an All Star. He might not consistently carry his team on offense (though he’s respectable), he certainly carries the B’cat with defense.

    I rather have Okafor than Curry, I think. Maybe.

  21. If we’re going by this season, there is no way O’Neal should be ahead of any of those guys in 2007. On merit, I put Pachulia ahead of Shaq.

  22. Shaq is Shaq, hell be voted into the all-star game 5 years after he’s retired.

    ‘Zo is not Shaq and should not be on the team in front of Curry because his numbers do not deserve it in the least. You could argue that his team wins because of his preformances night in and night out, but then again Eddy Curry’s team has more wins than Charlotte.

  23. I dont understand the people that post here. It is clear this team is not a championship team. There will be games like this. Cleveland is having them and they have Lebron. A trade is needed to propel this team into the elite of the NBA. So remove your emotional attachments and prepare for any trade possibility

    Max Kellerman made a great point on his show. He feels that David Lee is a great compliment to Curry and should always be on the floor together. When they are on the floor together – at least in the Miami game the team was plus 1- the team flourishes. That is first ligit argument I have heard that would make me backtrack on keeping Lee on the bench.

    Can any of you stat guys uncover any stats from previous games that back this up?

  24. “A trade is needed to propel this team into the elite of the NBA”

    Come on man, you can’t start off with “I don’t understand the people who post on here”, and then follow up the next sentence with that.

  25. Max Kellerman was also arguing that Steve Francis should be starting and Marbury shouldn’t play at all not too long ago. he’s smart, he’s obsessed, but he’s not always right.

    and yes, of course Lee complements Curry better than Frye does, did you really need Max Kellerman to tell you that? if Isiah insists on starting Jeffries, bring Frye off the bench, especially because Crawford is going to have to start now with Marbury out, so you’ll at least have some offense coming off the bench then.

  26. Tmart you must exlain yourself.

    Jon, Yes I bought into his argument, beimg that I thought Jeffries was that player with intangibles (reb, loose balls, defense) that complimented the other four offensive players. I would like to know if the numbers support the statement that Curry/Lee is more productive than Curry/Frye?

  27. Phoenix is 30-2 since November 18, plus they’re in a serious race with Dallas for the #1 seed in which every loss is huge, and Marbury is likely out. anything’s possible, but I’m not holding my breath on this one…

  28. wow the lame editors of this blog actually deleted my post. You guys seriously need to lighten up. You get adolescently defensive over constructive criticism of your pieces, and apparently cannot handle comic relief.

  29. According to a piece in Newsday, Francis will not be back in the short term. He’s rehabbing slowly and has just started running drills. Should Marbury miss more than a few games, can Crawford step in and play consistently enough? Last year, Crawford was one of LB’s favorites. He seemed to be more in control last year. If more is being asked of him, can he step up to the challenge? Additionally, does anyone think Isiah should give Collins a start to see how he does?

  30. Mardy Collins might actually be of serious use in this situation. A big, defensive minded point guard could be an interesting change of pace for the Knicks for awhile.

  31. mardy collins, come on guys.
    what shown anyone in this blog that you would be clamoring for him play…he doesnt push the ball, mediocre passer with less-than average range, can play some defense…i dont see it

  32. This season the Knicks are generally a better team with Lee on the court, and a worse team with Frye on the court. Whether this is because Lee is a great complement to Eddy Curry or because Frye is the new poster-child for the sophmore-slump and Lee is a beast, I’m not sure.

  33. Mardy Collins hasn’t shown any signs in his limited duty so far, totally agreed. but it’s pretty unlikely at this point that we’re going to make the playoffs so we should see what we’ve got in him while we have a chance with Marbury out, especially in a likely unwinnable game like tonight, I agree with that.

  34. if Marbury was healthy, I’d be more optimistic, but I don’t think we’re quite as good as the teams we’re competing against, Miami is about to kick it up a notch as we saw the other night, NJ is way more experienced and cohesive (even with Jefferson out), and Toronto has a favorable schedule. Indiana will probably fall back, but you never know. with a healthy Marbury, we’d have an OK chance, but it looks like that might not happen for the rest of the season, we’ll see.

  35. you can’t say we’re out of the playoffs half-way thru the season, if there were 10 games left maybe. We also have a favorable schedule, plus Marbury is not out for the year!

  36. I didn’t say we were out of the playoffs, but we really needed to win more games over the past few weeks IMO. we’re 18-25 with games against Phoenix and Miami (most likely with both Shaq and Wade) up next. if we manage to win one of those, then I’ll be slightly more optimistic, but as of now we’re closer in the loss column to Charlotte and Atlanta than we are to Toronto and NJ (we have played a few more games than those first two, but still).

    seemingly sure things for the Eastern playoffs: Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Washington, Orlando

    so three spots left, one to the Atlantic winner. so if we don’t win the Atlantic (maybe still our best shot, hopefully NJ will have a brutal road trip and maybe Bosh will get hurt again), we’re going against the lower of NJ/Toronto, Miami and Indiana for the last two spots, so we’d have to finish ahead of two of those. so, no, I don’t see us winning enough games this year to make it, but we’ll see. clearly I’d love to be wrong, just trying to be realistic.

  37. and we really need a new article up top, even some short dummy thing, so all of us can stop looking at this box score. :)

  38. Jumper, jumper, jumper, jumper – have they COMPLETELY forgotten how they GOT the lead in the FIRST place?!?

    So aggravating.

  39. They’ve established that the Suns CANNOT guard them down low, so they keep going for jumpers.


  40. they’re instantly doubling on Curry, but they should try to isolate Frye and/or Lee on the other block more, agreed with that. but the Knicks don’t exactly have the most disciplined offense in the league, in case you hadn’t noticed.

    whatever happens in the second half, pretty nice to see Curry pushing around Amare like he was a little girl, even playing some nice D on him, outscoring him 21-4. the other Knicks need to take better advantage of the doubleteams on Curry, as always.

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